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  1. If you mean improve the aesthetic, they could just make more shell pieces.
  2. IC: Akkitu- Adventure "It's good to be in the open skies again," said Akkitu, to no one in particular.
  3. Yes. We need new Toa! The Toa Mata do get old after awhile.
  4. I just keep using my mask's power. It ought to distract the dragon.
  5. IC: Akkitu- Vehicle Bay Akkitu was able to find his Jetrax quite quickly. A quick engine test was done, and no problems were found. "I believe I am ready. I don't know about Tacitus, though," Akkitu answered.
  6. IC: Explota- Academy Gates When the storms started, Explota had flown to the scene as fast as he could. He knew he would be swept away if he spent too long in the air, so he sheltered behind a now-empty planter. All the chaos... I think I'm going to like it here, provided I don't get killed. Explota could barely see through the flying debris, but noticed faint silhouettes of other Rahkshi closer the storm's epicenter. Two of them appeared to be fighting. How often does this sort of occurence even happen? As the cyclone dissipated, Explota watched one of his fellow observers flying down to one of the combatants. The other was gone.
  7. The Rahkshi survive the blast, but are severely damaged. My dimensional gate reopens, and the Rahkshi enter it. Which of my weapons to use next? From my backpack, I retrieve a Kanohi, and put it on. Yes, I can wear and use Kanohi. The mask itself looks like a Great Mahiki with a scope. Activating the it, I focus its power on a patch of ground near the Kardas Dragon's left foot. The targeted area explodes soon after.
  8. Oh no... not Oblivion Incarnate. Fortunately, I also know how to deal with this. I toss a black metal disk onto ground. A golden light begins to shine from the center, and a beam of it lances high into sunset skies above. Within 30 seconds, a dimensional gate opens up. Stepping through it is a group of 24 Rahkshi. Each is aglow with strange energy, which seems to come from blue crystals embedded in the armor. "Open fire!" I shout. The Rahkshi issue their screeching battle cry, and turn all of their power on the Kardas Dragon.
  9. At Downfall's camp, I root through the supplies and find a boombox. I begin playing "Move Along" with it, hoping the music will invigorate the fighting party. I also use my electrical powers to light a few marshmellows on fire. Perhaps they can be used as torches.
  10. I supported both of the ones mentioned in the article. I think I heard about them from the BS01 Twitter page.
  11. Same here. I might end up writing a story with Explota in it, but I'm not sure at this time. If I do, it will be my first time writing for BZP.
  12. I personally like the Games and Trivia. The Bionicle RPG forum used to be good, too, but it seems really slow as of late.
  13. I'm going to miss this game. May we always remember the awesome time we had here.
  14. I zip by on a Speedor, and fire a pair of level 5 Ko-Metru Weakening disks at Kardas. I then rejoin the other ranged attackers, adding my lightning powers to their bullets and arrows.
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