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  1. Bionicle's story has always been very gappy at during the later years. The serials were good but i do feel they started way to late into the franchise weren't advertised with the toys. and when they were going on they were barely holding the rest of the story together after the comics and mata nui's journey serials.
  2. Pokemon Ultra Sun digital version on my metallic blue original model 3DS farming BP points for myself. (Not ever going to be sold)
  3. He does have energy blasts in the Bionicle Heroes game. My guess he would be a shadow user although a weak one.
  4. No i don't think it did. Funny thing is Ninjago was supposed to be retired in 2013 but this theme with ninjas was selling better than lego expected. Also since system is buildable and customizable... means sets are easy to sell and integrate and easy to market to a wide audience. And now it has been 10 years but i kinda think it will be ironic if it also get retired af 10 years.
  5. 2007 was a disaster for lime joints. However for 6 years straigth the old design was thick and sturdy. I never understood why they did the 2008 change. They most likely wanted a tighter grip similar to the black joints used in titan figures and fill in the gaps on small hand size sockets. But slimming the joints made them too way too thin. Why were they unable to design make the thick Hero Factory improved joints earlier?
  6. Understandable but the toa metru style was intentional. I did use the hero factory and glatorian version of the updated sockets because i liked the no holes design.
  7. I decided to design my own take on Toa Tuyet the toa of water that once defected from Toa Lhikan's team. I decided to make her stand out from standard toa of water colors and used sand blue make her with dark blue joints to make her more interesting and give her a slightly royal look for a villain. This was made in Bricklink Studio and a parts pack for her mask, nui stone and sword.
  8. That was true for Taipu he was tossing boulder in the MNOG animations. I don't know if Pohatu was physically stronger than Onua without Pakari mask of strength being a additional factor.
  9. Never bought em 2007 but i heard from a official statement that it was a bad batch of improperly cooled down plastic and a huge batch of joints affected.
  10. Inspired by the concept of Marvels What-If series I designed simple a Turaga version of Mata Nui and small version of Click. A lot of parts were added from a Custom Bricks Pack available. It's based on the Kings Pack available here https://bioniclerebuilt.wixsite.com/fallingstars/stud-io-guide Click is mostly a Fikou spider with a custom head design made to be easy. My concept is also base on a potential small anniversary set. He's not support to look brownish the colors were set to Warm Gold so i don't know why the gold looks so dark.
  11. I prefer the idea that most carry their own knowledge skills. The only known instance of Toa learning was The Toa Mata since they were prebuilt so Hydraxonn was ordered to train them. Turaga Lhikan did teach the rookie Toa Metru about mental discipline so they could use their masks in the 2nd movie.
  12. Not that hard to grip those balls or their old variants which had no hole on the bottom. Easy way is use a thread a decent length axle like a 5 length to get a grip on the ball and grip the socket with the other hand.
  13. One glitch i remember is that the Ta-Matoran supposed to give you a lava board is actually bugged. It can take several clicks to get him to respond and notice you.
  14. Here's what i remember. Mata Nui Online Game 2 with Hahlii was too tedious for me to calculate everything need for the items in the first chapter. Flax and Harakeke shells. Never finished it. Voya Nui Online Game seemed way too complex for me at the time and i lost interest in it quickly. Some of the battles late in the game like Vezon are really long.
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