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  1. There we go! Clearly I need to reread some of the books (that's enough of an excuse for me!)
  2. I agree with you here. In the books, I always thought Umbra was so cool. The problem was that the coolest thing about him (his ability to turn into a beam of light) is very difficult to translate into set form. There's definitely a lot of untapped potential there.
  3. Well the obvious character to consider is Bitil. He would be the only being that I could imagine ever having any practical purpose/desire to do this (unless there are other beings that have a Kanohi Mohtrek). The circumstances needed for any other being to even attempt to pull something like this off would be ridiculous, but I could totally see Bitil occasionally giving himself a 'powerup' if he ever needed it. I feel that a combination of these two would be the most likely result; a new, 'complete' consciousness formed out of all the others, similar to Takutanuva. This new consciousness would only be subject to biases that all three consciousness' have in common. I don't really see any combat advantage aside from a bigger form (the fusion's control over, say, fire would only be as refined as the most skilled member of the fusion). To me, this sort of fusion would have more philosophical appeal than anything else (to achieve a higher state of awareness/become enlightened), which then makes me feel like Bitil (though physically able to) probably would have no real desire to attempt this. It seems to me that the most likely being to attempt this would be a Toa of Psionics with a Mohtrek.
  4. I don't know if Greg ever commented on this, but I've always been confused as to the nature of the Matorans' enslavement. Everything I've read seems to imply that the Piraka controlled them, but that seems pretty dubious to me. Wouldn't it make more sense if Makuta gained control over them? Either Makuta did have control over the Matoran and just cooperated with the Piraka, or the Piraka actually did have control over them. If we wanted to get into some Bionicle conspiracy theories (lol) it seems feasible to me that (assuming the Piraka had control) Makuta actually didn't intend for the Piraka to use his antidermis in the zamor spheres, and that he lied in his diary to seem like he had it all together. I haven't read Makuta's diary in a long time, but I do remember in the Dark Hunters book that The Shadowed One basically says straight up that not everything in the book is true. Seems in line with Makuta's character to lie to himself. Ultimately, Makuta didn't anticipate the Piraka being able to beat the Toa Nuva. Seems plausible that a great deal of the Piraka's actions were unanticipated.
  5. Web of Shadows freaked me out as a kid, and when I tried to show it to my sister later, she got freaked out. It might be my favorite of the four movies, but jump scares are "cheap" IMO. One thing that freaked me out in one of the Ignition books was that one moment when Avak(?) is screaming but doesn't realize it's him. Majorly intense when you're 9
  6. Love it! I didn't even think about that, but I totally agree
  7. Where does that number come from? I'm just curious because it seems oddly specific lol. My prediction: several hundred AFOLs jumping off of cliffs hoping to get revived on the Red Star
  8. Definitely-some of those parts haven't been made in 20 years, so they aren't gonna make an exception for one set. Even aside from the fact that none of the others are feasible, Sokoda's model is the most visually appealing. Another thing to consider is, let's be honest, all the other models are trying for a Bionicle reboot (which is frankly just desperate at this point). Sokoda's model is much more of a tribute piece (a much better tribute than the Stars I might add). From a business standpoint, it makes sense to make this model. With the AFOL/Bionicle fanbase, they could literally charge $200 for this (relatively) small set and we would pay! On the other hand, if they do make it, Lego Ideas would get so clogged up with Bionicle projects and people trolling for a reboot. I'm not holding my breath on any of the other projects, but I'm genuinely curious to see if Lego makes Sokoda's.
  9. I toss a book titled "Historical Methods Of Non-Violent Resistance" at the drone. Fortunately for me, the book lands with its pages open. The drone stops and reads a few chapters, turning the pages by blowing them with its propellers. Fortunately for you, the drone is not convinced that pacifism is a philosophy that accommodates the various complexities of life. Fortunately for me, the drone has been convinced that social change is possible through revolution, and determines to attack its overlord. It drops the mask and flies at Laval at top speed, its propellers spinning menacingly. My Mask!
  10. The first thing that comes to mind is the Matoran Civil War that occured before the Great Cataclysm. The Matoran very nearly killed Mata Nui--to the point where Toa Jovan's team had to use the Mask of Life. The official explanation for this is that the Matoran neglected their duties (which kept the GSR functioning) because they were fighting; however, I think that sabotage (which we know the Civil War was rife with) was a major contributor to the damage. Now, if this is what Matoran are capable of WITHOUT mask powers, I think it's safe to assume that with mask powers they would have driven themselves to extinction (and done even more damage to the GSR). I have also suspected that Matoran have certain abilities/powers that we don't know about. Let's be real, honestly how did those little guys survive the war against the Rahi using... bamboo? Along these lines, the Matoran Nui (though rarely seen) is canon I believe (but correct me if I'm wrong on that point), which is an ability that usually only more powerful beings have access to. Perhaps Matoran are able to instinctively access a certain amount of dormant Toa Power they have when their life is in danger (sort of like the Avatar state if you're familiar with the Last Airbender or Legend of Korra). And let's not forget our buddy Kapura and his ambiguous 'traveling' abilities. If I were a Great Being, and I were creating creatures with a role as critical as maintaining the GSR, I would avoid giving them powers that they could use whenever they wanted (to avoid them damaging themselves/the GSR), but I would give them powers that would protect them in the case of an emergency (to prevent their extinction and the subsequent destruction of the GSR). That's my theory anyway.
  11. Eventually-this one took me about 10 mins to do, but Nidhiki's proportions are trickier
  12. He finally got Nidhiki.... Just a bit of fun I was having a while back If I find the time I'll post some actual MOCs I have... once I find a place to take decent pictures...
  13. I will never know why Lego didn't release two versions of each Av-Matoran (i.e. light vs shadow). It honestly makes perfect sense to me, and as dumb as Solek is, I wouldn't mind seeing what he would have looked like had a shadow leech got 'im. Not to mention how cool it would be to have a pre (or post) mutation Radiak. I will say though that given the choice between an Av-Matoran and a Metruan, I'd take the Av-Matoran (at least their limbs are bigger than my thumbnail lol).
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