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  1. I would love this, but I'm scared that if LEGO did bring HF back, they would reboot it, which I wouldn't like. Maybe that's true and hopefully it is because, although I'm not much of a BIONICLE fan, I would love to get that set.
  2. I decided to play the Mission games again and they are awesome! Even better than I remembered. I played the call center level Take Out the Trash and I just loved exploring the Makuhero Streets. I also found out how to edit the dialogue and the characters speaking, which I'm sure somebody else has found, but I still enjoyed making up a different arc to the game.
  3. Well, LEGO seemed to easily pass by that BIONICLE Ideas set, so it probably won't be seen again from LEGO. Then it seems that it's up to the fans to keep HF alive, in one way or another. And also, Happy New Year!
  4. I'm just curious, but does anybody remember Ranger Pete in the Savage Planet game, or the fact that all of the security codes were LEGO-related (i.e. L-E-G-G-O-T)? I found that hilarious.
  5. Breakout is and always will be the best. 2 episodes, 3D game, 3 comics, 2 books and some large number of combi models (Lenny, you'll have to remind me how many). Oh, and Mark Hamill's German voice.
  6. Why is it that nobody ever mentions the best HF gems? It's between Hobochinku and Sam the Happy Squirrel, and if you don't know who those guys are, you will have to suffer the pain of not being a true HF fan...
  7. Mine's not on the list, but he's still the best in universe and out: Merrick Fortis, commander of HRT.
  8. Dude! These games are all gems of HF. It's even harder to choose from than the episodes. I've played all of them except BA and IFB, got them all on BioMedia (wasn't into HF when the line was out). Breakout is awesome, I love that there is that explorability on the different planets, and how you can unlock new items for your Hero, but... I loved Von Nebula. It was such an amazing game that I stayed up all night to finish it - and it was worth it. The best feature is that you get to create your own Hero with pretty much NO limits, as well as this they introduce awesome new things like MURF, Raven Su and the upgrade guy whose name I can't remember, all of which never made it into the show. Another thing is that you get to explore Makuhero City, MURF and other locations, which is spectacular. If you haven't played this game, go here and search "herofactory". You'll find online and downloadable versions of almost every HF game.
  9. This is such hard decision but I just loved SP 1. I loved it because the Heroes actually lose, even when they have the super cool new kid on the block.
  10. It would be awesome, but I would much rather play a TT HF game. Just imagine how awesome it would be to free roam Makuhero City. I am already playing around with making a script which I hope to finish for April Fool's and I'm also taking some screenshots of LDD models with music and other stuff to make a fake trailer. Back to the subject at hand, I think it would be really nice if they made an HF game like Mission: Von Nebula and it's sequels but with the graphics and character creator of the Breakout and Brain Attack games, as well as the talking and extra things to do from the MNOG games. I'm not even really a Bionicle can but I spent hour after hour playing MNOG 1, 1.5 and 2. Keep up the great ideas.
  11. He may have looked weird, but he has two hero cores. That's pretty OP. Plus, he's better than the Breakout combis. THOSE were weird. I mean, Splitface the Scorpion? Really? Well, if IFB wasn't in it's own continuity and was instead an episode 11 that followed the previously established canon, Brain Attack and the SM books may have been a lot more necessary. I've always had this thought that if HF wasn't canned, the books and episodes would conclude in a longer-than-usual conclusion. The only time we actually got to see some of these characters was in some of the promo material (the set teasers and the SWFs on the products page. If anybody's interested in these animations, just PM me and I can send them on.). Their stories are sorta covered off in the other material; Nex vs. XT4 in Face Off!, Bulk vs. Core Hunter in the Breakout game/Doom Box/Face Off! and Breez vs. Thornraxx in the Breakout game, and also a bit on the website. And about Core Hunter, who's to say he hasn't been teleported to his next payer: the Dark Maker... ... ... Sadly, yes. I see that on their YouTube channel LEGO are uploading Ninjago, Star Wars and other things, but no HF or Bionicle. It's also really annoying that the only sound files you can get for the eps are either really bad quality or from IFB. BioMedia does have some HF concept art here, if you're interested. As for DVDs, I'm really sad, especially since the only one I can get back here is RotR. Oh well, just going to have to stick with the 360p eps on LEGO's channel. That's all, folks.
  12. Come on. Rocka (according to the HF website) topped all of Furno's training missions with flying colours and is part of the same team as the one and only Commander Merrick Fortis. Plus he has a 2.0 visor that no other hero has. And hey, Rocka doesn't seem to have an evil side, while Furno kinda in another reality became rogue like Von Ness... and Core Hunter... and starts a rival bot factory... but Rocka's just cool. "Nice, Mr. Makuro, nice".
  13. You can find all 12 broadcasts over here. Just click on "Broadcast 1", "Broadcast 2" etc. If you enjoyed Hero Factory, you'll most definitely enjoy HF FM.
  14. I was just thinking the other day, what if the amazing Hero Factory FM was still going during later Hero Factory lines? Coverage of other episodes like the mission to Quatros would be awesome, and there would obviously be interviews with the new kids on the block, Evo, Nex and Rocka. It would also be awesome if Mak Megahertz got attacked by a brain mid-episode. What are your thoughts?
  15. I am going to try and get the Savage Planet DVD sometime from Amazon. I'm also doing a timeline for the Marvel show Earth's Mightiest Heroes but the Captain America episode isn't on my DVD and it's about the only episode they don't have online. So I'll have to buy the UK version or something like that just for one episode, but alas, life is not always fair to the fan of a discontinued LEGO theme/discontinued Marvel show.
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