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  1. If there were other members to Keetongu's species, I could see some variants looking something like this--it's very well done: solid in a way that Bionicle sets rarely were, but still having the "look."
  2. It's all in how you phrase the question and define your terms: if you put the emphasis on "need," well, yes, of course it isn't needed. If you say "should LEGO do this?" it turns into pure opinion: the only thing LEGO should do is make toys out of plastic bricks in a profitable manner (arguably, I'd say LEGO has added a "do it ethically" clause to their self-mandate, which they're striving to add in, but that's a sidebar). But would I like them to go back to the Bionicle well? Yes, yes I would. (Full disclosure: I'm one of those "returning out of nostalgia" old fans and my boys will be just old enough to buy constraction figures for in about 3-5 years). I would like a System reboot or a constraction reboot or a books-and-websites-only niche expansion of the lore (gotta keep the trademark, right?). I'd enjoy a single Toa thrown into a series of Collectible Minifigs. I don't need it, though.
  3. If it's the character I assume it is, then it's minor indeed. Like... "only in the Appendices, in the peripheral bits to create the illusion it was an ancient text"-peripheral. I approve! My own name is far more mundane: it was gifted me by my younger brothers as an Internet-safe pseudonym by which to refer to me (I was oldest brother, hence the 1, and a Tahu/Lhikan/Jaller fan, hence the Hau), but I liked it.
  4. I am fascinated by and enjoying this, because Adventurers were pretty much my favourite LEGO characters--but with rather less lore than, say, Bionicles, there is a lot of room for totally different interpretations of the characters--to say nothing of the plots. I'm looking forward to more.
  5. If the question here is merely "is Bionicle as big in the real world as a phenomenon as Star Wars," then, yeah... no contest. But is the world that LEGO created in Bionicle as ambitious and expansive as Star Wars? Well... maybe. Actually, yes, would be my answer, but there's room for debate: Bionicle and Star Wars have a similar timeline (i.e. multiple tens of thousands of years), across a galaxy. One could argue that Bionicle has a narrower scope, since it focuses only on the inhabitants of one world, diffused over the GSR and the fragments of Spherus Magna, but I would say that Bionicle does a better job than Star Wars' new canon at making it actually feel as a large as it's meant to: Artahka or the Southern Isles feel immensely far from Mata Nui--to say nothing of Bara Magna--and while it make sense that the characters might be connected (they're all in the same self-aware "organism"), the Bionicles avoid the "everyone knows everyone, there's about fifty people in the galaxy" feeling that Star Wars falls into. (Your Mileage May Vary on that front, but I find that to be an occasional problem with the old EU and a more besetting problem with the new one. Guess you could say I like Gen1 in both cases...)
  6. As disappointing as the Stars wave was for sets, the concept of two Giant Robots duking it out with Mata Nui in one and Makuka in the other and the literal fate of the world being involved pretty epic. For nostalgia mixed with a genuinely weighty showdown, give me the pyrrhic victory of 2004 in LOMN.
  7. I think the rules are fairly clear, but (speaking strictly as a n00b and a non-Mod) in Lenny's defence, this is kind of a different situation (and I apologise if this tangential post is too off-topic--I clearly think/hope not, but I don't have the institutional memory to know). Street art ("graffiti"), while is art is generally anonymous, for reasons that I think should be obvious. In the case of something explicitly anonymous, is it fair to apply the normal "only the creator may post" rule? For things that are corporate--like a larger-than-life Toa Nuva at Legoland, it's anonymous in the sense that a specific creator may not be identified, but because it fits into the neat category of official-from-TLG Bionicle, it has a place here. I also wonder if the days of "only the creator may post art" are somewhat conditioned by what the Internet was in the 2000s. Nowadays, when the overall online community of almost any fandom is diffused over multiple media, BZP is sort of insisting that something in counting as Bionicle Art may only be posted if the creator is a member. In 2005, that was probably extremely likely. 16 years later, there are Bionicle fans who are actively chiefly on Tumblr or Twitter or Instagram or Flickr or whatnot, but the only way their work can be shared with the fans on BZP is if something happens to get a news story and its attendant article. I'm not sure there's an ideal solution--I don't think it's false to say that BZP would LIKE to have all Bionicle content flow through the forum, and I think it's fair to want to preserve a clear distinction of ownership. Perhaps, like the Buy/Sell forum has a dedicated "Look at the eBay listing I found" thread, a dedicated "cool art I found elsewhere" thread--with a requirement for "I found it HERE and it was credited there are THIS USERNAME/PERSON'S" format.
