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    Definitely time to put stuff here...<br /><br />Anyway, my interests include things like...<br /><br />Bionicle, Airsoft, Food, Internet, the word 'moo',weaponry, drawing, building random stuff, Fire, Explosions, destroying things, thinking up plots for movies and stories and whatnot I'll never make, My religion,God, more food,videogames, researching data for games and whatnot that I'll probably never play, Science,and all sorts of other stuff that I'll get into later.<br /><br /><br />>Bionicle: I wub Bionicle. LOVE IT. I've been into it ever since I was... probably like nine or ten years old. You should have seen me when I got my first evil Bionicle (Tahu), along with his slave Vakama. (Okay, so what if I'm not following cannon? They're MY sets after all...) Ah, the fun I had in those first few days. Like that time I made Tahu get fat...<br /><br />Erm, don't have time to put all this down. I'll get back to it later.<br /><br /><br />>Airsoft: Fun game. Basically what Airsoft is... it's a game where teenagers and adults run around in combat fatigues with Airsoft guns shooting themselves, and inflicting medium to large welts upon one another via twenty gram plastic pellets moving at speeds at an average of 310 feet a second. It hurts, and it stings, but it's safer than Paintball, believe it or not... just don't bring the wrong guns...<br /><br />>Food: FOOD. This must be broken down into sub-sections.<br /><br />>>Chinese Food:My FAVORITE. I really have no idea how on earth those people developed the recipes for that food. It is total, massive WIN.<br />My favorite food...stuffs from there is probably Sweet And Sour Chicken. The only problem I have with it is that I'll often eat it too fast...which means it doesn't stay down for long... which is bad... =(<br /><br />>>Fruit Type Thingies: MMMFRUIT. I would love it if I got the opportunity to eat this kind of stuff more often, it's just that my parents don't buy enough of it. Especially watermelon...<br /><br />>>MEAT: Ah, the joys of eating something that you know well used to be a living creature... O_O Erm, whatever...<br />Anyway I enjoy devouring the following creatures: Chicken, cow, fish, turkey, gator, calamari(It's like gator, but less greasy), and pig to some small, very small extent. I just feel kinda...uneasy about eating something that acts so disgustingly before you kill/eat it...<br /><br />>>Cereal: More of a snackfood to me. I still eat it quite often though. Heh.<br /><br />>>Cookies:Oh goodness, how could I have forgotten cookies? Sweet, wonderful, sugariffic cookies?! D= OH GOOD NO.<br /><br />>>Pizza: I LURV PIZZA. There's just something addictive about it. Either way, it's deliciousnessnuss.<br /><br />>>Doughnuts: SHUGGRY RNGZ OFF DELICIOUSNESS. O_O *devours*<br /><br />I'll work on this more, later.<br /><br />-Ngakunui

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  1. Ngakunui

    Star Trek

    Bah, forget about all these Trekkies, EW. To them, watching people in oddly coloured jumpsuits get beamed down somewhere every day is the height of life. I ain't seeing it either, most likely. Not saying that you shouldn't; just trying to encourage you by saying some some nonconformatism left on this planet. -Ngakunui
  2. Ngakunui

    Not Happy

    Why do I have a feeling that if the whole plan to "Stop the plane crash from happening" plan, will cause a time paradox if successful? -Ngakunui
  3. Sure they don't have PDF files of it on the internet or something? I mean, it sounds neat, but I'm really not much of a Halo fan. The games were nice, but you know; not that enthused about the deeper parts of the storyline- especially not the political parts of it. -Ngakunui
  4. Ngakunui


    To Florida, in fact. Around next week. But to your expectations, I am in fact loosing interest in Bionicle. It's not so much that I think it's "immature" or anything along those lines, but I'm maturing, as are my views on things. Let's just say, that if I stay a "fan" in the truest sense, It will definitely stay in the way of my life in the years ahead. I don't want to get caught up in any of the views the company owns, or stay attached. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against this site, but I simply cannot be interested in "Lego" beyond a pass-time, and even then, It's not one that I use that often. I still use it(actually, only Bionicle) as a theme for some of my drawings- rarely, and I still come here due to the people I know who frequent, but it's not something I seriously feel like devoting time to. My future is something I want to spend for what I believe in, rather than pleasing an addiction I've had since I was three years of age. I'm not going to let three tons of something weigh me down and keep me from doing what I need to. There are so many things in life I have ahead of me that are things I can't do if I'm attached to something so vain. Thus, for the past month, I have done little even remotely relating to Bionicle, save for a drawing I intend to inter into BS01's contest. Anyway, in case any of you still, by some miracle read my blog, you probably aren't going to hear from me in about a week or less. -Ngakunui
  5. I am bored. ... Honestly, that's me. In three words.
  6. Ngakunui

