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  1. Greg said there was nothing in the story bible about the Red Star except that it planned to be a space station nearby the Mata Nui.
  2. I remember a moment when I went nearby the shop of non-licensed DVD and saw a TLR. I knew that it is a Bionicle movie (I had Lego catalogue with its advertisement) and that its licensed version will never come to my town so I bought that DVD. It was first (and only) Bio-movie I've seen, and despite the cliffhanger in the end of film I enjoyed it because I was young, maybe, and after that I got Ackar and was so happy.
  3. I would prefer something like Bionicle Heroes animation.
  4. I want to remember Brutaka after his dive in antidermis. It seems that he knows much about Great Beings' plans and Teridax and Mata Nui destiny. Also Energized Protodermis creature, who lived on Spherus Magna before Great Beings (as far as I remember it said something like this).
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