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  1. [Hannah]: Be overwhelmed with NOSTALGIA.The tingle of INTENSE NOSTALGIA hits your brain like a week old potato. You remember the day you found this mysterious set inside your backpack with nary an explanation. You think it's pretty likely the answer is lost to time completely and will never come up in any conceivable form or fashion again.[Hannah]: Be past HannahYou are now Hannah...in the past. Past Hannah. Pastannah.This is stupid.So like...what the heck is this thing? You pop the top and breathe in the fresh smell of factory plastic. Mmm. A girl could get addicted to this stuff.[Hannah]::::The label on the package reads "Bionicle". What a weird name! You sure would like to know more about these Bionicles. That's definitely the way you pluralize that word you decide. It just makes sense![Hannah]::::You access your STATE OF THE ART computer and connect with your LIGHTNING FAST 56k modem to the internet. If the answers are anywhere, they'll be there, swimming on the digital stream like hungry little fish looking for a dangling query hook to hang on to.[Hannah]:::: You find a website that looks promising. "Bionicle Zone Power". What a cool name. This front page looks state of the art. A banner with an explosion on it? Now that's cutting edge.You decide to register.
  2. [brian, Hannah]: InstallYou, meaning Brian, install your server copy immediately while stashing the client for later use. You, meaning Hannah, finish installing your client. You of course already installed your serve to take care of Andrew. Boy, what is he up to anyway? If you were you, meaning Ray, you'd probably be pretty curious if he managed to take off yet, but you are you, not you, so your priorities are much more of the avoiding imminent squishing at the moment.[Hannah]: Aggravate Brian [Hannah]: Stop hiding [Hannah]: Engage in dialogue with Brian [Hannah]:::: [Hannah]: Be bored. Enter the next room. [Hannah]::::Wait... Is that...?[Hannah]:::: It is. It’s your Lehvak.You pluck the long-lost plastic bug from atop of what once was its hidden tomb. You can’t believe you lost track of this priceless treasure, this significant relic of your past.Woof, this thing has been buried for a while. It seems to have accumulated EXACTLY TEN YEARS TO THE DAY’s worth of dust.You feel a tingle in the back of your mind.
  3. [Hannah]: PANIC! ] HOLY SWEET POTATO! [Hannah]: Catch breath Law' t'underin' jesus. Your heart is racin! Man, maybe you should lay off the sodium a little. Just gotta catch your breath. Phew!Thank goodness you're both safe. [Hannah]: Make sure Pommes is safe. Pommes? [Hannah]: Search for Pommes Suddenly, you hear a series of sharp barks from your new backdoor. [Hannah]:::: Stones rain down outside as the mesa above you crumbles. Pommes must be nuts! He's gonna get flattened like a latke out there. [Hannah]: Save your dog! Your poor dog! You call out to him. Desperation sets in...but how can you save him when it's so dangerous to go out? Metric tons of rock crash down from above, missing him by inches.But you can't save him.You're too afraid. [Hannah]: Hurry! [Hannah]::::! [Hannah]:::: [Hannah]:::: POOOOMMMMMEESSSS! [Hannah]:::: [Hannah]:::: [Hannah]:::: [Hannah]:::: [Hannah]:::: [Hannah]:::: Pommes suddenly finds himself as your steed.Yeehaw! You scurry on back to the relative safety of your house. The one that crumbled like cardboard just a minute ago.Phew! [Hannah]:::: You return and take all the necessary precautions one would expect when one's life is being threatened by thousands of tons of rock hurtling from the sky. You decide now would be a really good time to get on the internet and check on everyone, and you're absolutely right to do so. You're as safe as a freshly sliced potato sitting innocently next to a warmed up frier. No way you're gonna be in the hot oil anytime soon, no sir!Oh look, Andrew's messaging you. [Hannah]: Look at screen [Hannah]: !!!! [Hannah]: !!!!!! [Hannah]: Fall in love with BowiespriteWell shucks buster and shoot pardnah it sure is gettin mighty steamy in here! What a strange commotion what has come over this innocent country gal. You are really quite a fluster! Your glasses just can't seem to stop fogging up at this sudden influx of delirium you are experiencing! Of course, when such a gentleman caller is present one can't very well be expected to be completely restrained. Oh Mister Bowie, you do tempt one so! [/font][/center]
  4. [Hannah]: Be as cold as iceAnother storm of stone comes to a head.[Hannah]: BRACE FOR IMPACT![Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]: Survive incoming doom.You succeed in surviving a truly horrific stone onslaught.[Hannah]: Muzzle poochYou would never! His sweet barks are like the yippings of an angel.He sure is excited about something though. Those nasty gophers must be nibblin yer potato garden again. Little pests just love the starchy flavor.[Hannah]::::Okay Pommes. Settle down boy.[Hannah]::::Pommes.[Hannah]::::Pommes-Frites Kanakanak. You calm down right now.[Hannah]: Remember to feed your dog.Good boy.[Hannah]: Contact a friend of yours.No time. You're too busy with your ornery co-player. A little tiny bit of domestic destruction and some people go nuts! Yeesh. [Hannah]:::: [Hannah]:::: [Hannah]::::A sudden horrific stone onslaught creates a tiny bit of domestic destruction.