    Mai Xblocks

    Back when I had Xbox live, and played Halo 2 over it, the highest rank I ever got was either a 15 or 16. Might have gotten a 17, but I doubt it. My tactics were mostly based around dodging, and bringing down everyone's shields with grenades(which I generally failed at, as that was hard to do in-game), rather than "GET BIG WEPON, AND KILL GAIZ FAST", which is the main goal of Halo multiplayer. -Ngakunui
  7. Ngakunui


    I wish there was a L.U.G. here. That way I'd have something to do on my free time other than video games. Also, you reminded me that I need to get a driver's permit myself. Except I aught to have a full-blown license at my age. ._. wat BtB Dude, your icons are too big. o_O Torhuki olol XD Ngakunui sent that to me. BtB "That" Is the MOST EPIC ZELDA FANFILM EVER... At least the most epic one made using Garry'sMod. It's like three minutes. And Microsoft Sam narrates it. And it uses the worst grammar/pronunciation/plot ever. And I made it. So it's awesome. I just need to upload it once I remember my website's password. @_@ -Ngakunui
  8. I made this a looonng time back last year, but never got around to posting it here if my memory serves me right. Figured I might as well post it. -Ngakunui
  9. I found out that if I press "A" while moving forward that I'll roll forward, and a lot faster than just pressing the control stick the direction I want to go. Whatever that means. Maybe I should get a green tunic and windsock(to wear as a hat) next, because that would be awesome... Then again, It'd be too much like if I'm playing Legend Of Zelda if I did that. Oh well. :\ ... That reminds me, I should probably talk more to people... -Ngakunui
  10. Ngakunui

    Oh Mai Blahg

    If I may suggest the next blog name, I think something along the lines of "RAMPANT PARADE OF BUNNIES" or something of similar absurdity would be fitting. -Ngakunui
  11. Ngakunui

    I'm Not You.

