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    Bionicle, cats, Godzilla, writing, reading books/comic books, and several other things that are very nerdy.
  1. Which contests? I would love to read those stories. Also, in regards to the current contest, I'm happy that their dusting some mothballs off the G1 canon, but it feels like an empty move at this point. I would care more if they actually planned to finish the online serials and wrap up the story. When will we get a contest that fixes that loose end?
  2. I can't be the only one who's thought about it. The Lego movies are both hilarious and whimsical. Given that Star Wars is their oldest licensed merchandise line, it only makes sense that we get a Star Wars film set in the Lego Movie universe. Will it happen? Of course not, but think of how glorious it would be!
  3. The title is pretty self-explanatory. I think it's safe to assume that everyone on this site is pretty much a turbo-nerd for Bionicle. So, how many of the sets did you accumulate over the years? I did an inventory once and came up with around ninety-one. And I believe that was a few years before the story let out, so it's probably more now. What about the rest of you?
  4. I would avoid the whole 'Makuta and Mata-Nui aren't really related' retcon. It would probably be a good idea to merge the Bohrok-Kal into the Bohrok Arc proper. Maybe the Krana-Kal could have been the macguffin the Toa needed to collect and the Bohrok-Kal would have been swarm generals. The Darkness Below was sort of crammed into 2004 in a way that didn't really flow well with the rest of the story, so maybe the Krahka could be introduced during the Toa's quest for the great disks. As much as I love the Inika/Mahri arc, 2007 feels a bit shoehorned in as well. The Ignika's reason for diving down into The Pit was pretty flimsy. Maybe that could be reworked so the Inika acquire the Ignika at the end of 06 and the second part of the story could be about them journeying down to Karda Nui. The Mistika transformation also feels a bit unnecessary. The Nuva could all just be the Phantoka. I agree with everyone on this list that 08 could have wrapped up the story. With a bit of retooling and a final showdown with Terry. Bara Magna had plenty of standalone potential. It could have been used as a sequel or a spinoff after the main story concluded. That's just a few ideas.
  5. The shape of a mask is purely cosmetic, the kanoka used to forge it are what give it its powers (or lack thereof). A powerless mask can become a great kanohi when its wearer is transformed into a Toa. Because the Bionicle lore is full of convoluted rules like that. Also, I imagine that its much cheaper for Lego to reuse old mask designs rather than create a bunch of new molds for the secondary characters. (2008-2009 not withstanding.)
  6. I believe BS01 states that when Matoran die, their bodies are beamed up to the red star for resurrection. So Jaller's old body disappeared, but Takutanuva resurrected him using the energy imprint he left on his mask (or something) before he could be revived in the red star. That's what I remember reading, anyway. I could be way off.
  7. I would love if IDW did a comic series. My biggest wish is for a Bionicle Lego Movie spin-off. Also, for the Toa sets to be less expensive. One of my barriers for getting into G2 was that the sets were like $20 a pop.
  8. So, this is something I've noticed. The Toa Inika's elemental powers are supposed to be infused with lightning, but the books always seemed to flip-flop on that. Matoro uses an ice/lightning attack against Vezok, but later when he makes ice to combat Umbra, it doesn't seem to be electrically charged. BS01 appears to confirm that the lightning infusion is involuntary, which just confounds the problem. I mean, shouldn't that mean the dirt fist Nuparu slammed Zaktan with should have been pumped full of lightning? And I never saw Hewkii tossing around lightning rocks. I suppose one could say that it only applies when they're creating their element rather than manipulating existing samples, but that just brings me back to the Matoro question. And when Hahli created more moisture for him to work with, doesn't that mean it should have been charged as well? Thoughts? Comments? Insane ramblings?
  9. I'd like to say a Toa of lightning, but I'm not female. So I'll go with a Toa of ice. If possible, I'd be a Toa Inika of ice. Then I'd get the ice powers, and the lightning. Mask-wise, I would equip myself with a Kakama, or a Matatu. So, that basically checks off about three of the entries on my superpower wish-list.
  10. A mask of density control would be cool, or a mask of elasticity. And, while I'm just throwing out ideas, how about a great mask of chocolate chip cookies?
  11. Regarding the Toa Mata; let's not forget that their design was retconned to be in line with the Bionicle Stars sets. As for the topic itself; this is a very interesting idea. I would love to see a prequel or a spinoff about a group of Proto-Toa. Let the fan-fictioning commence!
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