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  1. 3/5 : I really like the tune here and the chain metaphor, but I had a bit of a rough time hearing the lyrics on the first pass (hard accent). I did look up the lyrics - I liked the idea of public pressure being a chain, but the statement “I find and create myself” to be somewhat contradictory and flies over a huge philosophical debate: do we find ourselves or create them?
  2. I thought that there were a bunch of characters trapped in Makuta’s prison with Makuta, is what I was referring to. That’s the tragedy from my perspective, that the Toa couldn’t rescue them.
  3. eh, 2/5. cheesy Jesus song is not really my jam. The background music is like from every worship tune ever. I'm not sure what to make of the lyrics either, especially since this Christian song also exists...
  4. The serious problem is that Bionicle 2016 ended on an admittedly tragic note. That is not Bionicle. Bionicle ends with the good guys winning. Granted, individual years ended in tragedy (2004 and 2008, for example) but the good guys won in 2010. Bionicle 2015 was slow to get going, storywise. It didn't have enough room to build up momentum before it collapsed. I liked the chapter books - the best I think was called Revenge of the Skull Spiders, I think, but could be wrong.
  5. Yeah, but like this level of emotional devastation really isn't healthy. It's like...too much. You're letting your feelings control you and you're believing a lot of scary stuff. Maybe my post above was too long. I'm worried that if Bionicle doesn't come back, you're gonna jump off a bridge. Okay, you're sad that Bionicle ended. You hope that it's going to come back. But Bionicle shouldn't be giving you depression. That's too much. Depression is a reference to feeling and believing that your entire life is meaningless. Just because Bionicle is gone, that doesn't mean that your life is meaningless. Far from it. You still have a life. If you're not truly thinking of that, but are just feeling bad, then don't use this scary language that makes us think that I should put you on suicide watch. But you're still getting grief over it? Bionicle's first cancellation was 10 years ago. It's second one was in 2016, 4 years back. Feeling this level of sadness for that long is unusual, to say the least. I prefer to believe that what you're saying is true, even if you don't understand the implications of it. Thank you for the points in bold. That helps clarify a lot. Idk, but it seems a bad focus to aim your dreams at stuff that you expect other people to do for you, versus looking at what you can achieve. Having dreams of what you can do leads to you doing things. Having dreams of what other people do leads to you blaming them for your problems, which leads to you treating them terribly because of what they didn't do. Besides, even if Lego were to bring back Bionicle tommorrow and give you that TV show, theatrical movie, and a good video game, would you be satisfied? No. You'd just want more, and complain because we didn't get a MMORPG or something. Coping mechanism for what? Having to wait for more entertainment? May I suggest reading Samuel Beckett's Waiting For Godot? Don't worry, it's a short book. As for Black Widow, it's coming out on May 1st of this year. Here's some trailers:
  6. Beautiful MoC! The G2 system is amazing for achieving feminine proportions without resorting to ridiculous measures. I also particularly like the idea of using Akida's tail here - very helpful for fast swimming. Also, KingBoss, you are very good at posing and photographing your MoC. These pictures really show the expressiveness of G2 style, from the fierce fight stance to the adorable wave.
  7. I recently re-found a blog entry by an old friend: I think this man has an important point: Ninjago is a comedy series. Bionicle is not. This may explain some things going on here. If you're into Bionicle because it's Serious Fantasy Story that takes itself and its storytelling quality Very Seriously, then Ninjago may not be for you. Granted: Bionicle does have its share of jokes, some kinda silly: just as Templar Studios. But I think Ninjago is much more of a kids' comedy show than Bionicle ever was. It kind of got dark near the end. So in that respect, Ninjago is not the next Bionicle because it doesn't take itself as seriously as Bionicle. Do you see what I mean?