    I need to get this off my mind before I explode. Just let me start off by saying, that those of you who say "I'm just like you..." are selfish, rude, and annoying people at heart. If you just so happen to be like this, let me ask you this; Do you honestly think that by saying "oh, well if everyone would just work together everything would be fine..." that you're being selfless, or even intelligent in such judgment? Take a look at where that gets people; ever hear about how the Roman Empire would have the same mentality and essentially took over most of the world known to them? If you even dare to say that's not wrong because of what it "accomplished", then I suggest you read about Crucifixion, and all the other things they did to uphold their rule. And if you're going to use the "all men are created equal" excuse, that only applies to people being made equal- people make their own choices, end up differently, and quite frankly, that's why you hold a completely different opinion now than I do and are trying to excuse it and cling to it. There are a lot of people that will have you believe that people fit into one of so-and-so groups, and you're incapable of making your own decisions: thus discouraging you from doing so- what I say is that you aught to stop trying to fit in, and actually think for yourself before you loose all autonomy altogether. Let me put this in perspective for you; in the wild, the weak, unintelligent animals herd together and can't survive on their own for more than a day- while all the intelligent ones can live on their own, and act autonomously. The same basically goes for Human society, yet somewhat in reverse; if you follow what is essentially a human equivalent of a heard of goats, then you'll become dull, weak, and unable to think for yourself- if you operate in much smaller groups, if any at all, then you don't have to be constantly bombarded by what other people are thinking, yet you still maintain a much more autonomous will, and it is much easier to resist your impulses. Did you ever notice how all the "odd" "freaks" that don't fit into society usually end up as rather intelligent people like Physicists, Artists, and Engineers- while the people that fill the every requirement of the majority's collective conscious are usually Drug Addicts, Hippies and Activists. Quite a contrast, isn't it? Don't you even dare to use the excuse that "if everyone agrees, it must be true!" because that is no excuse. Do you even believe there to be such a thing as truth? If the majority is so correct, then why don't you test its "truth" and see how well it holds up against reality? Everything I deeply believe has been researched, tried, and tested time and time again- I just don't go "oh, well professor such and such said it!" or "Pastor whats his face says so!", because that never works. Of course, many of the things I believe are not popular, but it always ends up untouched when I try to "burn it with fire" to test it. Perhaps you should try to do the same instead of thinking everything you learned in school was true? The majority does not decide what is right; reality's past and present do, regardless of how you try to mask it. And there's a word for when you're completely out of touch with reality: it's called insanity. It doesn't matter if everyone else is insane and you act like them; that's still insanity. Insanity is when you think that everything, as divided, different, and diverse as it is is a single entity. Not all of it collaborates, or even affects the other- in fact, there's probably a whole history behind the town you live in- do you not see how time; an impenetrable barrier has kept you away from its history alone. And let me state again the necessity of divides and barriers within this universe: if all of a sudden the rather large expanse between here and... let's say Mars was all of a sudden closed up, so to speak, do you honestly think the outcome would be a good thing? Wouldn't both our planet and it destroy each other? It'd certainly be "united", and since the "cost" of such is negligible to most, it wouldn't seem to bother some people- most folks are so busy complaining about how much they hate their life that they wouldn't care anyway- Instead, here's a better idea that's been in place for what's likely billions of years; Mars stays where it is, and Earth stays where it is, and nothing bad happens. Try to understand that many things, people, and whatnot can't be "united", and are best off alone. In fact, many things that are together are probably best off divided; when you try "uniting" things that don't belong together, that causes war and chaos. OF COURSE there are things that need to collaborate in an atmosphere of mutual functions, but not everything or even most things. Even then, there needs to be division and independence. That's probably why people who live in less populated areas are more productive and less stressed; move people from a rural country with hardly any technology whatsoever into a sprawling metropolis they'll be miserable and unable to function; they can't work, they can't breathe, and they're certainly not at home. Think of it most like this: Machines need gears; gears of certain size and shape are needed in precisely the correct place, in different sizes, shapes, etc.. Now, let's say some fool tries making those gears "work together" with other machinery with a different machine that has little use for them; obviously, things will be much worse; instead of adding functions, functions are removed: those components would have been far better off where they belonged. Now, quite a few of you are going to say "Well, you're on a Bionicle website; the first of the character's virtues are Unity..."- "Unity" does not mean "unify". If you ever actually pay attention to the storyline, you'll realize that the cast does not go on crusades conquering the setting; they defend themselves from their enemies, not go out and take over their lands, forcing them to integrate into their ideology and ideas. I got into quite a long debate with that "Greg" fellow in charge of much of the storyline before it became evident that he was largely misunderstanding me with what I was discussing with him, coupled with how I was being rather assertive, on the subject of said "virtue". "Unity" isn't the same as singularity as most promote it to be, and it's not as important as some may believe it to be, either. Most people who overstress "unity" often believe that it is the sole reason they exist; to collapse everything into an omnipotent singularity- and that will happen if you make it the center of what you believe in. Therefore, on the subject of the "Three virtues" in the Bionicle story, you're also forgetting that it is accompanied by "Duty" and "Destiny"; "unity" means something more along the lines of comradery than actual "oneness"; they are not all alike(at the least they have different masks and colours), they act differently, some of them even help their allies by acting independently at times(Like Kopaka, for example). The reason it isn't "comradery", then the rest is because first of all, most of the English-speaking people who buy Bionicle sets are young American children who go to government schools(that teach half-broken English), and thus have no idea what the word means other than it has "Comrade" in it. Secondly, with a "Red Star" being a landmark, it would made the story seem to be promoting Communism(And politics are NOT a thing to include in things directed primarily to children), and third, it doesn't sound nearly as good as "unity". Therefore, it should be clear that the "three virtues" in the story do not mean "Take over the world and force people into labour camps, because you're predestined anyway"- the people who do that are the people who want control. Now, in case you're confused about the title, I'll clear it up for you; the people who believe in achieving some sort of all-encompassing singularity, or think that everything already is one are about the same; they do the same things, they act the same way, and they all go down the same gutter with their plans and everything. Most notable of the primary reasons I wrote this was because I'm so constantly being harassed by people who say imbecilic things like "I AM YOU", and try to enforce that I "have no free will" and must do what they say; apparently I'm disproving them with every sign of disobedience to them. If the Universe is truly a single thing in the strictest sense, then nothing would exist; only nothing. Void is the only thing, no matter how large or small that can really be a singular, harmoniously existing thing- but it can't, because it is the opposite of existence. Has none of this occurred to anyone, or has no one stopped to think about what they've been taught all their lives? To grow is to add; to increase the value of something, counting greater and greater; expanding and building separate things; one number after the other, and none are identical, none are the same. Yet, the people dead-set on "unity" and nothing else- they seem to have it backwards; they subtract and subtract, removing and destroying: making things have no value. They remove until only one thing is left, as they understand nothing else. But what happens when the only thing is left to destroy and that is yourself? I think I just explained Black Holes, suicide, selfishness, and human stupidity in a nutshell.
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AAAA_battery That should answer most of what you're asking. Usually used for "itty bitty" stuff that can't use hearing-aid batteries; like lazers. -Ngakunui
  13. Ngakunui


    I have an idea: 1: Get some sort of flammable liquid OTHER than gasoline; like kerosene, or alcohol, or something. Mind you, Napalm is not a fluid; it is a goo. I'm serious. 2: Trace them back to their nest. If they're the small ones that are ridiculously small, then you're going to have to find every one of their hives; Pharaoh Ants do not have individual colonies, and work as a whole. 3: Douse the colony's anthill(s) in flammable liquid. Make sure it seeps in. Make absolutely sure none of it gets on you. 4: Light a match and throw it at the anthill. If it's more than one, you'll have to meticulously light every one. 5: Rinse and repeat. Only thing I can think of other than getting pesticide, in all honesty. :\ -Ngakunui
  14. "After th normil aliens the flood came and every thing got wet and messy and lightningy becaus water hit th space tv and all the things and made sparks. After th aliens sent the flood other aliens with big heads came and Joe Chief had to runaway becaues there was to many of those and they were killing other human people on th ship." -Halos in Space, part one, chapter three
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