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  1. IC: Pardehi - Metru Koro @Keeper of Kraata "Take it anyway. I will help you recover from the poisoning. Besides, I have other patients to tend to."
  2. IC:Pardehi - Metru Koro @Keeper of Kraata "Eat this root." he said, holding out a length of pale orange karaoka vine. "It will help with the pain."
  3. IC: Pardehi - Metru Koro @Keeper of Kraata He could here someone calling for a medic. He rose to his feet and dashed of in the direction of the voice.
  4. IC: Balkan - The Rig - @Vezok's Friend "Thanks for the bike, I'll make sure to take good care of it."
  5. IC: Tugarak - Metru Nui @Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui He watched as the portal closed behind him, the docking station filling his field of vision they had arrived back in Metru Nui
  6. Could Hangul be used to write matoran? Using outofgloom's conlang I mean. While we're at, what real world scripts out there, in current use or not, do you think would work well for writing the matoran language? Besides Latin, obviously.
  7. IC:Balkan - The Rig - @Vezok's Friend "That depends. What is it you need done?"
  8. I always assumed he discarded it in favor of the Avohki. It's probably sitting still in Metru Nui's spare mask inventory as we speak.
  9. IC:Balkan - The Rig @Vezok's Friend "I'm going inland. To meet an old friend in the north of Zakaz."
  10. IC: Balkan - The Rig @Vezok's Friend He sighed audibly. He was not used to this sort of thing in the least. "I was just hoping you had some reccomendations. I would want to have my boat fail on me in the middle of a storm."
  11. IC:Pardehi - Metru Koro @Harvali@EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui "Of course. I will do what I can to keep her safe here until she recovers."
  12. IC:Balkan - The Rig @Vezok's Friend He had disguised himself as a red-tinted skakdi with triangular teeth. "Any idea where I can find a boat around here?"
  13. IC:Tugarak - The Ripple @Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui He ordered the pilots to resume operating at normal speed. Soon, they would return to the coliseum to inform Pridak and Ehlek of the diaster that had taken place.
  14. IC: Tugarak - The Ripple @Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui "Helm, slow our velocity. Set us to hover mode." He turned around. "The comm room is upstairs. Say whatever you need to, but be quick about it. You have thirty minutes."
  15. IC: Pardehi - Metru Koro @Harvali@Toru Nui@Tarn He saluted the newcomer. "Always good to have a toa or too around." IC: Tugarak - The Ripple @Nato the Traveler "What do you want to say exactly? It seems pretty clear they won't listen."
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