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  1. The Toa Ignika always seemed a bit ugly to me, those rubber masks (spikes? Scales!? Teeth???) , the marbled colours (those would be fine if there were more varieties) and the colour schemes of Hewkii and Nuparu were a bit odd. still they were fine compared to the Toa Hordika, the idea of being mutated could of been much better executed without being garish. The mataron of mata nui were disappointing in that they had limited colours. And those ab things are gross looking.
  2. Nice part usage on the torso, although I’m pretty sure posting Mocs are done elsewhere on the forums.
  3. What art style do you think your series will be? I think flash animation style with a bit more detail would work well.
  4. Have you thought of making this production a episodic series? Might make it more manageable to produce and allow for more varied character development?
  5. Thank you! Also any idea how the “art style” of mnog could be recreated if I was to try to make some new assets?
  6. Yeah I was also annoyed that Netflix was lazy and used G2 footage. Still a good episode.
  7. Just wondering how people like Peri animates make animations that look like mnog. I’m not that tech savvy or anything so I don’t know how the online animations were made, just curious what apps etc would be needed or if the props are available.
  8. I recently snapped yet another “hand” piece and added it to my pile of snapped limbs etc. is there any way to fix snapped Bionicle pieces or LEGO in general? I have tried model aircraft glue on one piece:kopaka’s sword but it snapped again into three pieces!
  9. Whoopie! Fixed it, a lightsaber rod did the job (so a narrow stick of sorts did do the trick) weird the axle ‘pin’ was 2’ long, not sure how I over looked that.
  10. @Laval- Master of Energy no it’s not a axle pin, it is a 3’axle
  11. @Makuta LurokaIn hindsight I have no idea why but as I mentioned I think I was curious to see how the hockey heads went together (the incident actually happened months ago) Definitely a bruh moment when I realised that the pieces weren’t designed to be separated. @MoarBotar fat oof indeed, I was thinking a metal rod.
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