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  1. I think you're going to have to accept that you can't make people remain interested in Bionicle. Also, your logic here doesn't sound too convincing. It's pretty clear that what you're trying to do is motivate fans who are losing interest to support that Ideas project. Then if you're successful, you've ended up mobilizing a bunch of weak fans to one petition. Wouldn't that amount to sending Lego a false signal that Bionicle is a fan favorite when it in fact it may not be such a fan favorite anymore?
  2. This isn't just a Bionicle community, it's also a Ninjago, Hero Factory, and other Lego themes community. Just as we grew up and expanded our interests, so has the site.
  3. I added my name to the supporters, although I recognize it's a long shot.
  4. I can see where you're coming from with that. I made the comparison I did because I tend to think more literally: what Roodaka explicitly promised Vakama was power, and it wasn't so much of a tragic love story as Samson and Delilah was.
  5. Are they just using unrelated pieces for the masks?
  6. I think you answered your own question I'm not so sure about that. Balance would be an important skill in a sport where you can try out unconventional moves. Or maybe that posture is used in conventional Kohlii tactics, à la Karate Kid (I think balancing on a pole even ended up being the most pivotal skill in that movie).
  7. I'm not a professional linguist, but I think any writing system would work with any language as long as it has almost all of its sounds. I found some documentation on Matoran, and its syllable structure reminded me of Japanese, so I compared Matoran's consonant inventory to Katakana, and unfortunately, it doesn't have characters for all the sounds Matoran has, so I don't think it would actually work very well. It looks like it might actually be pretty hard to find other real world scripts that could be used for Matoran, since it looks like it overlaps a lot with English's phonemic inventory: English has some fairly unique sounds like w and j, and other scripts might lack some unexpected sounds (for example, Arabic lacks p).
  8. Zanzibar by Billy Joel I saw a thread about Billy Joel and it reminded me of Zanzibar
  9. We Didn't Start the Fire Whichever one We Didn't Start the Fire is on He wrote We Didn't Start the Fire He's the piano man
  10. I know, right? In Bionicle, it seems like travel is such a big deal, with each year basically taking place in only one location and going to a new location between years isn't undertaken lightly, whereas in Star Wars people just casually travel between planets like it's nothing. Like Episode I feels like it could all take place in like, Morocco, with a couple trips to New York City.
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