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  1. BionicleUniverse has lots of cool stuff, but whenever anyone asks where he got something, he ignores them. The yellow Huna, the prototype metal Krana-Kal (that no one even knew existed til he posted it, supposedly 17 years after it was made)... If they were genuine, would he have a problem telling us their origin? When people ask him other types of questions on reddit, he answers, but if people ask where he gets these things, he completely ignores them. It makes me question if he is just good at making bootlegs.I do NOT mean to call him out or accuse him, I don't mean this in a mean way, I am just genuinely curious, I want to know if all these rare things are genuine. The super rare things he posts, and also all the rare misprints and stuff he sells. Edit: He has clarified on Facebook about getting them from LEGO employees and why he doesn't say more and it all sounds legit, so I think he and his rare items are legit!
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