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  1. I thought I was hallucinating for a moment.

  2. I've always thought that the contest system was a little ridiculous; or maybe not ridiculous but not capturing what it intends to capture. Public voting in general is problematic because it really is just a popularity contest; whoever gets the most votes wins. These votes can come from anywhere and it is not always the case that they come from the players that actually end up playing the game. And if it turns out that the emperor has no clothes and the RPG that is popularly elected ends up abandoned, then maybe the voting system isn't seeking to capture what it was seeking to capture in the first place. If you really want to capture player demand for a game, then you need to see what the player themselves actually end up playing, which is not something that a poll can capture; it can only be captured by having the game itself be played. Public voting can show support and popularity but it cannot show sustainability, which I think is what this forum is really looking for at this point. And I don't think that many games have accomplished this on this forum. Games being abandoned were a problem almost immediately after the system was introduced. In fact, I feel like games that were successful are in the distinct minority at this point. As such, I think a change is needed and some sort of freer, non-time frame specific approval process is probably best, as has already been discussed.
  3. Hello everyone. What has been happening? I always end up coming back here around once a year around finals time because I'm curious how the site is doing. Has it succumbed to the fact that Bionicle hasn't been made in years? Is the site still going strong? Simply put: what is up?
  4. IC: [Grethor] Cold. But not as cold as it could be. Deep within the wastes of Ko-Wahi, in the shadow of Mount Ihu, snow padded lightly on the city of Ko-Koro. Even deeper below, deep within the walls of the city, Grethor the Wild sat on top of a wooden crate that had formerly held firewood that was currently being used in an actual fire. Around him lay the entirety of the Xa-Koro refugees, arranged haphazardly, tents staked wherever they felt like, campfires nearby, weapons polishing, armor gleaming in the strange twisting light of the cave. Greathor adjusted himself and looked deeply into the fire, attempting to ignore his companions around it as they squabbled and diced. Two Skakdi, one white and angry, the other bronze and lazy, and one Matoran with one eye sat across from him. "This is complete and utter ######!" screamed the white Skakdi, his face a contorted mask of rage. "Why are we here?" "Playing dice," said the other Skakdi, positioned casually on top of a crate. Somehow, he gave off the impression of lounging even in such uncomfortable living conditions. "Gambling. Living. Stop complaining and roll the dice, brother." "Don't you 'brother' me, you ######!" he turned on him, clutching the dice in one hand. "You know as well as I do that -" "We know plenty of things." Despite the company, the one-eyed Matoran was oddly unfazed. He merely sat there, cleaning his wickedly hooked blade. "We know we were chosen. We know we were saved from the the destruction of Xa-Koro. Whatever comes next, comes." He looked up and shot the white Skakdi a dirty look. "Or do I need to slit your throat to get you to shut up, Domitian?" This was clearly an old argument. "I want...no, I NEED more than that, Likho. This isn't about me just wanting to kill things." Domitian stared daggers at his brother. "This is about being ###### COLD and sitting in the middle of the ###### SNOW WASTES! For what? NOTHING." He stomped his foot and nearly upended himself. "I'm ready for some ACTION." "I know you are," said the Matoran named Likho, somehow still calm, "but the facts remain. Ilhamotho will come back...and then I'm sure something will happen. Brykon was talking to him 'privately' and then he disappeared." He gave a thin-lipped smile. "He'll be back and then maybe you'll have your answers." Grethor adjusted himself in his seat and said nothing. The other Skakdi gave a yawn. "I hope not. I'm growing accustomed to this cave." Domitian ignored his brother. "MAYBE??! That's not what I need, pipsqueak, I'll-" "Shut. Up. And. Take. Orders," Lekho said, grinding his teeth. "That's all you need to do. Even you should be capable of that, Skakdi." "Like that's some sort of insult, I'll beat your mouth in with-" "I'd RELISH the opportunity to see you try!" "I'm sure you would, you little-" "Just shut up and roll the ###### dice!" yelled the other Skakdi, his eyes glinting suddenly, dangerously. There was a start, the feeling of something snapping, the sound of Both Lekho and Domitian suddenly paled and sat down, glumly, silently. Some of the other Matoran who had glimpsed over at the verbal brawl turned back to their own campfires. There was a long pause before Grethor leaned over and tossed the dice and let out a long, silent yawn.
  5. IC: [Klavier] Klavier smiled. "Of course, of course." He dropped the bag, the soft thump of the snow mingling with the soft sound of mutilated flesh. Today was one of the days when Klavier wished he could see. He could feel the wondrous architecture, the way the buildings were embedded into the glacier, like flowers from a meadow, he could smell the people bustling about quietly and he could hear the sounds of the ice creaking, the snow melting, the ground groaning. But alas, alas, he could not see! His vision failed him! Only prophecy visited him, but there was no desire there. Those were phantoms of past and future and what he wanted, more than anything, was to see the now! None of this came close to registering on Klavier's face. Instead, he remained neutral and aloof, his cloak billowing about and his sword a constant presence on his back. The captain led him to the door. He bowed. "I will follow you, of course. Lead the way."