  8. Friend, I know that Bionicle is special to you. It contains a huge amount of emotional significance for you. It does for many of us on this discussion board. But you can't build your entire life around it. What you've said has crossed the line from fandom to extremely toxic thinking. This is why people commit suicide - this is the early stages of it. You badly need something in your life besides Bionicle. Bionicle is NOT everything. Yes, it has a story, and that story has meaning. The meaning (for me, at least) has to do with overcoming evil, in spite of difficulties and obstacles and personal shortcomings. Collecting toys and focusing on that as your life's purpose doesn't overcome any sort of evil. We need people to work on overcoming evil in real life, and that is hard work. It's ugly, it's not pretty, but we should take a lesson and do it. And evil is everywhere, in every profession, in many people's hearts. Doing it in real life takes courage and it takes skill beyond what Bionicle can show us. Because Bionicle is a kid's toyline. The message is simplified for kids to understand. We need to move beyond it and learn how to fight evil in reality. That is the best way to honor Bionicle's legacy. Collecting plastic toys, on the other hand, and sitting around and waiting and moping, does not have any meaning. It's too easy. You just earn the money and hand it over. You could have spent that money on other things, things that might have improved your life and maybe even your friend group. Instead, you are sitting around like a spoiled child demanding that Lego give you what you want. You are 25 years old. You have a life to live. Instead of actually living your life, you are making an addiction to a fantasy world of the life that you want to live that you think that Lego can somehow give you. Lego is not going to live your life for you. Lego doesn't even care about your life. Why? They canceled Bionicle, for one thing. Start there. If you want Bionicle back, you're going to have to work for it. Nobody else cares anymore. You're going to have to do the work to design the sets and take the concept art to Billund for the story. You'll have to convince other people to join you, that your product idea is viable, that you can sell it to a bunch of little kids who don't care about Bionicle at all. And you won't even be able to do that if you don't have meaning and purpose in your life beyond what you don't actually have. Chester Bennington sold his pain to us for years - all those people who didn't know what it was and some who didn't care, and we all know what happened to him. Please don't live your life like him. Please. Right now, your life is being defined by an absence: the absence of Bionicle. Your life is being defined by your pain. You cannot live a life defined by pain. You need to live a life defined by a meaning, a purpose based on something that actually exists. Bionicle doesn't exist anymore. It's gone. At the very least, it doesn't exist right now. And your purpose must be defined by your present, NOT your past - what exists in the here and now. Example: Let's say I fail out of university and transfer to a new school. I had a purpose in that university, but it failed. So I don't go back to that purpose. Instead, I build a new purpose in the new school. In the analogy, let's say that your purpose was something when Bionicle was running. Bionicle is the university in the analogy. Its purpose failed. So you need to move on and construct a new purpose for yourself. When you construct a new purpose for yourself, you're not losing Bionicle. You don't have to sell off all of your sets or stop talking about or stop posting here. Instead, you are building a healthy relationship to it. You are saying "this is a part of my life, but it is not the whole thing. I have a purpose and that is this." Maybe you can take the overcoming evil example above. Maybe you can say "my purpose in life is overcoming evil, therefore I support this toyline that promotes that message." That's how I think about Bionicle. Am I suddenly less of a fan in your eyes? What about the people who are here because they like building things and use Bionicle as test practice for modelling and design? Are they suddenly less human because they don't "support the cause" as much as you do? It's less about why Bionicle is special, and more about the meaning that Bionicle has. As another discussion from long ago once said, a rabbit does not have inherent meaning beyond its context and you know, eating grass. What purpose does Bionicle have for you? What is the meaning of Bionicle? Now step back. How can that meaning be expanded and applied to your life? Not in support of Bionicle, but in general. For example, since I believe that Bionicle's purpose is overcoming evil, I spend a lot of time writing. I find that writing allows for messages to be spread that stop the spread of evil. (Suicide being one of those examples, which is why I wrote all of this.) Your purpose is more than paying Lego for new Bionicle sets. If that's what you think your life's purpose is, you're missing out on a lot of life. Please do not commit suicide over this. The fact that Bionicle is probably not coming back is not worth ending your life over. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nor is the sorry state of constraction in the 2010s worth ending one's life over, in case anyone was wondering about that. It should not be wrapped up in one's life purpose. Yes, it isn't great - we all know the usefulness of constraction in building - but yeah. Stay safe out there folks.
  9. Bionicle, Elves. 9V trains. Frankly, a Bionicle train theme with 3:3 female/male gender ratios. I don't care if it's on Spherus Magna or not, but that could be cool if it was.
  10. Nice work. I particularly like how you were able to combine parts from 2011+ sets with Bohrok parts from 2002. That's really imaginative. Keep it up.
  11. Since this is made out of system bricks, I think this has the best chance of becoming a Lego set of all the proposals floated so far. (But maybe doing the 2015 Toa would have a better chance of getting to the shelves?) I also like your models, especially Kopaka. Pohatu looks a bit doglike and could use a bit more work on the mask. I suggest moving the outer portion of the mask back - remember that the Kakama is curved backwards - that should help. I really like the transparent orange tiles on Tahu's model. I like the transparent on Gali too, but am confused about the use of the black on the front of the mask. Perhaps a lighter blue would help? It looks black to me. I'm confused about the canisters too - shouldn't they be bigger? There's no way that these Toa would fit in them. I seriously dig the Turaga model, though. Good work. Just keep it up, and you'll go far.
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