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  1. Me: "Oh yeah, that forehead is definitely gap riddled..." *nervous chuckle; glances at my own MOCs and cringes* Seriously that's pretty incredible. The sculpting is phenomenal-this is in a whole nother league! Definitely a loving tribute
  2. The mask itself is yet another bounty hunter I hired. Unfortunately, it has no limbs to speak of at this time. So instead of doing something clever, I just begin having a conversation with my new good friend Toa Smoke Monster about the weather these days and the -*YOINK!*- Sprinting away, I call out over my shoulder: My Mask
  3. Totally! I always felt like a 2004-2005 game would have had a lot of potential (in the 04 half exploring Metru Nui as a flourishing city and then in the 05 half exploring the city under the control of the Visorak). Very dystopian. I like the idea of playing as a Matoran. Lurching, damaged, zombie-ish Vahki; hearing Visorak clicking and shrieking nearby but not knowing where they are; even running from crazed Hordika! There's also all the mutated Rahi from the Archives wandering around. I wouldn't mind seeing some more of them (although the Matoran probably would lol!)
  4. Man this is sweet! I love it! I honestly might try printing it (prob in black and white on the first run lol) later this summer! This is awesome!
  5. That would actually be really good! A poorly-lit Gadunka jumpscare would definitely freak me out lol The design for the Mahri-Nui Matoran always struck me as being a bit erie. Maybe it's just me, but there's some potential there as well I think (have Delflak stalking you as you get closer to the airfields and the city). Also, DEFINITELY would make for a cool open-world!
  6. I like to think that he only has the one replacement eye (mainly because I love the thought of him losing one eye in an accident, getting the replacement, and then losing the other good eye in a similar accident... "No, we aren't gonna give you a second replacement eye. You'll just break it.") So I always thought that the box art was a mistake... Maybe he is blind in his original eyes? (They are there but don't work)
  7. The Exo-Toa suit suddenly begins moving against your will, imprisoning you locked inside. It was one of the other bounty hunters I hired, and after delivering the mask to me, it begins walking towards the horizon, taking Toa Smoke Monster further and further away. My Mask.
  8. A crackling, unstable portal appears in the forest around Kanohi of Jello. I stumble out of it, visibly shaken. My clothes are charred black and also soaking wet. My right leg has been replaced by someone else's, but it is a reasonably sized replacement, so I move around with only a slight limp. I spit the Av-Matoran out of my mouth and curiously examine the unfamiliar wedding ring I'm wearing. An Olmak patched together with sticky tac and bandaids does NOT work as well as I'd hoped... Suddenly I notice Jello standing inches away from me. I squint at him, trying to remember where I am and what I am doing here. It all comes back to me like a massive wave: the ridiculously fierce battles (or were they fiercely ridiculous...?), Vader Guy, the space ship, the falling, the duct tape, and... my quest! I anxiously pull back my long rainbow beard and dig around in my leather satchel (which fortunately DOES belong to me). I breathe a sigh of relief as I feel the weapon I've brought back from Hyrule. I look up with a crazed gleam in my eye (more crazed than usual) and glare at Kardas looming ahead. With an arrogant and gloating grin on my face, I push past Jello and walk out of the forest. "!tsaebsseltiwuoy,htarwymecafdnaemoC!sadraK" My hand still in my satchel, I smack my lips, trying to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth. It seems I've forgotten how to talk properly... No matter. I'm sure my speech isn't too hard to figure out. "!seenkruoyotuoygnirbyadyrevsihtnolliwnwodnetaebneebevahotdeveilebuoyesohT.uoykcomlliw,dekcomuoyesohT.uoyhsurclliw,dehsurcuoyesohT.neebevahstnarytrehtollasatsujdetaretilboylrettueblliwuoydna-foedamerastnarytllatahtffutsemasehtofedamerauoy,ebyamuoyhguohtlufrewoP!sdnalesehtfoslenitnesenitsednalcehtfoesirehtdnaelurcitopsedruoyfodneehtsisihT!eromonyasItub;elpoepdoogesehtrevoelurevisserppodnaleurcadeyojneevahuoy,enogneebevahIelihW" ....Too bad. That was a pretty inspirational speech....
  9. That wall was one of the bounty hunters I hired. It threw Dallior back at Toa Smoke Monster and knocked him over, causing him to drop the mask, allowing me to pick it up. My mask.
  10. Definitely agree-gave me some chuckles Nice work!
  11. Agreed-and I really appreciate the dimensions on those-the scale is perfect I was already chucking to myself when I saw the title of this thread, and it didn't disappoint I kinda get it, but not totally and it's driving me crazy-what are the leg joints? I see the 2/2 rounded plates and the legs themselves look like axle connectors, but how are they attached?
  12. Nice! Very iconic-the design is quite different from the set version (and I can appreciate the scale challenge), but from the second I see it I know what I'm looking at. I'm kinda thinking that perhaps with age Ussal Crabs shrink...
  13. Actually yeah, now that I think about it, the Mistika line was the only line that I was disappointed by when it initially was released (most of the sets I don't like I was fine with as a kid, but even young me was kinda bummed out). The Makuta were great, but the Mistika Toa were a little bland to me-particularly the weapons. I think I actually appreciate them a little more now than I did at first, but as a kid, they all had the same weapons: Tahu=gun and shield. Onua=gun and shield. Gali=just a gun. That being said, I'm fine with the Phantoka Toa. Pohatu's twin propellor drills remain to this day one of my favorite weapons
  14. There we go! Clearly I need to reread some of the books (that's enough of an excuse for me!)
  15. I agree with you here. In the books, I always thought Umbra was so cool. The problem was that the coolest thing about him (his ability to turn into a beam of light) is very difficult to translate into set form. There's definitely a lot of untapped potential there.
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