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    Stuck between your teeth.
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    Games: <br />Video- EverQuest2, all the Jaks, all the Ratchets, um... Bionicle.<br />Board- Bionicle, chess, monopoly, checkers.<br />Card- Poker, Uno, Black Jack, Solitare.<br /><br />Movies: My favorite Genre are Scifi/ Fantasy, Adventure, comedy, Horror/ thriller, I like little action... and little romance.<br /><br />Books: Fantasy and Scifi. (Wizards, Dragons, aliens, etc.)<br /><br />Music: My favorite Genre are Rock (all type), Metal (all type), I also like little Pop, Country and Rap. I like Classical more than those three tho. And spirtual.<br /><br />Animals: All kinds. Except fire ants, flies, mosquitoes, gnats, lice, fleas, ticks and parasitic animals.<br /><br />Colors: I love them all, but my absolute favorites are - Black, Blues, Silver, Greens, White, Purples and Grays.<br /><br />My hobbies include: Building machines and legos. Like Bionicle, of course. Meditating, going on hikes, admiring the beauty of Nature. Writing stories. Putting together puzzles (both video, picture and hand held.) Planning for my future.

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