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  1. IC: Akkitu- Black Spike Mountains The Ko-Matoran shrugged. "I might as well watch the vehicles. Speaking of, should we make a camp here?"
  2. MoarBotar's Pokeball is on the ground, with Bad Guy '06, the Mongols, and the Muffin Army bearing toward it. As I listen to Lipuret's speech, I notice that a fishing pole has mysteriously appeared next to me. It may just be the thing I need to rescue MoarBotar. While I'm not very good at casting lines, I manage to get the fishhook at the end stuck in a crack between the Pokeball's halves. I begin to reel in my catch-of-the-day, even as the cavalry closes the distance to it.
  3. IC: Explota- Library Explota had survived the incident with the cyclones. Curious to know how powerful someone would have to be to cause them, he had flown to the library as fast as his armor suit could take him. I know that Weather Control and Cyclone are powers wielded by two different kinds of Rahkshi. Since the storm in front of the academy was a cyclone, the former would have to be responsible. "Chameleon... Confusion... Cyclone! Here it is!" Explota pulled the book down from the shelf, and settled on a nearby bench to read it. He could hear music playing faintly in the background.
  4. IC: Akkitu- Black Spike Mountains Akkitu mirrored Tekmo's facepalm. "Just what we need, somebody who goes on ahead and puts herself in unnecessary danger! She'll probably fall off the cliff face and die."
  5. I was afraid to admit it before, but I also cringed when I saw that mask sliced off like that. I don't want to insult MoarBotar, but I hate it when pieces get cut in MOCs.
  6. The Ignika has freed itself of the Feral Muffin. Sensing the threat that the cavalry poses to it, it brings other muffins in the area to life. The Ignika then flies over to Lipuret.
  7. The Ignika begins to rise into the air. It spins around at high speed in an attempt to remove the Feral Muffin.
  8. Oh. For some reason, I thought that nobody had noticed it.
  9. Did you cut the Hau just to make Tahu, or was it already damaged?
  10. His actual hands might have had to be replaced with prosthetics or something.
  11. I didn't even know that this could happen until I read this topic. By the way, is that a axle-pin piece in there? It might be part of the problem.
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