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  1. White Motorcycle 4 Juniors Fairing 4 x 3 x 3 with Axle https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=45951&idColor=1&name=White Motorcycle 4 Juniors Fairing 4 x 3 x 3 with Axle&category=[Riding Cycle]#T=C&C=1
  2. Hello. I was hoping to start collecting the VMKK. I currently do not have any, so if you need any extra money or just have any extra VMKK lying around, please message me. I am currently missing all variants of the VMKK, so am interested in any you might have. Thank you.
  3. Can you hold up the komau to the light please? There were Toledo variations. One that allows som light through. And one that doesnt. I would like to know which this is.
  4. Huh, never thought of that possibility. I think the makuta would be too proud to use a trick like that. But I think the dark hunters would have no issues with it. I can definitely imagine Lariska in particular planting a fake crazy mask as a trap. For instance, if a toa was searching for a specific mask, leave a cursed or trapped mask that looks like it and swap it. Sounds very Lariska like to me since she seemed to plan out the perfect way to kill any being. She would probably even do a perfect job fighting just hard enough to make the toa think she was really keeping them from the mask, when in actuality she wanted them to get it.
  5. The makuta were the good guys too...until they weren't. I think it was meant just in case toa ever went bad, like in Tuyet's toa empire, where they went very bad and enslaved everyone. Just like how artahka created counter measures against makuta, someone needed a counter to toa. That's said, this MOC is beautiful! I love everything about, the color choices, the arm cannon, the body proportions. Very well done!
  6. Unfortunately I dont. I really would love to get one though.
  7. @TheZOMBIEJ From what I've seen, 3 people have said they have one. I think two of them were maskcollector and toalhikanhordika, I'm not sure. It's also documented as a legit misprint in the collectibles section of buy, sell, trade here at bzpower. I would love to get one, but I doubt any of the three owners would want to sell =/
  8. I agree, where it doesnt quite make sense to me either, but this image intrigues me a lot. I would love to get this kraata if it exists! Perfect to go with a melding universe rahkshi!
  9. Avohkii gold sounds about right. Where I think that was plant control. The other gold was reddish gold and I think the color of knights kingdom gold line I think. Not many misprints of kraata other than elongated shapes and ironi kraata I think. I have seen rumors of a pearl gold kraata misprint though. And I'd love to see it in person, but I think its just a rumor.
  10. Heat vision is black and orange. There are two kraata with gold heads and black tails. Both were available in the small packs of kraata, and no rarer I think than any other the other 200+ kraata from those packs; neither are misprints. You can find a complete list of colors here: www.brickshelf.com/gallery/CubeMaster/Checklists/definitive_kraata_v4.pdf Yours is either plant control or rahi control depending on what color gold it is.
  11. Those are some interesting sounding examples. It certainly might be possible to combine masks just see what effect you get. I'm sure some make sense like your mask of leadership idea, but I can also see completely random masks appearing with chaotic abilities by complete accident (like vakama creating the mask of time, or an accidental mask that creates nova blasts and blows up the user). Either way, I think mask merging should only be done by professionals like artahkha who can probably guess what mask theyll get, and should be avoided by more novice mask makers like say nuhrii.
  12. The ironic thing is that the time slip was supposed to erase everyone memories and erase all written records of everyone except the order of Mata Nui. So any wiki documenting it would be recording unrecordable history lol. If you're going for a fan fic though it might be an interesting touch to try to explain how they destroyed everyone written records, especially dark hunter or makuta records. Might be interesting and give you some unique powers they might have had to get through security. Plus maybe a dramatic moment where they realize helyrx wont allow that agent to exist as a record of what happened either.
  13. While this is technically combining masks, I dont think is done in the way OP wanted. The answer never actually said the new mask would have two powers, just that the combination would give a new power. I think this is like how each mask is made from a different kanoka are used to make one mask. So, for instance how the akaku gives the user X-Ray Vision it's made from kanoka of Regeneration and Teleportation. The akaku doesnt give the user the powers of Regeneration or teleportation. I suspect that melting masks down dont combine powers, just give a new one. So theoretically melting down a mask of regeneration and a mask of teleportation would make an akaku, which seems like a waste of two finished masks I think. I still dont think it's possible to give a single mask two powers at once, where even the golden mata masks just cycled through powers to use one at a time, it never actually gave the user all powers at once.
  14. Another thing to keep in kind is to get a spray paint meant for plastic, otherwise it may bubble or crack. In addition, shake the can thoroughly, and hold the can far away from the item. Most people make the mistake of holding the can too close to what they're painting which is what usually causes texture or running. It also doesnt hurt to very lightly sand the overall product with a cloth to remove any texture that does form. That usually gives me a smooth finish that isnt too noticable.
  15. There exist colors that match. I'm north america based too, so cant recommend UK sprays. But what I did was take my masks to a home improvement store, and matched the can tops to the masks until I found one I liked. I've color matched the flat dark gold and pearl gold colors for different mocs I've made.
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