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  1. I am interested in both the Unmasked books. How much would you like for them?
  2. I believe I have that odd poster variation for at least one of the Toa. As I kid I only knew about two variations and was recently surprised to find four after a few Bricklink orders. I'll look around a bit and see where I put it if I'm remembering correctly.
  3. The Collector's Sticker Book from 2003 (predating Mask of Light by just a little bit IIRC) mentions all Ga-Matoran being female, but doesn't specify the other elements.
  4. For whatever reason, the Miru is just significantly more common. It's baffling that I had an easier time obtaining a G2 "Exclusive Gali Mask" than I have a complete set of Protodermic Kanohi Nuva. I still need a Protodermic Kakama and Pakari Nuvas to have a full set of G1 collectables (minus Kraata and the Pearl Gold Kraahkan). Been searching for months, and the only time a Kakama went on Bricklink happened to be the one day that week I wasn't free to check Bricklink.
  5. I'd also be interested in the lot, price-depending.
  6. This was absolutely fascinating to read. I can't wait for the next blog post!
  7. I'm interested in the two Nestle spinners. What price range were you looking at for them? Also, do you happen to have the Nestle Kongu Rotor?
  8. Heyo, are the silver Akaku Nuva and/or the Glopo Dream Builders Masters of Disaster Doomsday knockoff still available? I'd be interested in purchasing either or both if they are!
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