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  1. Don't worry, additional options are coming. I'm just trying to design an intuitive UI at the moment — I don't want the settings page to just be an endless pile of different buttons. "Canon"? What's that? :p My thoughts on the concept of "canon," specifically as it relates to BIONICLE, are... complicated. Basically, though, I thought only including a handful of cards, the ones that only sort of contradict other story materials (which already contradict each other constantly), would be the best option for the recommended reading order. A few other people have told me they thought it was a good idea to include them, but if more people end up feeling otherwise, I'll take them out. You can return to the recommended reading order by visiting the settings page again and hitting "submit" without changing anything (currently, the settings page always loads the recommended order). I'm working on a change to the settings page that would make it automatically reorder according to your current reading order, and then offer you a more clear way to revert... but making the checkbox items rearrange themselves is proving rather difficult, and it's gonna take a bit more tinkering before that's ready. I'm also working on a feature to export and import custom reading orders, and it's near the top of my agenda. (I actually meant to put that in the list of upcoming features...) The chapter-based table of contents will be coming back, but I want it to be able to reflect custom reading orders — so I need to make the aforementioned rearranging code for the settings page work first. Yeah, putting that example modal during Onua's chapter would probably be better... Good call. Timing is definitely a concern with this one. I want the guidebook integrations to be spoiler-free, so there would probably be a new link the first time something is mentioned in each of the twelve chapters. For example, Tahu's first mention in Makuta's Revenge would give you information from The Official Guide to BIONICLE, while his first mention in Shadows in the Sky would give you his Encyclopedia Updated entry. I can actually do that, yes! :p I've been able to get a prototype of this working a few times, but I've also had it crash a few times, so... it can be done, but it needs a bit more time in the oven. I definitely think I can. Once you get under the hood, MNOG is pretty simple. I'm glad you think so! If you have any more thoughts or suggestions, feel free to let me know here, or in the #website-feedback channel of our Discord server. Your suggestions are always really good, so I look forward to hearing whatever you've got.
  2. (This post is a mirror of a post made on the official Wall of History blog, with a few changes to fit the forum format.) After hours upon hours of hard work, it’s finally here — the “Nuva Update,” as I call it. In this post, I’ll be going over the changes made to Wall of History in detail, as well as outlining where the site is going from here. For starters, the site has been redesigned from the ground up, allowing for aesthetic improvements (such as adding nice background images to some MNOG pages) as well as full mobile compatibility. The redesign of the site will also make the development of future updates much faster, as the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript utilized have been streamlined in key areas (which should also make the site load a tiny faster). The next major change is the introduction of the settings page, accessible by visiting the table of contents and clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner. This page allows users to modify the ordering of the story content, as well as choose which items are and are not included. This customization feature was particularly difficult to test by myself, and as a result, it is still very much a work in progress. As such, I would very much appreciate any and all criticisms or suggestions users might have regarding it. Use of this customization tool is, of course, entirely optional. On a user’s first visit to the new Wall of History, the site will automatically set itself to use the default, recommended reading order, which includes most of the story content in an ordering that several fans had input on. Speaking of content… we’ve got new content! Several story items not previously on the site have finally been added, including, in release order: BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks Story Cards BIONICLE: Mask of Light — The Movie BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows “BIONICLE News Update” BIONICLE: Journey of Takanuva Takanuva’s Blog The Rising The Truth BIONICLE: Secret of Certavus BIONICLE: Desert of Danger BIONICLE: Challenge of Mata Nui Mata Nui’s Diary Guidebook content is also being added to Wall of History beginning with this update, and this is another area where user feedback would be appreciated. Currently, there are two guidebooks available in their entirety, which can be accessed by visiting the table of contents. I’ve also been experimenting with what I call “guidebook integration” — the inclusion of guidebook content in story pages, an example of which can be seen on this page. My current plan is for all the information from all the guidebooks to be integrated into story pages using similar modal boxes — once this process is completed, users