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  1. I have heard of Ashens, he was on an episode of Podquisition and I've seen some stuff he's been in and a couple of his videos. He seems pretty nice, but I already spend pleeeenty of time on YouTube!
  2. BioSector01 has you covered: As of Teridax's reign, there were more Turaga in the Matoran Universe than Toa (meaning there were at least 58 Turaga). So seven currently accounted for.. only 51 to go! Also thank you for the feedback everyone
  3. I tried to make some 'low-key' revamps of the Turaga that would fit with the early year sets... and then I tried to make a video! I don't quite have all the perpendicular connector pieces in the lengths and colours I'd like but... pretty colours! https://youtu.be/PrHc6N-IJ44
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