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  1. Hey everybody, I used to be a fairly frequent poster yeeeears ago. I spent a good chunk of my childhood trawling through the news pages, fan games and all the forum posts at the height of Bionicle’s popularity here on BZPower, pretty sure I had it set as my homepage back on my terrible old PC just so I could see all the Bionicle news straight away. I was obsessed. BZPower and another forum for Rollercoaster Tycoon were pretty much my go-to nerdy talking places as a kid so it’s very nostalgic and comforting to be posting on here again after so long. I fell out of Bionicle around 2008 when I got into secondary school in the UK, not long before the big Mata Nui reveal which I missed the a lot of the reaction to at the time! But Bionicle definitely was an formative part of my childhood and the toys and the games like Mata Nui Online game (which I have been playing again recently) definitely helped inspire my creativity. I’m a full time game developer now, specifically a VFX Artist. Looking back at the Mata Nui game in particular I can see how subconsciously I’ve pulled so many ideas and artistic inspiration from that game for different projects over the years it’s laughable. As kids we were so spoilt with the quality of the art and atmosphere found in that little free flash game… There were a couple of fan games too on here I remember fondly. There was an RPG Maker game called Flow Of The River I think it was called? That was pretty fun. I remember thinking it had some cool music then realised later it used a lot of tracks from video games. (That little fan game was the first time I heard Final Fantasy VII’s battle theme which is a weird yet specific memory ) With replaying the game, it sort of got me back into thinking about the sets again and well, I’ve restarted my collection! I still have most of my old bionicle in the attic somewhere of my childhood house, but it feels great to be able to open up an original canister after all these years and build these bad boys again. I think I’m going to get all of the Toa Mata since I never had them all as a kid and then focus on getting the Rahi, of which I only had a Tarakava set but I always thought the rest of the Rahi like Muaka and Kane-Ra had the best designs. Anyways, I don’t really know what this post is but I just want to say fair play to the community here for keeping these forums going! It’s so cool to see how much love there still is for Bionicle and it definitely deserves to come back in some form or fashion again one day, there is just so much potential. If Bionicle has inspired us this much to make all these awesome elaborate fan games and MOCs and other creative endeavours, then I’m excited to think about what a successful third generation could do! If anybody has any similar stories and has come back to the site and hobby after a long time then it would be cool to hear your story too. In the meantime… maybe I’ll go and make a little Bionicle VFX piece or something...
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