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  1. During the start of the Ignition Trilogy, Hewkii finds a Great Kanohi Suletu lying on the ground where a Toa died. Kongu eventually uses the mask himself, but my question is: Wouldn't it make the most sense if the Kanohi was from a member of the Mangai who was killed by Eliminator? Which of the Mangai would have worn it?
  2. According to Biosector01 concerning the Crystal Serpents: "Artakha did not use viruses to create the Crystal Serpents." So, unfortunately specifying virus doesn't work either. https://biosector01.com/wiki/Crystal_Serpents It might be helpful to find a list of all rahi created without viruses.
  3. It was cool to see him speak physically, and the toilet roll part really got me. In my opinion, I've definitely seen more charismatic TED talks than Faber's but I chalk that down to English not being his first language. Once he got his nerves out of the way, I thought he had some incredibly interesting things to say!
  4. Okay, this seems more reasonable than alot of other crossovers I've seen suggested. Having them set on a completely different planet besides Spherus Magna is at least reasonable. Most of the time when I hear "Let's make Hero Factory part of Bionicle" the suggestions always seem to be placing Makuhero city on Spherus Magna (which I think limits the future possibilities of the Bionicle canon etc.). I am not as opposed to this 'separate planet' notion, especially considering that other civilizations on other planets are canon (Mata Nui observed many developing civilizations during his travels). As long as the canon inclusion of Hero Factory didn't mess with Spherus Magna, I don't see a problem with it. Thank you for elaborating!
  5. I'm also of the opinion that this really isn't necessary. Bionicle has a complete, self contained narrative already, and doesn't really require the addition of another property for completion. I think it's an interesting concept to theorize about, in a similar fashion to G1 and G2's vahi connection, but to ask for official confirmation from Lego seems a bit excessive. Summary: I like the concept, but it shouldn't be official canon.
  6. Nothing about that post in particular. In general, TTV communication often seems very aggressive and childish. For instance, how constructive criticism is handled. I think this is an exciting opportunity for TTV to host these contests, but the manner in which they treat Bionicle fans can often be downright disrespectful. This can go both ways, and there are certainly toxic members of the fanbase who have caused this hostility, but we make the world a better place by behaving better than our adversaries. I don't want to get too much deeper into it, but in summary these contests are handled with a lot of undue guile and animosity which just makes me sad. Hope that explains it a bit.
  7. Does anyone else just get a sick feeling in their stomach when these contests are brought up? Don't get me wrong, I think they're a great idea and at least one good canonized MOC has come out of it so far (Artakha). But I just visibly cringed when I read the link here. To me, it just feels like TTV has a lot of undue animosity toward the Bionicle fanbase in general. I get that being a part of this can sometimes be a harmful experience, but at the same time I've met alot of friends through Bionicle. I don't know, just a thought I had. I don't mean to slander anyone in particular. Just observing.
  8. A bit of a strange request, but if anyone (located in the USA) has 2001 kanohi that have been stepped on or broken I can find a use for them. I am working on making infected kanohi and I don't want to damage intact kanohi by making them. An example of my infected masks are below: I like the effect of missing pieces, but I refuse to cut up an intact mask. I can pay for the shipping, but I don't have the desire to pay more than $0.50 for a broken mask. But if you're just planning on throwing them away, I'd love to have them! Thank you!
  9. I think scanning and reprinting the parts will be the future of Bionicle, however most printers are too low end to recreate strong socket joints reliably.
  10. Some of these comments kind of make me wonder about the story implications of matoran created outside of the destiny of Mata Nui. Is it better to have a defined purpose, or have the potential to do anything? I can see a predestination discussion surfacing here, and it's really a shame that we didn't get to see the story's conclusion.
  11. I kind of imagine with stickered parts that you could possibly do something to remove the stickers safely and then re-adhere them after the process is complete. I personally haven't done this, but I know there is a way to remove and re-adhere stickers safely. I'll look around and see if I can't find a video.
  12. Thank you! I completely agree. The story is amazing, but certainly not what got me into the universe. That's something we can't forget about the series!
  13. My question here is as follows: Assuming that we will never receive a release of new parts to repair our sets, where do you see the future of the Bionicle legend going? I have a kid on the way right now, and I plan on sharing my collection with my children and telling them the story. However, assuming that spare parts will become rarer and rarer, how do you believe interested future generations will experience Bionicle? Will it be strictly through the books & movies? Will MNOG matter anymore? Will 3d printing advance enough to print solid joints and sockets to replace old parts? Or will it all end when the original sets do? What is the generativity of Bionicle once the sets have deteriorated?
  14. I'm glad this community is so active and that the people integral to it's founding are willing to be so involved.
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