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  1. Thank you very much, I experienced similar feelings myself when I first read the Shadow Imperator's document and learned the original background of the Robot and the Great Beings. It became some sort of G3 to me and an inspiration to get interested in Bionicle again. Of course, technically you can modify the game as you want. As Peri already said, Nuparu77 was already doing something similar. But apparently this is a truly hard process that requires the work of more than one person. On the other hand, it is strange that for 20 years, fans haven't created a large number of modifications for the game, although it has a cult status.
  2. Something about making of Vahki CGI animation http://thomasbanner.blogspot.com/2012/01/making-of-bionicle-vakhi-printed-in-3d.html
  3. I just checked my Russian version of BIONICLE #4 and it has one "new" page compared to the extended version, but without Vorox battle scene. It is the standart version of the comic, am I right?
  4. In my eyes it looks something like this:
  5. Wow, this is a very curious find. Thank you for drawing my attention to this. Honestly, I doubt that MNOG and the Game are somehow connected or used each other's materials. But it is possible that this was part of the idea of the original creators of Bionicle themselves and the adding the Rahi building is the result of consultation with them. The story of the creation of Mata Nui is a very mysterious part of the original bible. The only thing we know is that it exists, and it differs from the modern canon. For example, when the Mask of Light was created, Bob Thompson told the directors how the island was created and what role flora and fauna play in it. You can read about it in the Shadow Imperator's document in the Rahi section: I can also add that MN was intentionally designed to look alien and synthetic, as seen in the final movie: Oof, well, to be honest I was never interested in these themes and I know almost nothing about their lore. The only thing I know is a bunch of concept art that everyone saw, and the fact that Chima was always planned for three years, as this video says, although for some reason many people think that Chima should have been going on for much more. Moreover, as I said earlier, I have plans for other articles about Bionicle, which I’m much more interested in working on, sorry. Huh, strange. In QftT Vuata Maca Fruit looks like Bula Berry you showed above. Is your pic from LoMN? And if I remember correctly Matoro used Vuata Maca Fruit in MNOG to heal Takua (and it also looked like Bula Berry in your pic): I had this theory too and I think it is very logical for the 2001 lore. BTW we actually know that Jala was the son of Lhii. You can read more about it here.
  6. Well, I tried to build this weird prototype. To be honest, I don’t understand how they could fit gears there, because there is less space inside than the original Toa have, and sprites show that the prototype body is narrow. I suppose that they glued some parts, and then gears can be placed instead of beams.
  7. Of course. There are total 8 articles. All of them are available in Russian here. You can already read them using Google translate, if you are interested. Translation into English takes a lot of time, although the Shadow Emperor and FrozenDeath help me a lot. In future I have pretty big plans. Since the Emperor met Alastair Swinnerton, we learned a lot of new things, and many old things began to make much more sense than before. After the translation of all the chapters of the MNOG Chronicle has been completed, I plan several more series of articles about other years when Bob Thompson was the head of the story team. For example, now I am working on a series entirely devoted to the evolution of Makuta character from 1999 to 2005 (no Teridax here ). All I can say is that Seven Books of Bionicle will have a much bigger role in future articles. On the other hand, I would not like to make big promises, because the more things we find, the bigger this snowball becomes, and it’s very difficult to work with it, especially considering that this is a simple hobby, not a job. When I write articles I prefer this music You can read full booklet here
  8. Oh, I see. these bodies really look very strange However, your find is in any case very curious, because we have never seen the Slizer heads on the Toa feet before I think it was just an 'evil-looking' placeholder until they came up with Infected Hau logo. As you can see all Toa have only Hau. It seems that designs of other masks were unfinnished yet.
  9. This mysterious word is "ВОЗДУХА" ("AIR"). And as Peri said there are subs in English
  10. It seems to me that this torso looks like a Slizer only because of its unusual angle. It looks like this is actually the same torso that we saw on other Toa prototypes. In this video you can see especially how deep this hole is.
