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  1. Hello, I have a complete Roodaka and complete Maxilos (minus Spinax) and I am looking to trade them for the silver versions of the kanohi Pakari, Hau, or Kakama. For clarification, I would prefer to trade one mask for each set (One Roodaka for one mask, Roodaka & Maxilos for 2 masks etc.). Please message me if you're interested, want to see photos, or if you'd like to work something else out! I'm very flexible. Thank you for looking! Unity, Duty, Destiny!
  2. The Exo-Toa armor is worthy of Holy Grail status, especially if you get your hands on a Toa Mata/Nuva.
  3. Jaller Mahri reminds me of when I seriously got into Bionicle. He was my favorite set as a kid and I took him everywhere.
  4. 2005 was a necessary year, and contrary to Greg's opinion it would not have been as powerful for Matau to become the villain as it was for Vakama. Farshtey's novelization of Vakama's decent into madness was incredibly compelling in my opinion, and was a natural progression for the character. 2001 Turaga Matau never struck me as a traumatized individual who carried guilt about protecting his friends, whereas I always saw that weight in Turaga Vakama's presence. The movie did rush Vakama's arc but I certainly don't think 2005 could have been skipped over and forgotten. The titan sets were also brilliant, and Voporak walked so Kardas could run in terms of official combiner models.
  5. This is such an obscure fact about the production! I agree that it would have been completely unnecessary, and it is shocking (but not surprising) to hear how many studios insisted on human characters. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I do like that marbled green Rau though... The one that's on.... Titto... Oh boy
  7. I need to know so that I can ask him for a recording of him saying, "It's time to wake up. You're going to do great things today. Success is forthcoming. People love you." And then I can set it as my alarm in the morning.
  8. This isn't something I want LEGO to do, but I would love to see the community pull together for this: I've always thought it would be cool to create a museum of sorts that has a (reasonably) to scale island of Mata Nui inside of it. Get the community together to donate mocs and funds to it and recreate MNOG builds, hide the 36 kanohi, and maybe have a shop/makerspace. That's a very simplistic explanation, but even on a smaller scale I think it would be awesome.
  9. I agree that it seems overly hyped. However, I think that the corruption of the Hordika went deeper than just a fall from being a toa. To me, Hordika is a complete corruption of the values the matoran hold (unity, duty, and destiny) and in that case Hordika is infinitely scarier than just a Power Rangers: Jungle Fury rip-off.
  10. Wow, I'm actually shocked that Greg was never asked this question, lol. To be honest, I figured that I would post this and instantly be told that I hadn't read one of Greg's ancient lore tablets and that I needed to hand in my fan card. I like this theory. It aligns with what we know.
  11. Yeah, exactly! But it seems like such a huge oversight if it was never brought up in the canon. They took the time to light Metru Nui, what about everywhere else?
  12. I'm sure there's an answer out there, but for the life of me I can't find one. Metru Nui was of course lit by the twin suns that doubled as Mata Nui's eyes. But how were the lower islands lit? Were there artificial suns?
  13. I certainly find this idea intriguing. I recently acquired enough of the Titans to build each of the four combo models you mentioned, and I was very disappointed there weren't more. I like your suggestions, especially the Rahi Nui of 2001. I've always desired a physical depiction of the creature, and that would have been a perfect opportunity. I think the 2007 combo could be for another prisoner of the pit. There was a contest that meant to add more prisoners, but it was never fully canonized.
  14. One thing I did really appreciate about Gen 2 was how the Toa Mata were handled. They felt like true lineage sets in ways that the Nuva (and certainly the Phantoka/Mistika) missed the mark.
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