  6. IC: [ilhamotho] Why, exactly, had he gotten so angry? The worry chased him like a wolf, jaws bared, as he exited the hut. He was already regretting his conduct. She was the Toa of the area, so of course she was suspicious of a scarred Vortixx carrying a giant spear weapon who just happens to use a false name. He scowled. It was not his fault, not at all, that no one had bothered naming him. So, he made them up. They called him "the boy" and "Vortixx" until that day. He still remembered it, his partner, a Skakdi, standing in wide-eyed surprise, over a horribly mutilated corpse. My body, flush with excitement, the knife in my hand dripping with blood... "That gleam...kid...Karz, da ###### did you do?" I shrugged. "I killed him. Wasn't that the job?" "Yeah, but......what da ######l Not like that! What did you do?!?" The Matoran had been ripped in half, from right waist to left eye socket, a long cut dividing the Matoran into two equal sections. A countless number of puncture wounds littered the corpse, each of them oozing. There was another knife sticking directly out of his heartlight and his right hand lay some distance away. I looked up and smiled. "I killed him, boss." My eyes gleamed. "I killed him." Redeye. Ilhamotho looked out onto the bay. It was time to face facts; no matter how much he tried to convince himself otherwise, no matter how much he tried to redeem himself, become a moral being, he just ended up killing things. There was little reason for his outburst, for his near murder of that Toa, but he still did it. And here he was, about to take a job where he would lie to a group of hopeless refugees for his own personal advancement. Oh, and for one other reason. To kill. In his deepest heart of hearts, he knew the truth: as long as he followed Ambages, there would be blood. And, as Ilhamotho knew, as long as there was blood, he would be content. He started to walk back to the fountain.
  7. IC: [Klavier] Klavier frowned. "I'm afraid that the prophecy directly pertains to the Toa Reordin. Or rather, to the Toa Maru as a whole. His wisdom has nothing to do with it." Actually, the prophecy also pertained to the Akiri, or at least that was how Klavier had interpreted certain sections of what he had seen. Based on what he knew, at least, which to be fair was not much. It was not a positive depiction, not in the slightest. Then again, not many of his prophecies were terribly positive for anyone involved. "Yet...if you can grant me an audience with Akiri Matoro...perhaps it would be worth a visit. Yes...I would appreciate that." He dropped the bag of Rahkshi down and grinned. "But what to do with this?"
  8. IC: [Klavier] Klavier hoped, for a brief instant, that the tensing of Captain Korzaa's muscles meant a fight. The chance to meet an opponent in combat, the chance to spill blood all over the bridge. The sword latched to his back was brilliant and inviting, the weight reminding him with every step of his ability, of his great duty, of his strength. The chance to test it was almost too much to bear. Then, he smelled her muscles relax and the moment passed. “I currently have to reason to stop you. I would not do such a thing.” said the captain, without turning around. “Now, I would be happy to assist you in delivering this urgent message, provided you inform me of what it is.” Klavier thought about it a moment. I suppose there's no harm in that. He nodded. "I simply wished to inform Toa Reordin of my prophecy. It directly concerns him and the other Toa Maru. They must be informed immediately if they are to take action. It is as simple as that. I am a Prophet and I am simply doing my duty, as we all must."
  9. I believe all entrances besides the Dark Walks have been sealed off. Nope. Check the Kini-Nui description: "It has several entrances: one below the Suva Kaita, one through the Suva Nui in Le-Koro, and six long Dark Walk tunnels branching straight from a central chamber in Mangaia to the doorsteps of each Koro are some to name." This is exactly why Hewkii has begun a project to change the exit of the Dark Walk to the middle of the desert. Wouldn't that involve moving the location of the city? One does simply move a large tunnel...
  10. IC: [ilhamotho] Immediate reaction: Violence. Bloody Karz, now there's two of them. Calculation, carefully weighing the odds. Best escape routes. A hole blown in the side of the hut? A hole blown through the two of them? Crossbow bolts were already loaded, would take a mere second to fire a grenade and burn the whole thing to kingdom come but that could possibly be unfortunate. Perhaps the hammer? Quicker, quieter, more brutal. Get the visceral satisfaction of watching their heads exploded like rotten fruit. Next moment: Annoyance. Mild anger. This Toa was one of the heroes that defeated the Toa Maru? He resembled and acted like a circus clown. The ice statue? The fireworks? All of it, nonsense. The Toa wouldn't last a day on a real campaign trail. Can't believe I let her get that staff on me like, certainly can't believe I lost my temper so easy. He felt red start to cloud his vision, the bile in his throat rising, tasted iron in his mouth. Then he was calm again and looked to the two fools, exhausted. Anger turned to bemusement. "So these are Mata-Nui's greatest heroes?" Using his spear, he stood up from the chair. "Pretty underwhelming, if you ask me." Of course they didn't ask him, but in a few months...maybe. War. He could smell it. One didn't simply raise an army and expect not to use it. Maybe, one day, he would see these two skewered on the end of a spear. The recipient of the greatest art of all. The thought brought a smile to his scarred face. From his vantage point on the chair, he could see the sky. It was a little past midday. "I'd best be getting back to Ambages. I'm sure he'll be looking for me. It " He started to stroll out of the hut, as if nothing important had happened. Nothing at all.
