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  1. I am going to try and get the Savage Planet DVD sometime from Amazon. I'm also doing a timeline for the Marvel show Earth's Mightiest Heroes but the Captain America episode isn't on my DVD and it's about the only episode they don't have online. So I'll have to buy the UK version or something like that just for one episode, but alas, life is not always fair to the fan of a discontinued LEGO theme/discontinued Marvel show.
  2. Talking about the TV show, I started making this HF timeline of media. Eventually it's going to compile all the episodes, books, comics and the works into one timeline. It'll also be put into different realities, i.e. TV/books etc., comics, games, TVCs and other animations, Citadel Mirror World and so on.
  3. So, here's something I started making the other day, it's a Hero Factory timeline of media. Click here to go to the timeline. Right now it's just got episodes 1-6 and 8-10, but soon I'm going to update it with material from HeroFactory.com, novels, games and alternate reality material (some of the reality names are going to be made up, but they'll follow the same sort of thing the official reality title). I'm also eventually going to make a downloadable edition for when the timeline's done, which will look something like the attached image. Hope you enjoy it so far!
  4. From what I recall, Christian Faber stated on his blog that the main reason was because of budget issues, but yeah, LEGO probably only gave them a low budget because they wanted to start G2 very fast. I think that if LEGO had given Advance/Ghost more time and the original actors/actresses (or even similar voices, i.e. Eric Olsen to Josh Keaton), IFB could've been pretty good. Man, I wish I could read Faber's story bible. There's so many questions I wish could be answered. One of the biggies that's really boggling my brain cells is the real Hero, who Faber said wasn't even from the Hero Factory, but alas, HF is now just floating in the abyss and, not to sound negative, it's presumably not going to be continued.
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOO! How did I miss that?!?!?! Well, happy birthday to HF anyway. I guess I kind of have celebrated it, in a way. I re-watched every episode I could the other day, except for Savage Planet 2 (Only the RotR DVD is available where I come from, and episode 7 is the only one not online), I've replayed Mission: Von Nebula, Mission: Ordeal of Fire, Mission: Savage Planet, Breakout v1, Creep/Jungle Crushers and all of those, and I'm busy reading the novels (The Doom Box and Robot Rampage aren't online, so I've had to stick with Legion of Darkness, Collision Course and Mirror World, and, um, the young reader Scholastic books...). For those of you who haven't read the Secret Mission books, they're a jolly good read. Here's the links to the episodes that are there (Other than IFB, they're not the best quality): Trials of Furno; Core Crisis; The Enemy Within; Von Nebula; Ordeal of Fire; Savage Planet Part 1; Breakout Part One; Breakout Part Two; Brain Attack; Invasion From Below About Black Phantom being similar to Dark Maker or vice versa, I came up with his weird theory the other day about why they look similar. If you've read Mirror World, you'll know .otherwise, don't read the spoiler. So what if the Dark Maker was Black Phantom from an alternate reality that got destroyed because of HF, so he made a machine that could take him to another reality. We already know that Black Phantom makes all kinds of tech: Arachnix Drones, Voltomaces and that weird Breakout shark combi. It would also explain how he's able to So he gets there and finds a weird organism that acts as a brain. This would later form the idea of his artificial brains to attack HF in the prime reality. So he goes to the prime reality and he manages to contact this version of Black Phantom. Of course, he can trust him because he literally knows what he can do. Black Phantom contacts Voltix, hence the breakout occurs. Now DM has the plans of Hero Factory, so he can make a Villain Factory (the Brain Factory is probably a sort of prototype), as well as a reason to start the Galactic Conspiracy: "Join us and fight against Hero Factory because we can't trust them since they let every villain in custody out!" *Read the books for pretty much no more info on the Galactic Conspiracy because the books got discontinued... * So, like a much bigger version of the Anti-Hero Factory League from Hero Factory FM. He probably adds, "And if you don't join us, we'll release lots of brains on your planet and you'll all be under our control!" The brains soon get to the Makuhero Planet, and Brain Attack occurs. Then there's SM3, SM4 and SM5. And then comes Invasion From Below which doesn't tie-in with the canon (there's a lot of reasons but my fingers are already getting sore :D), so yeah, Happy Birthday Hero Factory. This probably deserves a separate topic, but does anybody notice any similarities between HF and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Skye/Furno: The main character who's a hotshot until they have to lead a team. Coulson/Stormer: The old veteran who blames himself if something bad happens. Fitz/Nex: The techy bloke. Simmons/Breez: The girl the techy bloke fancies. Mack/Surge: The guy who's scared he'll become evil again. Ward/Rocka: The dude who works by himself and is secretly part of an organization within the organization. May/Evo (Ordeal): The person who likes to speak less and do martial arts more. So, yeah, that just about wraps up my extremely long reply...
