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  1. I usually do two or three orders a year off of Bricklink-a few weeks back I got Takanuva & Ussanui, Makuta, and Turahk. If you're willing to spend some time looking, you can usually find some pretty good deals
  2. @Xboxtravis I did a very similar thing with Matoro when I was young-especially when for a brief time I wondered if "Toa" Ignika was Matoro reincarnated. I even remember on one Sunday when we couldn't go to church for some reason, my parents wanted us to still do "church at home" and they let me read to the family the 11th Ignition comic where Matoro sacrificed himself. You're drawing sounds actually quite fascinating: the fact that you were reconciling the two figures (God and Mata-Nui) is interesting (rather than just equating them). That's essentially more or less what C.S. Lewis does with with the Narnia books-describe the salvation story of an imaginary world. That's literally hilarious XD
  3. Ya basically every other episode of Next Gen is Picard breaking the Prime Directive (or refusing to break it, and then wrestling with the moral dilemma presented by not breaking it) In theory, you should never break the Prime Directive, but I'm pretty sure that the Prime Directive of the Star Trek writer's room was "make the characters break the Prime Directive" lol
  4. Fair, but we don't know if it truly is a pre-warp society-we don't know exactly how the Great Spirit Robot got around, maybe by using warp drive...? The Vulcans made First Contact with earth after just one warp drive test flight, so it wasn't exactly widespread at the time. I'm a Next Gen. guy, so I can really only take a crack at number 3: I do agree with Xboxtravis in that if they just happened to pass by they likely wouldn't have done much more than observe, they don't have a reason to stop. BUT, if something forced them to explore the planet (say, they needed resources to repair the Dilithium Chambers or something), then Data would obviously be the first to communicate with them. I wouldn't be too surprised if Data or other members of the crew were mistaken for Great Beings (unless the GBs had already come out of hiding). If/when they became allies, I feel like Picard would either want to utilize their "magical technology" (kanohi, elemental powers, kita fusions, etc) against the Borg with the hopes that the Borg would not be able to assimilate that sort of tech. OR it could go the opposite-he might beg them to go into hiding or to defend themselves to prevent the Borg from getting such tech (if they did they would be literally invincible). Either way there would be lots of conversations with Picard and Riker with Dume, Vakama, Raanu, Tahu, and Ackar. I could see Worf sparring with various characters for fun (he would likely see the Pakari as a challenge), and I feel like he would hit it off with Axonn. Geordie LaForge and Nuparu would be best buds (Geordie would probably get a kick out of the Vahki and the Boxors). The Ga-Matoran healers would probably offer to restore Geordie's sight, but he would turn down the offer. If Q and Vezon ever met each other I hate to think what would happen..... Anyway, those are some of my thoughts on the subject.
  5. I've been thinking about the Kraahkan lately, specifically its two "faces". was any official/canon explanation given for the "top face?" (the side attached to the axle pin that goes in the mouth). The movie version of the mask makes it clearly look like Miramax Teridax, but the regular Kraahkan looks significantly different. My best guess is that it represents Takutanuva's mask, given the resemblance it has to the Avohkii. Any other guesses/fanon ideas?
  6. The light of the sun (which may or may not be the earth's sun, as we are all in the sky of an undetermined planet) catches the surface of the Soul Stone, making it shine brilliantly. A hushed awe falls on those falling as they admire the rock. I take advantage of the distraction of the moment to try and swim through the air, trying to get myself directly above Lipuret. Munching on a thrashing pastry, I chuckle to myself. When we eventually hit the ground, I'll land in the same doughy cushion as the muffin overlord! Inspired by the musical nostalgia, I start quietly humming "da-NA. da-NA. da-NA. da-na-na-na-na." Nearby, an artistic photographer skydives out of a plane to take pictures of us all falling, making a statement about the capitalist consumerism that fuels pop culture. I sigh heavily. I get what he's doing, but still.... Vader Guy tries to eat a muffin, but is unable to get it past his helmet.
  7. As we stand by the ledge of the cliff, a shadowy figure approaches. "Welcome, Laval, disciple of Chima. Welcome, Downfall, fearer of 07' Nuparu. Welcome, Moarbotar, son of... someone clearly strikingly handsome." As the figure approaches his emaciated red face comes into view. Before the wraith can say anything more, I yell out "I saw this in a movie once!", grab him by the waist, and hurl Red Skull off of the cliff. He screams as he falls: "Verdammt! Danke dumme kleine Scheiße!" A beacon of light shoots into the air and the clouds swirl together. A lone tear falls from my face as I think of the thing I loved (his sick cloak), which I have now lost. Suddenly I find myself sitting in a pool of water somewhat removed from the battle. In my hand I hold the soul stone. I jump to my feet and yell out in triumph! "I hold in my hand the most ambiguous object in the universe!" I shake my glowy fist at Makuta Plagueiss in defiance! Unfortunately, since I don't see any Infinity Gauntlets nearby, I have no idea what this thing does... I sit down in the shallow pool to try and figure it out... Elsewhere, a wealthy couple are shot in an alley, leaving behind their newly orphaned, construction-based, extremely rich son to fend for himself in a cruel world....