would be able to click on the name of virtually any place, character, or object and learn more about them. As previously mentioned, though, this is a project I would appreciate user feedback on before going further with. Is this something people would like to see? Are there any better ways this could be implemented? If modals are fine, should they only be accessible the first time something is mentioned, or every time? If you have any thoughts, please share them with us below. This update also brings e-book downloads for all the BIONICLE novels, available on the pages for each series of novels, once again accessible from the table of contents. If there is significant user demand for them, and no issues arise with the e-books published today, e-book downloads of other story materials, such as the serials, will be made available in the future. Speaking of the future, I also said on Twitter that the Nuva Update would be accompanied by a rough timeline of planned future updates. So, without further ado… During Q2 2020, further improvements to the design and structure of Wall of History will be made, based on user input. For obvious reasons, the Nuva Update was difficult to test, and there may still be some kinks to work out. I also want to keep making the site look better, and this will be easier to do now that the CSS utilized has been simplified. During Q2 and Q3 2020, all guidebooks will be added to Wall of History and integrated into story pages (if the latter does prove to be something users would want). During Q2 and Q3 2020, I will attempt to make all the Game Boy Advance BIONICLE games playable on the site, using a JavaScript-based emulator. From Q2 2020 onwards, I will be adding higher-quality scans of all visual media to Wall of History. From Q3 2020 onwards, I will be working on Wall of History’s most ambitious project yet: converting Mata Nui: The Online Game from a Flash game to an HTML5 game, so future generations of BIONICLE fans can experience it the way it was meant to be. Should the aforementioned project prove successful, I would like to do the same with MNOG II: The Final Chronicle, probably around Q4 2020. I think that about covers it for now. For more information on future updates to Wall of History, be sure to follow our blog, follow our Twitter account, and join our Discord server.
  3. Your ideas don't have to be mutually exclusive — the Matoran were still at war with Makuta when Takua was gathering the Toa stones, so the Great War could be the A plot, and Takua's quest could be the B plot.
  4. If you want to use Templar's assets, you can rip them from the .swf files for MNOG and the online animations using a decompiler — I've used the JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler in the past, and it works pretty well (I think this is the same program Peri uses). Once you've got the assets you want, you can use Adobe Animate to animate whatever you want.
  5. Hey B/S/T! As I'm sure many of you are aware, I've been working on a BIONICLE media archiving project, Wall of History, for almost a year now. As part of my continuing quest to make the BIONICLE story as accessible as possible, I'd like to start adding non-English story media to the site, as well as make some other minor additions. To that end, I'm now interested in buying any and all non-English story media, as well as any promotional CDs (of any language). I already have the German edition of the first two BIONICLE comics, as well as the 2001 interactive demo CD, the Tanhok-Kal and Lehvak-Kal CDs, and the Guurahk CD. Any other non-English story media or promotional CD (of any language) is fair game, so if you've got something you'd be willing to sell, let me know!
  6. I don't know a lot about All Insane Kids, other than the fact that their actual name was "Dial Zero" (for some reason, they used a fake name when writing songs for BIONICLE). You can find high-quality MP3s of their BIONICLE songs on the BioMedia Project.
  7. Those of you who know your BIONICLE history might recall that the original BIONICLE Legends #7 — Invasion — was cancelled in 2007. Well, thanks to some detective work by yours truly, and some help from BZPower's own Black Six, the introduction of Invasion has been recovered, and is now available to the public for the first time ever! You can be among the first fans to read it by clicking here. I'm starting this thread for two reasons: for discussion of the recovered Invasion introduction, and for discussion of lost BIONICLE media in general. BIONICLE was a massive story, and I highly doubt this one chapter of one book is all that's almost been lost to the sands of time — and now that I'm in detective mode, I'd love some more leads to follow. :p
  8. Thanks! I'm really glad you're liking it. I'll fix that error in Onua's chapter when I get home tonight. Thanks for pointing that out. As for the style guide excerpts, yes, that's intentional. Only the excerpts that contain original content are woven into the narrative. I figured three different versions of the Toa's battle with Makuta, for example, would be a bit much. Many of the missing ones are on the website, though, and can be found here (the rest are gonna be added soon).
  9. Wow, I can't believe I never thought to check the news archives... I've actually been wanting to put release dates on everything on Wall of History, so... that'll be helpful! Thanks!
