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    LEGO (duh), the Transformers films (even though they suck), most of Cartoon Network, most franchises TLG has dealt with... also MAKING FIENDS!
    Drawing (can't digital), making up songs (don't write them down), anything that's on a browser (won't download).
    Linkin Park (some of their demos are very cool), one/two songs from many other bands.

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  1. Beautiful. My feelings of wanting this movie are now confirmed. Maybe they were a bit too edgy for TLG though...
  2. Ah, dangit. "CHILDREN! WE FALL IN BODY, BUT IN SPIRIT WE DO NOTHING BUT RISE! ANY OF YE, ANY, WHO WISHES TO SUPPORT YOUR ONLY QUEEN, SACRIFICE YOUR INTEGRITY FOR OUR DELICIOUS LEGION'S FUTURE, I ORDER YOU: SHIELD ME!" Most of the muffins stop biting the NPCs to serve as a cushion for my person. They won't be enough though, and the ground is still solid, sharp ice... "tension is rising... gravity hurts... everything's falling apart..." I start humming to myself, instinctively, at the opportunity for air-related BIO-humour. But wait... what's happening? A small sector of the multi-pastries has also come to shield me! I keep humming, to see what happens. As we fall, I see the bright orange bean I assume is the Soul Stone passing right through the roll of duct tape's hole. How beautiful...
  3. IC: Vrokdann - The Aquarium [Aqua Magna] Vrokdann was caught in the act. Fortunately (perhaps), her boss seemed too occupied raging at the world to notice she was trying to drink from his water cabinet without permission. -...shall we ask?- She couldn't think of much else to do, now that the ship headed back to the shore. "Um, boss? Do you have any orders?" She wasn't expecting any answer soon, at least not a good one. Feeling the hideous creature's diminishing presence between the deadly waves, Vrokdann couldn't shake off a particular feeling of guilt.
  4. Well, this has been quite a mess, hasn't it? The unspecified location is now freezing, dark and cloudy. A promotional Dark Lord roams the land, and there's a lot of robes and lightsabers strewn about. Laval, Downfall, and MoarBotar run for their lives like The Doctor and her companions (who's The Doctor, I leave it to them). My muffins become ice scupltures to make Kopeke tremble. And KARDAS DRAGON overlooks all, immoveable. I stop meditating and angsting to go take back my place! From the melting burial of the Jedi, I calmly dig around, searching for a match to my personality. ...yeah. "MY CHILDREN, ALERT: THE CONFLICT IS FAR FROM OVER!" I yell, from the frozen ship's remains, to the surviving muffins and whoever dares heed, brandishing a lovely gray robe from a fallen sibling. "THIS BATTLE OF OURS, IT STARTED AS THE SIMPLEST MECHANICAL COMBAT OF ORIENT DIGITAL, TO REFORM INTO A TEXT-BASED APOCALYPSE! WILL IT EVER BE OVER? I CAN GUARANTEE IT WILL. BUT IT MAY NOT BE IN OUR TIME TO SEE IT, SO ALL WE CAN DO FOR OURSELVES IS TO SAVOUR THE UNSPEAKABLE NONSENSE LIKE THE ONLY PACK OF SPRINKLES OUR SALARY CAN AFFORD! SO THAW MY CHILDREN! THAW! AND LIVE FOR TOMORROW!" With a perfectly coordinated ignition of a purple lightsaber in my hand, the ground commences to quake! The muffins return! "Uh, just in case I wasn't clear, attack all that has not a username!"
  5. Takanuva in an odd middle point where he's not Light but he's not Twilight either.
  6. If there's something we can count on, is that there's gonna be at least some enviromental message there. It's just part of his philosophy now, so it's bound to permeate his personal endeavours...
  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- bonk! I am panicked. What do I do with this... what is this?! It's like, a potato but hollow and gold and it's got a stick figure in it?!? AAAAAAAAAAH!!! Okay okay, calm down girl, calm... down... The muffins, they are rising... ...now I know what to do. "MUFFINS OF OUR HALLOWED LAND OF BIONICLE-ZONE-POWER: HEED MY SUMMONS! I AM LIPURET, OF HOUSE Mc, uh..." From my makeshift podium over the ship's remains, I behold my legion of muffins stand idle. "I AM LIPURET OF HOUSE McKAUKAU. I AM YOUR MOTHER, AND YOUR QUEEN! AND IN THE NAME OF THE SACRED FACEPLATE THAT BORE YOU, AND FOR THE GLORY OF OUR GODDESS, AMY WINFREY, I SAY: ATTACK!!!!!!" The muffin legion charges with unrivalled might! If only they'd waited for my command on what to attack, now they wouldn't be kicking and nibbling at random. The benches, the ship's remains, the Mongol Horde, the now-screaming Bo-Matoran and the Poké Ball he holds, Toa Matau's fleeing ankle and the gate it's fleeing through, all suffer the adorable yet eventually lethal might of my muffin children. KARDAS DRAGON bears witness to my power, for I mean no harm to it just yet. Do I smell, amongst the blueberries and vanilla, an alliance?
  8. Is it too early to claim my "told ya" rights?
  9. The gate is still open. From it comes The Feral Muffin. While other muffins were easily sold at unfair prices, The Feral Muffin nibbles at the Mask of Life, still over jello's unconscious face. While other players were sitting at the bench staring, The Feral Muffin pushes Matau off KARDAS DRAGON's back, and bites it aggressively. ...the gate should be closed. * * * * * * I'm absolutely okay with the game's current pace. It's an RPG after all, there's gotta be turns for everyone...
  10. Looking at him now I'd say yes, those two parts represent his arms in an uneven way (which wouldn't be unheard of looking at the Toa Mata, for example). However, this now leads me to wonder, where does he shoot his energy webs from? BS01 states it's a device... maybe that small cone below his Kanoka Launcher?
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