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  1. Sup. I don't tend to use forums these days but I'm honestly trying to reconsider that, as I've got something interesting to post for once. - Drome Racers was Racers' second subtheme released in 2002 and lasted till 2005. Throughout its run, stories and games were being made with the theme's history and characters, some of which were of course eventually cancelled and simply never saw the light of day. I managed to get in contact with some of the artists who worked on the original Drome Racers game and the cancelled Racers CC, who were open for questions and keen enough to share some goodies from their old jobs. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Drome Racers 1 was originally supposed to have minfigures as the main drivers instead of human characters. During my conversation with the artist who gave me the renders, Rob James, he had a lot to share regarding the game's development and his general thoughts about LEGO and ATD, the developers of DR1: (Serwithed = Max) About Racers 4, not much is known about it beyond one of the developers listing it as a game they worked on. They mentioned the game had an extensive development circle with a large focus on open world exploration, and it seems like I managed to find concept art of it. it's not much but it's interesting to say the least: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Racers CC? Well that's definitely one of the most obscure games I've ever heard of. Somehow I managed to get in contact with the UI director of the game on deviantart and he agreed on sharing his promo artwork he made for the game. https://www.deviantart.com/nemons (check out his stuff!) - I'm still researching Drome Racers in my time as for whilst writing this topic and I'm all ears to hear about your experiences with Drome, the characters and games. I haven't heard that much about it these days so I'm hoping you guys are just as interested as me. -Serwithed
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