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  1. Greg Farshtey after closing of Bionicle was writting continuence of Bionicle, but suddenly he stopped. I don't understand why. Storyline was left unfinished and I want normal ending.
  2. Not long ago, I started creation of my fan continuense of G1 storyline with motto "Old heroes, new legend" in my head. One of this plan is rebirth of Toa Matoro that has comparison with rebirth of the Christ. But for realisation of this concept I have begun think that he need a soul where have to be placed mind of being that shrapened in Ignika. After that I developed one theory. It based on that Great Beings created for Matoran souls, tool that helps return Matoran back to life by Red Star. And I also think that part of dead beings not mentioned by Red Star only because of soul hasn't connected with body. In my imagination soul is gas-like object with small metallic shining ball that keep mind and memories of Matoran or other beings from MU.
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