  8. If Tahu Mistika had looked this awesome, my Bionicle Dark Age might've been put off till after the end of Gen1! And I probably wouldn't sold him in the Dark Age cutdown. This is sick and definitely closer to what I imagine Tahu looking like then.
  9. I **think**, without looking that the Exo-Toa gun was first used with the Throwbots line in 1998, so a couple years earlier, and a bit closer to Bionicle's prehistory. And for the Stud Lancher, while I dislike losing even 1x1 round plates, it is a point in their favour that you could go down to the LEGO Store and load up a lifetime of ammo for about 8 bucks.
  10. The colours on these are sick. The lime and orange are classics, but these are beautiful, like a rendered remix--but real!
  11. So, this topic is about a MOC, and it is one I have become fond of but... it's really just a standard Metru build. I present as my 810NICLE Day offering, Toa Metru Voriki. That is to say, the idea behind this character is not just that he's a Metru-build, but that he's one of the Toa Metru--the 7th Toa. In my return to Bionicle fandom from a decade of Dark Ages, I binged for a couple months on Bionicle lore and media and encountered for what I think is the first time, the concept of Voriki. Something about that fake leak, with its 2001-2002 era goodness struck my imagination, and I liked the idea of a rumoured 7th Toa. However, although I'm old enough you could say my crotchety attitudes of "Bionicle isn't good anymore" could be as old as the Toa redesign into the Toa Nuva, Takanuva is far too indelibly written into my mental Bionicle canon. How, then, to have a rumoured 7th Toa **and** Toa Takanuva--and not have them be the same? My answer is an untold (unwritten, un-outlined, un-daydreamed...) story of the Toa Metru leaving behind THEIR 7th Toa. Did they betray him? Did he betray them? For what dark reason was he left behind in Metru Nui? I don't know, but I like the idea of the Turaga speaking in hushed whispers on Mata Nui to each other: "Should we tell them"--that is, the Toa Mata--"of the 7th Toa?" They decide not. After all, these Turaga really do keep a lot of secrets. But then Takua does Takua, the Makuta is defeated, and the way to Metru Nui is opened, and just when the Turaga are thinking they can pass off these dark rumours of a 7th Toa as presaging Takanuva... Voriki is waiting as the way to Metru Nui is opened. So, yeah. Just a purple-highlighted Metru build. But I like it. The Mask of Scavenging was chosen for having design elements that kind of recalled the fake promo's lightning spikes, but it's a more "Metru" look. It could even be related in some way to the Mask of Scavenging: sucking in energy seems like a very useful Kanohi power for a Toa of Lightning, though it'd probably have to be tweaked slightly to not be quite so Evil™. The purple of the painted pieces isn't perfect, but it probably wouldn't bother me if I didn't have the Old Purple connectors on him too. The paint comes across (to me, anyway) as something of a "Metru Purple" or "Medium Purple." Ideally, the connectors would match, but those get a bit too much use for me to brave spraypainting them. I really like the Lightning Staff I gave Voriki, but I'm not sure if the vivid, classic yellow really works for a Toa Metru. His tool really should be silver and PROBABLY should be symmetrical/a pair. The yellow is much more "Toa Mata" in its vibe. I justify it to myself as Voriki having evolved his look just a little bit while he dwelt alone, left behind (well, probably not ENTIRELY alone--but who knows how he and Dume get along).
  12. That thing is massive! At first glance, it looks like it's a similar scale to the current in-Ideas-voting Toa Head Statue, but this is WAY bigger. Which, given that it's the GSR, is appropriate.
  13. My favourite part of this line (like the Looney Toons, Harry Potter, and DC before it) is that I'm not into it! The most dangerous Collectible Minifigs are the ones that hit like 2001 mask packs. These, I can appreciate for being good figs without finding myself dropping $40 for 3 figs I want, 2 I don't, and a couple random ones "just because."
  14. Although I cannot say for certain, it's entirely possible that I'm to blame for you getting your first Onewa. Our parents got enough Turaga to go around and the fact that I got Vakama (I was always Ta-), the next brother got Nuju (and he was always Ko-), suggests that either our Mom paid more attention to our wants--since this was before those trends had ever taken root--than I would have thought, or she might have done some consultation. It definitely happened once or twice, so this might be the time. So... it might be my fault you got Onewa instead of Vakama or Nokama. You're welcome. ;-)
  15. On the other hand, maybe this would finally explain the Stone/Earth difference.
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