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  1. Wow, this is pretty cool. Love how realistic some of the photos are. Nice work.
  2. Don't worry, some of them were assemble using spare parts. The correct parts are on their way
  3. Hello all! I recently joined BZ and a couple of Facebook groups to share this passion with other people. I couldn't fin a "new members section" on this forum, so I'm just posting this here. When I was a kid I remember going to McDonalds and having all the McToran, but I was never able to buy the 2001 sets. I briefly remember some 2002 sets, and then just the newer junk Bionicle was selling. I only like 2001 stuff, from Toa Nuva onwards they are trash for me. The simplicity, rawness and soul of 2001 was never archived again. And so, after years of forgetting Bionicles, once again I come back to fulfill my collection, almost starting from scratch (my old collection seems to have vanished). I recently bough all six Toas, an Exo-Toa and a sealed Nui-Rama box (planning on getting lots more of sealed staff). I'm barely starting, but I'm sure you will see lots from me.
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