  8. I personally didn't really get introduced to Bionicle until 2006 (my first set was Hakan-given to me as a bribe to behave for the babysitter ). Because there was simply so much story material that I didn't know about, I basically cruised through with the bare basics of the storyline-just enough to understand what was going on (and even that little bit was still enough to dominate my imagination). It wasn't until just a few years ago when I found Biosector and looked up a few of my favorite characters just for 'the fun of it', that I realized just how much story was out there that I knew nothing about. I like Chuckschwa's 2001/2006 distinction. In my brief time among the BZPower community, I've noticed that there do seem to be "2001 people" and "2006 people". The biggest distinction between these two groups (in my opinion) is how well/long they have known the story. For me, as a 2006 guy, the story is somewhat fresher. I wonder if for 2001 people, because you guys have known the story so well for so long, the story becomes stale or overly familiar? I agree with Xboxtravis-Bionicle is filled with corny prose. BUT, that corny prose facilitates profoundly intricate worldbuilding and conveys deeply complex themes. More than this though, for pretty much all of us on a site like BZPower, Bionicle provided something much deeper-it awakened out imaginations. Think of the middle aged guy who grew up adoring the original Star Wars trilogy, but is not disappointed and frustrated by the new movies. The missing component has nothing to do with the movies themselves, but with the hours of time that he spent with his friends imagining they were flying the Millennium Falcon or fighting Stormtroopers-the first time in his life that he engaged in complex imaginative play and independent world building (basically fan fiction). The same goes for Bionicle. Perhaps what made Bionical such a significant part of many people's lives was not the commercial or intellectual elements (sets or books), but biological development. We say "Bionicle was a major part of my childhood." But to be more precise we should say "PLAYING Bionicle was a major part of my childhood." This unlocking or awakening of the imagination was the biological experiments that our brains did as they learned how to invent and create. Bionicle was delivered in an imperfect medium, but it performed its function perfectly. (That's a lot of thoughts-good luck making sense of this )
  9. That's totally fair-some days I like it, some days I hate it. In theory I've always been against modifications, but I've suddenly realized that I've actually done a fair bit of them, so I don't really know where I stand lol
  10. Dazed and bewildered, I shake my head (in a manner vaguely reminiscent to Boss Nass in the Phantom Menace) to clear the fog. I open my eyes just in time to see Laval and Downfall fleeing. Turning my head, I see the hordes of Jedi and Clones sprinting across the ice towards the raging Kardas. "Wow. Now would be an AWFUL time for someone to execute order 66..." I mutter to myself. Unfortunately, a nearby Clone Commander overhears me and (confused by my profile pic) salutes. "It will be done, my lord" he says as he signals the other Clones. As I watch my unintentional genocide unfold, a swift kick to the face interrupts my musings. I look up to see the face of Bad Guy glaring down. The warrior is now clad in black armor and a black cape. He raises his red lightsaber and points up, directing my attention to Alexander's previous post in the feed: With a gasp I realize that this is no longer Bad Guy, but a new and more iconic villain. This is VADER GUY! And Vader Guy seems to remember all the abuse I dealt him back when he was a Bo-Matoran... I quickly jump up and push Vader Guy onto the advancing ice patch, leaving him encased in the ice as I run after Downfall and Laval. Vader Guy's lightsaber quickly melts through the ice, freeing himself, and he begins running after me. As I run, I pull out my notebook and begin writing in it as I run. I do this for two reasons. First, I'm trying to think up some new plans to deal with the various new threats. Second, I'm trying to have more in this post than just bizzare star wars references. Third, I'm talking with Bizfig as I run, asking for the recipe and writing it down in my book as I go. ...... What has Good Guy been up to all this time....?
  11. Looks great! I like how you added the glow coming through the lower part of her mask Very nice!
  12. The Bo-Matoran, panicking, begins instinctively punching at the muffin horde. At first, the attempt is pathetic. But slowly, the attack becomes undeniably more skillful. His fists begin to fly faster and faster, while the little bran warriors are knocked aside to the left and right with adorable little screams. Suddenly, a veil of shadow appears around the Marotan and lifts him into the air. His memories return, for he had forgotten who he was when he took up his disguise. He drops the Pokeball, and I, sensing the movement, drum my fingers against each other. "Excellent." The Pokeball hits the ground with a *thonk* and... does.... not..... open. I fold my hands, lips pursed. "Less excellent." The Matoran is completely hidden within the shadow. The skies fill with dark clouds as a deep and ominous voice resonates through the air with an evil laughter. 7 bolts of lightning strike at the heart of the shadow storm, completing the transformation. All is suddenly silent. Then, the Matoran emerges. But he is much changed. His once green armor is now red like the blood of innocents, his joints yellow like the cruel desert sun, his face white like the crushed bones of his victims. The greatest force of evil has risen once again. Bad Guy walks the earth. I am very glad I am in my Pokeball.
  13. KEK! Now that's all I can think about XD I really like this-the way you used the 4 white spike pieces is really inventive! I've been on and off toying around with trying to make an Eye of Sauron/Barad Dur MOC and now I'm getting ideas.... Very cool!
  14. You were actually right on! I forgot to mention that bit in the writeup, but I kinda toyed with the idea of his right eye (the one opposite to the lamp) went blind because he had to rely on the one closer to the headlamp for so many centuries. I'm glad you liked the face and mask! It was fun to make, but lemme tell you-mask modification is terrifying! *makes a tiny cut* "Ok, did I wreck it?" lol I cleaned up the cuts the other day, so here are some updated pics of the mask-I'm pretty happy with how the scar that goes over Tahu's eye turned out
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