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  1. I can't believe this never occurred to me before, but here it is. The Toa Metru, who of course became the Turaga of Mata Nui, used to be Matoran. This means that they were friends with other Matoran. MATORAN WHO WOULD FORGET ALL ABOUT THEM! Like I was just reading about Onepu and how he worked with Whenua in the Archives and was friends with him. And then he serves him on Mata Nui. This is the true tragedy of the BIONICLE.
  2. Lol yes of course Piraka rap! That's true, I could definitely see Lewa and Pohatu jamming to the same music. I'm picturing Pohatu having a Star Lord-esque mixtape of classic songs for some reason
  3. Looking for opinions here: I was thinking about the Toa Nuva and I was wondering what types of music they would listen to. Now obviously they could have varied tastes, but I feel like since they are so unique they would have a genre or style that was "theirs". My ideas are Tahu: Rock/heavy metal (passion) Kopaka: EDM/Techno (clean, cold) Pohatu: Synthwave (because Pohatu) Gali: lo-fi or soundscapes (focus) Lewa: rap/trap/dubstep/YouTube bass boost edits (anything loud) Onua: silence (or maybe singer/songwriter) If you have different ideas or like mine, let me know! If you have reasons for your choices I'd love to hear them.
  4. The thought had occurred to me, and it might happen that way. There's so much content to cover and so many awesome characters a tv series might be the best way to communicate it.
  5. Of course I'm hoping my project will become official films, but who knows. Yes, we do already have four BIONICLE movies, but what I'm working on will go beyond what they covered, from before the arrival of the Toa Mata to after the return to Metru Nui, much more of the canon then we saw on film. My desire is to see BIONICLE come back in all its glory, just in a new, different way. It's time for the Legend to be retold.
  6. True, I could do more big-picture stuff with the War, zoom in on Takua and the arrival of the Toa, then back out on the Quest for the Masks and the "defeat" of Makuta and the end of the War.
  7. Good point, Takua does seem to be making himself a more major character than i was expecting
  8. I'm currently working on a screenplay for what I hope will someday become a series of BIONICLE films. I've begun with Takua activating the Toa Stones and the arrival of the Toa Mata, but after researching a little more, I'm wondering if I should go back to The Great War with the Matoran's battles with the Rahi. I'd welcome any thoughts on this, as well as any concepts for my screenplay. Thanks, the Kohrakazi project
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