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  1. I know, right? This has nothing to do with the #14b2020, but they think it does anyway!
  2. Somebody needs to make a lighting kit for those Bionicle G2 sets with all the transparent pieces.
  3. I can see Kopaka enjoying classical music as well, though he would probably do fine with other stuff that doesn't have lyrics.
  4. Just a quick question... Is some form of Cable required to watch this? I keep hearing that it's only available on Fox as of now.
  5. Yes, let's. I pick up a discarded duct tape roll and throw it in Kardas' general direction. "Fetch, boy!"
  6. The art book thing is the most likely scenario. I just cannot see Lego bringing Bionicle back in full, not after G2.
  7. I say it ranks about equal with the original. I've only watched it once, so I still have yet to fully nitpick it. I do like the post-apocalyptic "facelift" that Bricksburg and its residents got, so much so that I redesigned my sigfig to match it (see profile photo).
  8. That "latest review period" includes Sokoda's project from October, correct?
  9. It happens at random, but the BZPRPG discussion and other long topics suffer most frequently. Try this and see if anything happens.
  10. So someone else besides me finally thought this up? Awesome! My theory is slightly different, though: Keep in mind that some more primitive versions of modern "Chimans" existed before the coming of the Phoenix. The Phoenix Tribe was originally just another avian tribe from one of the other lands on Chima beyond the "floating island." The Great Beings uplifted them to what they are now, but before they could do that with the other tribes, they heard about the Core War and left the Phoenix to complete their work on Chima. Chi may be modified Energized Protodermis: Creatures that are exposed to EP don't have any control over what they become, while those augmented by Chi gain humanoid bodies. We can go back further and say that EP was an early nanotech experiment by the Great Beings that they basically left in the cores of some planets and forgot about. Chima was one of them. When they came back to it, they discovered the EP and further modified it into Chi. Whew. I apologize if this doesn't make any sense; when I read the quoted post, I remembered an old theory that had, got a brain rush, and tried to fill in some of the theory's holes before posting it here.
  11. The sky looks different than that of Vanilla Minecraft. Is this due to the world editor that you're using?
  12. When I try to go to a topic that has had a lot of replies, it gives me a "Bad Gateway" message and I have to reload the page.
  13. IC: Akkitu- Black Spike Mountains Akkitu turned The Sight around resumed following Tekmo.
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