  6. Ok, cool, I'll see if I can in some spare time.
  7. I don't usually use Discord, but I do see they have an email. I've also posted this topic on Eurobricks, so hopefully I'll be able to find it. The main reason I'm trying to get it is so I can makes notes of the weaponry and characters for a fan-fic, and the gameplay videos either don't show everything or are outdated.
  8. Recently I've managed to get the HF Breakout game working through Pale Moon but I can't find a downloadable PC version on BMP or anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find the game?
  9. I'm not actually quite sure. I've actually been trying to play the offline version of Breakout from BioMedia project. Does Is there a way to do this or do I have to play it online with the GameLoad software?
  10. Oh yeah, question 16 was meant to be incredibly hard. I wanted to have a hard question so I searched through HF videos the LEGO YouTube channel and found the designer battle. I'm really glad you enjoyed the quiz!
  11. Yeah, I knew Rotor was going to be easy. I had to do a tiny bit of research... I haven't read any of the Secret Missions novels so I had to look at some articles on HF.Biosector01.
  12. I kinda got bored so I decided that I would make a Hero Factory quiz. You can find it right over here. It's on Kahoot, which I know is usually used for educational-related stuff, but it was just a little bit of fun. Please tell me what you think!
  13. Oh, yeah, 11! I forgot to count the villain combiner from the Club mag. I agree, it's quite annoying that the combiners were made but then never actually used in any other material. I just keep the Hero combiner in a separate team, say Alpha 2, because although the instructions say that he was part of Alpha 1, it doesn't really make any sense, as he would probably appear in other media if he's part of the star team. Although, you could say it's a Stringer or Nex case. It's not much at all but I'm trying to put together an HF timeline to celebrate it's 10th anniversary. It's quite big, as I've included all the episodes, the HF website's news section, mission list, testimonials, clips and the Club Inside Scoops.
  14. I've got to say that my favourite HF set is the Drop Ship. I know a lot of people don't like it but I think it's a pretty cool set. However, it's kind of hard to say when you've got the amazing Breakout sets. There are just too many cool things about them and there's 10 combiner models!
  15. I've just recently started getting into HF and I've watched the whole series except for Savage Planet 2, read all the comics and played all the Mission games. Oh, and don't forget Creep Crushers. Now I'm just trying to get my hands on the Savage Planet DVD to finish my watching and the Secret Mission novels. Anyway, if I were to finish off HF I probably wouldn't keep IFB in the whole story. I would explain the whole Dark Maker thing (i.e. How he used the plans sent from Black Phantom to create the brains and why he's actually going after the Heroes) and I would obviously explain what's happening with Stringer and Nex. Oh, and a simple resolution to Von Nebula's hand: The Dark Maker has the same hands as Von Nebula. And of course, one important thing that I has been missing since 2013: The proper voice cast that actually sounds good. Sorry to the people who acted in IFB but those voice actors were in for 10 episodes and its just a little weird having people who sound absolutely nothing like the original cast. Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth.
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