  11. Finally the 5th chapter "The Rahi breeding cycle" was translated. Thanks @The Shadow Imperator for editing. - The role of Rahi in the GSR world then and now; - Biodermis - early version of Protodermis; - The Biodermis Forge in MNOG and deleted quest; - Canceled Master Builder Book; - Strange lore of Rahi fusions; - Rahi and their offspring in games.
  12. Bob Thompson left the company in the fall of 2005. However, I agree that Gregg began to have a much greater influence on story after 2003. As he said in a recent podcast, the story of the Morbuzakh was completely invented by him. And this is very clearly visible even due to the fact that the great disks were intended for the mask of time, and the "destroy the morbuzak" function was added later. In fact, I want to say that b-stories began in 2003, and this directly depends on the movies. Previously, Bob Thompson said that the plot of each year is like Lego-bricks, from which children themselves recreate pieces of one whole story. This is very well implemented in 2001. We have QftT - this is the beginning. Then the Legend of Mata Nui is the story of the Toa. Finally, MNOG is the story of Tohunga. We also have comics that describe the small adventures of the Toa. It's funny enough that in every media we see the arrival of different Toa on the beach. In one game - Onua, in another - Tahu, in Greg's comics - Kopaka, in the comics from the magazine - Lewa. 2001-2002 were the best story-telling years, because there was no "most important media" and all pieces of history are equal. We had a beginning - the arrival of the Toa/awakening of the Bohrok, and we had an end - the battle with Makuta/Barag. The rest is a huge number of small stories, both official and those that children themselves can come up with. Everything changes when we get movies. In 2003 and 2004, we have the “main media” - this is a movie. You cannot influence its plot; it is unchanged. But movies are released at the end of the year, so all other media is support for movies, all the rest of the story is secondary. For example, B-story of the 2003 was about Bohrok-Kal and Qust for the Nuva Masks. In 2001-2002, this was not, because there was no "main media", we learn the whole main plot from all types of media right away, because he is described in legend and comercials.
  13. Are you asking about the preview images? Just made them in Photoshop
  14. Perhaps this concept is really harder to understanding for kids if we discuss the toy robots. But with some restrictions (like special chambers) the great power of the Kaita becomes severely limited. And it seems to me it's better for storytelling. As an alternative way, my friend The Shadow Emperor suggested that Kaita Chambers were needed only for the first time, so that the Toa could learn how to make fusions and learn to do it themselves later. Unfortunately, I will not talk about Turaga Nui in the Turaga chapter. We don’t know why they cut him out of the plot, but as I said in conclusion, most likely no one could find a place for him. Bob Thompson's method for storytelling was that the story bible serves as an encyclopedia of the bionicle world and is a source of inspiration. He followed the idea that we do not have a single media source from which we learn the whole plot of the year. We must assemble it from many different pieces ourselves - from video games, from MNOG, from comics, etc. Probably the Templar Games and Saffire Games couldn't figure out at what point Turaga Nui could be appear. In the Turaga chapter I'll talk specifically about the wisdom of the Turaga, about how they learn many of the secrets of the Mata Nui and about the places where they do it. It's pretty hard to explain it in short. I totally agree with you. I'm also not sure that this was somehow conceived initially. Nevertheless, I had a set of strange facts that I decided to put together and share them with you. I don't try to make my articles look like serious scientific research with an ideal evidence base. Therefore, if I have a bunch of interesting details, supported by a weak theory, I will share this anyway, because it can help someone develop my ideas and find new pieces of the mosaic and get to the truth.
  15. A little unexpected addition for the "Origins of Akamai and Wairuha" section based on some Peri’s findings. All information is added to the article. - An early MNOG cutscene in which both Toa Kaita wear Golden Masks; - In this cutscene the names of Toa Kaita are again swapped; - In an early script Wairuha is mentioned with a feminine pronouns.
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