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  1. IC: Rakpazis - Cliffside (office) In his confusion, he barely gets up by the time Arkis comes and tackles him. He tries to get up and throw Arkis off of himself. "Kha...Closed? Kline, kah. Leave in ship."
  2. IC: Rakpazis - Cliffside (office) As Arkis shoves the door, Rakpazis tries to hold it back but pushes in such a way that the conflicting forces causes him to stumble into the room. The action is awkward enough that he trips over himself and collapses on the floor. He lets out a screech of confusion.
  3. IC: Rakpazis - Cliffside (office) Rakpazis tries to keep the door open, putting himself in the way of it being shut. Though Arkis' statements are enough to give him some confusion. "Not here? Then where!"
  4. IC: Rakpazis - Cliffside (office) The bird thinks about what is said to him and then decides to try and force the door the rest of the way open regardless to see what's inside screeching, "It here?!"
  5. IC: Rakpazis - Cliffside (outside office) Bang bang bang! The buzzard pounds on the door. It is unclear if he's trying to be polite by knocking, trying to break down the door, or perhaps forgot how to open it.
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