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    CCS, VZLA.
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    LEGO (duh), the Transformers films (even though they suck), most franchises TLG has dealt with, Amy Winfrey's work, Hideyuki Tanaka's work.
    Drawing (can't digital), making up songs (don't write them down), messing with the Internet Archive.
    Linkin Park (demos mostly), Gorillaz (currently at Phase Two), one/two songs from many other bands.

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'sup folks. Lip here, though you can call me the muffin queen. I'm young, dumb, colourblind, I like eating, I like staring at cool things, and IDK what else to state here other than Making Fiends best Nicktoon, Super Milk-chan best anime.

My fave Toa's Nokama and I like the Bohrok-Kal. Face Me's better than Crashed but Hero's better than both.


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