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  1. Hi there! I'm new to selling and trading on here so this is a little bit of a long shot. I'm looking for a blue Kakama, as the title implies, preferably from a UK seller! The reason for this is mostly due to postage costs. I've put out some feelers abroad and the postage is generally more than I can budget for sadly. Broadly speaking I am looking to buy the item (it seems to go around £5-£8 with £3 being the absolute lowest I've seen) as I don't have many masks to trade that are of similar value, but if anyone is interested in a blue miru nuva or brown akaku nuva (or both!) I wouldn't be adverse to trading them. Thank you in advanced for any interest! Update! Found one on bricklink with reasonable postage to the UK, so I managed to get my hands on one!
  2. Remember me? Higher quality pics coming soon c: Didn't wanna make a whole new post for these so here we go, better pics. I don't wanna add too many and clog things up so here's a linkg to my twitter where I posted some more.
  3. Final update on the Lehvak Misprint. It wasn't as shown in the image. They just sent me a normal Lehvak Kal. I'm sorry. I really wanted to share this with you guys and I jumped the gun. I was excited to have something rare in my collection and now I honestly feel more disappointed than I ever have before.
  4. I've yet to see any others. I've scoured Ebay for years keeping an eye open for any since I've wanted one for years, the green lad is the first I've seen. I've also seen no recorded evidence or images of other misprints besides the red and green. I'll trawl through google over the weekend and see if I spot anything awry for the other variants but I've never seen or heard of any besides the two known ones. As for pictures, my green misprint hasn't arrived yet (it's coming from Germany) but I've got another friend who's lending my a good camera to take some high quality pictures. So once he's here, a definite yes. While I wouldn't suggest getting your hopes up for the red one, I do have a friend who happens to own one. I'll ask him if he'd be willing to take some decent pictures of it. I went through google images a bit early. No other misprints that I could see. I'm not saying they don't exist, that'd be short sighted. What I am saying is check your Bohrok Kal head prints. There could be unknown misprints out there.
  5. I'm not really sure? My guess is it's because either: 1: It's the Bohrok Kal and they're not well liked 2: They're not the Mata Masks which kinda tend to be fan faves 3: Low moccing potential 4: They're just not well known They do seem to be really rare though. As I said I only know of 4 Lehvak Kal misprints that possibly exist so far, and 4, maybe 5, of the Tahnok misprints.
  6. Sorry my guy but I have no plans on selling it any time soon. I have no misprints in my collection at all so since this is my first I wanna treasure it, particularly given it was such a lucky find. That being said, I did stumble across a guy on deviantart that had one. I don't know if he's still active on his account and he seemed unaware of what it was or the value it had, but I could link you the post and you could try getting in touch with him? I've only found evidence of four existing so far; the one in your topic, the one I found, the DA guy, and another dude who posted about having on in this thread.
  7. So I just jumped on here at Mach 7 to ask about something, also hello! First post! I just snapped up a listing on Ebay for what appears to be a misprinted Lehvak Kal with a Tahnok Kal head pattern in green. Is this fellow a rare misprint? Update: he's been dispatched and will arrive either mid next week or early the week after. I'll post pics once he gets here. For now here's one from the listing. I stumbled across him while looking for mis-built bionicle listings to show a friend, and noticed the misprinted faceplate on this fellow after clicking his listing. I of course grabbed him real quick.
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