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  1. I am looking for some pieces and the only place I can see them is on ricardo.ch. I am having trouble contacting the seller to see if they would be open to piecing out and shipping outside of Germany. Can anyone help?
  2. I'm looking for 1 each of the 2006 nestle bionicle promos. I at least want one of each of the disks. Does anyone have spare figures or disks they can sell? Thank you.
  3. For me its botar and the and the bahrag. As mentioned above, the bahrag look like chickens....as for botar, he always looked like a gremlin to me
  4. Can anyone help me? Distinctive feature is that it has 2009 written in red in the top left corner of the cover.
  5. Just buy it directly from the artist. He has surplus and sells them https://www.stuartsayger.com/shop.html
  6. Huh....really good question.....I dont think they would be. I think it fuses their body, mind, and spirit. The body would be larger than a regular sized toa, same size as a regular kalita I think. The mind wouldnt be one standard tahu, because he changed from the beginning. He grew up, changed as shown In his battles from piraka to challenging nektann. So the mind would be some fusion of all his personalities i think. I think the mask would be exactly as you suggested, and overly strong hau that would bebunvreakable essentially. All of this is conjecture though. I
  7. Does anyone have the special theater distributed copy of glatorian 4? The special version has extra pages that the normal version (which oddly enough still said special edition) didnt have. The extra pages were the ones featuring the fight between Mata Nui and a Vorox in the desert. You can see them in the version archived on BMP: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/gfx/Comics/Bara Magna Saga/Comic04/Bara Magna Saga 04.pdf Please PM me, I'd be very interested in getting a copy! Thanks for any help!
  8. That thread is very old. Nowadays, I think they sell for anywhere between $50-75. I've been looking for one too, but it's been evading me too.
  9. I think the contest models are just as canon as any other model. Plus there were some in story non contest models that fit the bill. This might a cheap shot since it's a combined of the toa hordika but the rock raptor was one rahi with random silver and one arm longer than the other. Edit: the ash bear which usually has the form of makuta nui also fits that description I think. Even on earth some animals have much bigger limbs. Such as various species of crabs with one ridiculously large claw. If you look at the wikipedia's picture for fiddler crabs, it has one limb much larger than the other and appears to have flecks of silver on the claw
  10. I think you might be forgetting that they're not base on Earth animals. They're based on Rahi. And there's a ton of rahi with silver armor and disproportionate limbs, practically a full book's worth.
  11. I think there is a map. http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/how-large-is-the-great-spirit-robot/43714
  12. I think the great beings programmed them with certain duties. The masks are likely for new matoran or if one breaks. Some masks are also meant just in case the toa of destiny need them. But ultimately, I think it’s just their programming as their duty in the universe.
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