  11. IC: [Klavier] "Klavier. It is a pleasure to meet you, Captain Korzaa." He did not let the Matoran's frosty tone put him off. After all, he had dealt with far worse in his line of duty. "It is not a matter of if, though. I am afraid it is urgent that I speak to Toa Reordin, and the other Toa Maru as well, about a matter most important." His smile crept back in for a brief moment. "Unless you were thinking of trying to stop me, perhaps, Captain?"
  12. IC: [ilhamotho] Now he was mad. Not because he was being interrogated, no, that didn't bother him much, but there were few things that made his angrier than presumptions about his life. Sure, he regretted his past but other people were not him and could not and would not be privy to those choices. No one judged him, certainly if those judgments were inaccurate in the extreme. "Easy lies are better than harsh ones, Leah." he spat. He suddenly moved forward, his eyes intense. "So let's get a few things straight. First, I am not a criminal. The reason I keep my name to myself is for personal reasons, not professional. Not everyone can afford to broadcast their name around town. Names have power and I'm not one to give up power lightly." For the first time, Leah noted Ilhamotho's mechanical arm, a shining finger holding up two fingers boldly in the confines of the hut. "Second, I do not know what this trip entails. I don't know why I'm here or why my employer is here. My job was for one reason: protection on the Dark Walk." No reason not to say that. Seems plenty reasonable. His eyes were calmer now, but his body refused to relax. "Third, I do not know what my employer is doing currently. Your guess is as good as mine." Truth. I have guesses but nothing definite. "Four, I keep my weapon around with me because that's just the sort of person I am...and given the current political climate, that might not be a bad idea for you, Toa Maru." He put his mechanical hand down and felt three arrows move into the locking chamber. Just in case. "Is that all the questions you have for me? Am I free to go?" His face was mixture of amusement and red-faced anger.
  13. IC: [Klavier] With a grin, Klavier gathered up the spoils of battle and placed them back into his drenched sack. With one wave over in the general direction of the talkative Ko-Koro guard, he followed Captain Korzaa out the door. All things in time, he thought, still smiling. For the first time in a long time, things were finally going his way. Finally, he could begin his teaching, his true purpose, and find the one he had been looking for all these years. The place to start was the pieces of the chessboard, truly. And this Captain Korzaa would likely be one to aid him in this journey. So, he fought the facade of slight insanity and let his face mold into something a little less crazy and a little more relatable. "Dearest Captain..." he said, following her across the ice bridge, "I hate to impose upon you...I know we have not met or spoken, up until this point. Yet there is a favor I must ask you. I have heard much about the Toa Maru, the heroes of the island...I was hoping if it was at all possible to speak with the Toa Maru of your village, if that is not too much trouble." He shifted the bag on his back.
  14. IC: [ilhamotho] In that brief moment, Ilhamotho wondered if he'd be able to kill this Toa, Toa Leah, more than likely(but still unconfirmed) Toa Leah Maru, protector of the island, destroyer of the Makuta. Would he be able to move quick enough, stick a few crossbow bolts into her chest or smash her head in before she could retaliate? Or would he end up dead, a bloated corpse of fish food, left to sink and rot until he returned to the dust from which he came? It would be about a fifty-fifty shot, but he'd have to strike now before she became too alert. She didn't trust him, but she wasn't combat-ready, not yet, hopefully not ever if he fired off the bolts quickly enough... but then what? Instead, he leaned back on the chair, seemingly nonchalant. "Fine. Okay. Stighar is not my name but knowing my real name would not likely help you any. And if it did(especially if it did), we would both be worse off for it." The truth was simple and complicated: Ilhamotho was not his real name. Stighar was not his real name. He did not, as far as he know, have a real name. His mother had not seen fit to give him one. He had not taken a name besides "the boy" until he had first killed. Standing over that body, knife ready in his hand, his partner had looked up with a sort of awe and told him about his eyes, how they glinted with the blood of his former opponent. Redeye. But was that truly his name? No. Not anymore. He had given that up a long time ago. It was why he changed his name everywhere he went, creating a new identity for himself at the drop of a hat. That was his life. That was his purpose. That was the only way, as far as he knew. "I am here, as I have told you, to relax. If you mean why am I here in Ga-Koro, the fact of the matter is that I'm here on business, working for my employer who has seen fit to give time off. I started wandering, letting my feet do the thinking, even I wandered in here. Figured it was a memorial, not a dwelling place and well...here I am, the subject of a most harsh interrogation." "Why not simply call me Stighar? It will be simpler for both of us. Sometimes an easy lie is better to swallow then a pointlessly hard truth." He shrugged his shoulders.
  15. I'm really curious about what ways the Mahiki was abused. I thought it was fairly straight-forward: creating visual illusions and shapeshifting the user to a limited degree. It strikes me as one of the masks that has an interesting application in roleplaying rather than just in combat.
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