  10. Thank you! I really appreciate all the effort. I'm still pretty swamped with homework at the moment, but I should be able to go over your Doc within the next couple of days. This will definitely be a big help! I'll be sure to consult your timeline and your notes when working on the new ordering. Also, where did you find the release dates for the serial chapters? As far as I'm aware, the BMP mirror of the 2010 BIONICLEstory.com is the only place they're hosted in their original form, and it doesn't appear to have release dates for anything...
  11. Rearranging everything to make that work will probably take a bit, but I have gotten several comments about this, so I'll get to working on it. Yeah, the other person said they should go after the Morbuzakh arc as well... I'll probably put them somewhere around the end of The Darkness Below and the beginning of Legends of Metru Nui. That's probably the best place for them. I'll make that change next time I update the website. Hm... Moving them all to the end might actually work really well, since I've got all of The Mutran Chronicles at the beginning of the Phantoka chapter... Two different Makuta diaries bookending the Karda Nui arc... Alright, I'll work on rearranging Makuta's Diary for the next update.
  12. Thanks! Could you explain why? Making that change would necessitate moving Triumph of the Toa (and, by extension, the other two comics) to much earlier in the chapter, or moving the Ga-Koro chapter of MNOG (and, by extension, the rest of MNOG) to much later — and I feel like both of these options would mess with the overall flow a lot. Someone else gave me the same suggestion, and I'm planning on moving them — I just haven't decided where they should go yet. Yeah, I'm not really fond of where they are either... The thing is, though, they kinda contradict the rest of the canon wherever they go — they both clearly take place during the events of Legends of Metru Nui, but there isn't really a perfect place where they fit into that story. If you have any suggestions for where they should go, let me know. The chapter divisions on Wall of History are the same ones that were on BIONICLEstory.com. I think dividing the 2008 story into three chapters is a little strange as well, but it's the only official way the story was ever divided, so it's what I'm going with. I wouldn't say it spoils it, per se — no more than Legacy of Evil or Dwellers in Darkness did. I put that first diary entry where it is because I think it serves as some nice, ominous foreshadowing there. If there's a consensus that it should definitely be moved, though, I'll do it. I initially put it where it is because I felt it was a nice segue into the Bara Magna chapter, but I'm not too attached to its position there. I'll move it a few spaces earlier in the next update.
  13. WALL OF HISTORY Hey BZPower! Many of you are probably familiar with Wall of History, the web archive of the BIONICLE story I launched earlier this year (which is linked to above). While the BZPower forums were down, Wall of History received a significant update, and given that my original discussion thread rolled over the revival limit during that downtime, I thought it'd be a good idea to start a new one. Here's an overview of the changes made in the Big Update: The site received a visual upgrade — all the pages now use the light-on-dark color scheme that was previously exclusive to the Legends of Metru Nui and Web of Shadows chapters, and the headers have been tweaked. Virtually all remaining story media — most notably, all the remaining novels, short stories, and story serials — was added to the site. (There are still a few miscellaneous things I'm planning on adding, like the rest of those little McDonald's comics, but basically the entire story is available now). Animations have finally been added! The MNOG pages now have the relevant cutscenes (at their original 18 FPS, thanks to the wonderful Peri), the (BIONICLE.com) Wall of History pages have their animations (also at the correct frame rate), and the Vahki animations and The Search for the Mask of Light are available. The map has been improved, and now has two companion pages — a sources page, where you can sort media by type (comic, novel, serial, etc.), and a search page, where you can search the contents of the archive. We now have an events page. Join our book club. We have giveaways, and we do movie streams sometimes. I'm also now working on adding all the BIONICLE guides to the site, which you may have already noticed if you visited the sources page linked above. (This was not part of the Big Update, but also happened while the forums were down.) I started working on the guides pretty recently, so the only one we've got at the moment is Metru Nui • City of Legends. I think that about covers everything that's happened with Wall of History since June. I'd really appreciate any feedback y'all might have!
  14. I don't know if "gonna try my absolute best to make it to BrickFair, but it's still up in the air" qualifies me to vote, but if so, my vote goes to #3.
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