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  1. Wow, those all look incredible. I've gotta say Kopaka and Icarax are my favorites, with some really great re-imaginings of those designs. Love what they did with those masks.
  2. I'd like to see them capitalize on the growing He-Man revival and do some constraction figs for that series. Sure, the human characters are gonna look wonky, but all the cool and unique designs for the villains will make up for it. Too bad they've already got a contract for building toys with Mega Construx... Oh well! Like, c'mon, don't tell me you wouldn't wanna see Scare Glow in constraction form. Think of all the glow-in-the-dark CCSB parts he would bring us:
  3. Wow! This MOC is now my headcanon of what Artakha looks like. I dig the use of sand green and dark bluish gray, as those are the colors I'd always envisioned myself. He looks strong and sturdy, but not overly geared toward combat, which is fitting. His bulky build with the large hands suggests a blacksmith or craftsman just as much as a warrior. I really like the design of the feet, which remind me of a more intricate version of the modified Hordika feet used on sets like Kalmah and Malum. The system-based design of the hammer is a pleasant surprise, as well as the choice of classic-yellow eyes and the custom mask. Whoever designed that really captured the BIONICLE aesthetic, though my small nitpick would be that those blue runes be colored gray instead to match the rest of the model. I'm also glad you didn't cover him in greebles or unnecessary crafting tools, making this seem more like a set LEGO would have actually produced than an overly-stylized representation. And it's worth noting that this build was instantly recognizable to my girlfriend, whose only knowledge of the BIONICLE lore comes from my comparing certain parts to her favorite story Lord of the Rings. I always compare Artakha and Karzahni to the Elven smiths from that series, and she was like, "Hey, is this that one guy you told me about?" Awesome job!
  4. It took me a second to figure out why I was digging 0:55 and onward so much, then I realized it was a MIDI version of Hero, my favorite BIONICLE song ever. Well done!
  5. Very nice. I immediately dug the pose, with the sleekness and elegance jumping right out at me. The feet are intriguing, with the curved slopes atop the tires seeming to float in midair. I wonder if there's a way to make those feet look even more nimble, since the gear pieces stick out a bit? The stylized arms (big shoulder, thin upper arm, big forearm) gives the whole figure a dynamic, action-oriented appearance. This character looks ready to ride fast and punch hard if it comes down to it. I like the pipes angling into the "power core" part of the chest. And the original color scheme of white, teal and yellow really makes this MOC pop. The Teal Kakama is one of my favorite masks and always a welcome sight. Great work!
  6. Always great to hear from Greg, and nice to know he still has BIONICLE and its fans on his mind. With that question about whether he still has any sets lying around, I now can't get the image of a Gadunka living in his basement out of my head.
  7. It does sound very similar to me. I'm now picturing some MNOLG developer in need of inspiration flipping on the TV and getting an "aha!" moment.
  8. It had a good run, so I don't miss it much. I thought the Breakout sets really perfected the character designs, to the point that nothing further was needed. And I never followed the story. If they were to ever bring it back, or reutilize any of its ideas, I'd like to see more of the Invasion from Below sets. Those were probably my favorite.
  9. There are a lot I can think of, but Miserix getting turned into a living portrait strikes me as a pretty messed up example. The lack of explanation or build-up was what made it so startling. Just, "Teridax is a god. This is how reality works now."
  10. Maybe check out Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. It's parent system is called Cortex (never played that though, just MHR). There is a lot of overlap between Marvel powers and BIONICLE powers already, and it's extremely quick and easy to re-skin the Marvel characters with a BIONICLE coat of paint. The game doesn't sweat the details so there aren't a lot of hard numbers to keep track of (eg. how much characters can lift, how fast they can run, etc.). It's designed to have the feel of a comic book, and has some simple mechanics that encourage people to get in character (using your characters' flaws earns you "Plot Points," the currency of the game). It also has something called the Doom Pool, which slowly grows as the players roll 1's, and allows the DM to increase the danger level in each scene (splitting the players up, introducing new enemies, activating certain character weaknesses, etc.). The basics are simple enough to get the hang of: decide what you want to do, pick a dice from each category on your character sheet that fits the action, roll your dice, pick 2 for the total and 1 for your effect, compare to see who wins (it's the die size of your effect die that matters, not the number you roll with it). One interesting note is that the d12 is the highest die and the game doesn't use d20's. I actually whipped up some character sheets for the Toa Mata a while back that I never got around to posting on BZP. They're attached below. Never made any enemies but they'd be easy enough to figure out. An example character sheet for something like a Nui-Rama or (swarm of them) would be something like: Example: Nui-Rama Affiliations: Solo d4 / Buddy 2d6 / Team 3d8 Distinctions: "Minion of Makuta", "Swarm Insect" Power Sets: "Great Fly" Swarm d8, Grab d6 SFX: Dangerous. Step back the highest die in your attack action pool to add a d6 and step up stress inflicted. Limit: Infected Mask. Shut down "Great Fly" power set to step up an existing doom die or add 1d6 to the doom pool. Activate a player opportunity to recover the power set. Specialties: Combat Expert d8 Seems like you have some good suggestions from other people on here, but message me if you're interested and I can help you with the rules and stuff if you need it. There are also some good tutorials out there on YouTube that can teach you how to play in a short amount of time. Gali.pdf Kopaka.pdf Lewa.pdf Onua.pdf Pohatu.pdf Tahu.pdf
  11. I think it makes sense for a potential reboot to stick to what few familiar heroes people may already know from BIONICLE: Tahu, Kopaka, Gali, etc. As we saw in the 2015 reboot, pretty much anything beyond the core six and Makuta got scrapped. I would love it if the next reboot brought back the Inika though, I thought their personalities were more interesting than the Toa Nuva's.
  12. These are amazing. You made them instantly recognizable as the characters they're supposed to represent from the game. Great job fusing the Technic and System elements in a way that seems natural. The construction of the torsos is especially impressive, with the way the angular pieces create the flowing shape of the robes. If I had to try and improve anything, I might try and think of another way to do Scorpion's upper arms. They seem just a bit gappy compared to the rest of him, and the shoulders sag just a bit compared to his chest. Other than that, love 'em, especially the little details like Scorpion's throwing knife. Nice custom Sektor too.
  13. Love the original color scheme and ball floating effect. Looks like it could be an official BIONICLE set which is always a plus in my book. Good job.
  14. Looks awesome. I like the color scheme and general sleekness. You did a good job of leaving few if any gaps in the build, and while he looks thin, he doesn't look fragile. I like the armored look of the chest and back and the use of the Inika shoulder plates for his calves. The navy/purple/gunmetal color scheme is pretty original too-- the only thing that sticks out is a few red/tan pins here and there. Maybe think about giving him a more customized head too, since every other part of him is so original. Nice job.
  15. I like the flared crest around the head, it reminds me of a dilophosaurus (sp?) or perhaps a bearded dragon. You did a good job matching that aesthetic with the weapon as well as the general look of the torso and feet. I like the use of the Great Matatu as his knees. He sorta looks like the official Karzahni set, wonder if that was intentional seeing as they're both tyrant-like characters? Pretty cool how you got the Zamor sphere to serve as the eye-- must have been tricky. Nice work.
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