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  1. No offense, but I don't think most of the projects are that great to support it. It either doesn't look all that good (like 6 Heroes, 1 Destiny, Battle for the Mask of Life or any other brickbuild characters) or doesn't make sense (like the ice dragon or the Skopio XV-1 Exo-Toa) many of the sets also use parts that are no longer available from Lego. The only two sets that I think are alright are the Toa Head Statue and the Great Spirit Robot. But even then, the number of people who would support something like this is simply far too small. In addition, we must not forget that the implementation of these projects can sometimes vary greatly from the original build.
  2. That already exists. Here from The Legend Reborn:https://biosector01.com/wiki/Gallery:BIONICLE:_The_Legend_Reborn#Concept_Art Hero Factory:https://herofactory.fandom.com/wiki/Concept_Art And Bionicle G2: https://biosector01.com/wiki/Gallery:The_Art_of_BIONICLE
  3. It's Sarcasm, what else? I'm just kidding because Lenny always wants us to suport a Lego Ideas set based on Bionicle, with the hope of bringing Bionicle back and at the same time uniting it with Hero Factory.
  4. But we do have to do this, to bring back Bionicle! Because when only ONE ideas set becomes a reality, Lego will bring back the entire Bionicle G1 line, Hero Factory, Bionicle G2, Ninjago, Chima, Nexo Knights and Bionicle G1 share then the same universe and there will be tons of crossovers. In addition, there will be a Bionicle and Hero Factory live action cinematic universe like the MCU, which will most likely be more successful than the MCU as everyone on this planet loves Bionicle (and Hero Factory) and Lego will rename itself to "Biobricks" due to the success of Bionicle's. So support the set to make this all come true.
  5. Has there ever been an Lego Ideas set that made it into its own theme, let alone bring back an old theme? I don't think so. Because the fact is that these sets are mainly for collectors, and the sets are also quite expensive which means that only a small amount of them will be sold. In other words, even if there comes a Bionicle set from Lego Ideas, it won't bring back the entire line. What you're hoping for is just unrealistic. The glory days of Bionicle are long gone and will not come again.
  6. As long as there are no real minifigures I'm not interested in the theme. The brickbuild characters that Lego is giving us here are a bad joke, without the mustache you couldn't even tell that it's supposed to be Mario. Also, it's funny that this is the ? Block, even though there are no ? Blocks in SM64.
  7. As if Lego still care for HF. By the way, the HF anniversary was last year, the next one is in 2030. Or do you mean that pointless and wacky Bionicle and HF crossover that nobody but you wants?
  8. How successful is Monkie Kid so far? Because Chima and Nexo Knights, two Ninjago-like themes that were running at the same time as Ninjago, were unsuccessful.
  9. Agree with everything except the Nynrah Ghostblaster. The Nynrah Ghostblaster works a lot better than the Cordak blaster. In addition, the Cordak blaster can break if it comes into contact with water, as the spring rusts. Something that is not the case with the Nynrah Ghost Blaster.
  10. Yes, they have similarities, but you will find similarities to something else in almost every work of fiction. And Ninjago and Bionicle don't have much in common apart from elemental powers, some character traits and the financial success. And why should Bionicle and Ninjago have a crossover at all? Bionicle (G1) is gone for more than 10 years, and Ninjago appeals to a younger target group who most likely do not know Bionicle, and if so then (maybe at best) only the sets or the name. And yes, there are people who want such a crossover, but they are only a very tiny part of both fandoms.
  11. 1. Ok, but I'm sure there are more Flat Earthers out there than people who want HF G2. 2. This was a joke. Not everything we write here is meant seriously.
  12. Im tired of seeing your "Ninjago is like Bionicle, so they should crossover" threads. No, just no. Ninjago and Bionicle just don't go together, they only have a handful of things in common and only a very small part of both communities want a crossover to be happend.
  13. Now here are the reasons why: First: Nobody but you wanted HF G2. Second: G2 has just failed, why do another Bionicle successor?
  14. Greg has only written a few Ninjago comics. But what if he wrote the entire Ninjago story from the beginning? How would the characters be? How would the world of Ninjago be? How would the Lore be? But what do you think? How do you think Ninjago would be if Greg was the writer of it?
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