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  1. https://imgur.com/a/QhjxL6w More pictures for those that might be interested. My conclusion is that it is a knock off as there is no Matoran text on the back between the eyes. But it looks cool so yay.
  2. I shall try and take a few more photos tomorrow when I get back home. It doesn't feel like a knock-off, it has the same rubber feel to it and it the right size though my experience of masks is limited to what you see in the photos.
  3. I bought some Bionicle from eBay recently which contained quite a few Bohrok and therefore quite a few Krana. While trying to work out which Krana came with with sets I found an unusual one. I split them into 3 groups of Bohrok - Bohrok Va - Bohrok Kal following several guides from online and ended up with this. Imgur gallery Using Bricklink to define colours for the different sets, they are as follows; Bohrok Blue Orange Red Green Lime Medium Blue Bohrok Va Yellow Purple Dark Grey Tan Black White Bohrok Kal Flat Dark Gold Metal Blue Metallic Green Pearl Dark Grey Copper Pearl Very Light Grey I can't find anywhere that references a light gold krana. What have I found?
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