  5. [Maddison]: Slam ddunk the funk [Maddison]: Turn it up
  6. [Hannah]: finish your comicThere. Artistic perfection. Magnificent. Stupendous. You can't help yourself. You have to show off a little bit. Few folks appreciate a good comic like Ray! [Hannah]: Flirt with Brian Well that'll be hard to do without a pair of stilts.[Hannah]: Advance the plot! What in tarnotion is that raquet??[Hannah]: Go outside, it's good for youLooks like yer gonna have to. Pommes sure has his whiskers in a twist about something![Hannah]: Wonder what to do next.[Hannah]: Inspect MailbagOh great. That doggone dog's gone and rustled the mailman again.Strange, you don't see the game that was supposed to be delivered today.[Hannah]: Locate MailmanThat ole boy's long gone, you reckon.You wish you knew what "reckon" meant.[Hannah]: Locate beloved poochYou don't know how you'll find him in all this vast, featureless wasteland you call home.[Hannah]: Quit fooling around and advance the plot already!Oh there he is.Uh oh...is that...[Hannah]: Acquire game for maximum fun![Hannah]: Quit fooling around and land already!Awwww yisss.[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::
  7. Probably, whenever the publisher wants us to release them.
  8. I work at Comixology and I had the serendipitous pleasure of editing Bionicle vol. 1 for the guided view app. I will keep yall posted for when we get the next volumes in!
  9. [Hannah]: Pick up your room!You've gone and upset yourself again. No way you can get chores done in this state. You need to unwind a little.[Hannah]: DoodleThat's a command you can follow. You start up a comic about some great adventures you had on a trip long ago. Happier times.[Hannah]::::Oh....[Hannah]::::Speak of the devil.You don't really want to talk to him right now.[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::Oh, who are you kidding. You oblige the musical goofball. [Hannah]::::Not a whole lot has changed![Hannah]::::Let's see what that goofball's doing.[Hannah]::::Oh dear. He's found the moonshine. No wonder he's so jived!What a dork! [Hannah]: Finish that comic!Right. Now that you've started this comic you can't let your momentum stop. A thousand unfinished projects are testament to that. [Hannah]::::Wait.[Hannah]: French fry senses...tingling![Hannah]: Search Come on you beauties, come on....THERE![Hannah]: Inspect Potato [Hannah]: Resist the urge.No! You mustn't! Control yourself Hannah! Isn't this the entire reason you're in this mess??? but...So....delicious....and it's been so long since you've been able to cook your own....[Hannah]: Fail to resist the urge. [Hannah]::::They probably won't even notice. [Hannah]::::Elsewhere, a canine nose raises itself at the sudden influx of a delicious aroma[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::No Pommes! Down boy!Looks like somebody has to go outside!![Hannah]: Put that dog on a bun and eat it!Ordinarily such a flagrant suggestion to harm your dear sweet Pommes would result in the despised 2X GAME OVER COMBO, NO CONTINUES EDITION, but luckily for everyone you're too busy thinking about those fries to worry about bustin some punks.[Hannah]::::You return to your now darkened room.Man you wish you had some windows in here![Hannah]: Create artistic perfection.You prepare yourself to finish this latest confounded comic while you savor the cattle-brandin good flavor of a deep fried potato slice, as perfected by the French. This? This is heaven.[Hannah]: Say...this seems...familiarWe've been to this darkened room before.So if we've settled the mystery of one silhouetted friend...[???]: What of the other?
  10. [Hannah]: Lose interest in southern twang and never speak of it againOh but y'all could never do that![Hannah]: Step into the clothesetYou step inside the clotheset, a position extremely comfortable to any self-respecting, cattle steering, spit hawkin, wrangler wearing cowpoke such as yourself.[Hannah]: Don the hat. Be the cowgirl.YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[Hannah]::::HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[Hannah]::::HAAAAAAAAAAAaaaooooooo are you kidding.[Hannah]::::You're no cowpoke.[Hannah]::::Just a city slicker.[Hannah]::::Only here because you chose to run away.[Hannah]::::Forced to run because of your own choices.[Hannah]::::He was so angry.[Hannah]::::You had a hard time forgiving him. And worse.[Hannah]::::He's never forgiven himself.
  11. Hey gurl ur still a punk, pfffft. PFFFFT.

  12. [Hannah]: Bind your Strife Modus to Taterkind.No no, you thought of that, but then the Tool Cache would just snap up your potatoes before you could get them to your mouth. There has to be something better. You briefly consider some of the objects around your house...[Hannah]: Forget all else. Your frien- I mean, potatoes need you!Of course. You know what to do.[Hannah]: Weild item of utmost powerYou know you've made the right choice
  13. [Hannah]: Admire the Chikorita posterIt's BEELAFF! Your SPIRIT CRITTER, according to the internet! She has yet to appear before you and dispense any sort of fragrant guidance as you travel along your path to SPUDVILLE, but you're pretty sure that's what she'd advise you to do anyway.[Hannah]: Draw something on the table.The table is not a paper![Hannah]: Wait is that the female version of Ronald McDonald!?Ooooooh Ma-NIL-la. You lovingly admire the haute couture of your dreams and wish you wish you looked this sizzling. Deep down, you think you could werq it.[Hannah]: Remember how you got Mr. Potato Head.The starched example of a gentleman stands proudly in your hallway, guarding the passageway from all with his enormous eyes. He manages to strike a visage that's imposing and maybe just the littlest bit handsome. At least he does now that you got Pommes to stop chewing on him. He's your spud to chew on and yours alone![Hannah]: Try to turn the Mr. Potato Head into a French Fry.Wow...this is possibly the worst french fry you've ever had! You take a few more bites anyway though.[Hannah]: Investigate pile of DoritosOnly half of this pile is Doritos. The other half is those theme-denoting corners you could clip from old Lego instructions. You try not to get your triangular treasures mixed up with your dinner![Hannah]: Wield PILLOW/STAPLER/DISHES/SPATULA!You can't wield anything right now! You've never found the need to equip a TOOL. You uh...tend to skedaddle when things get hairy. But you suppose there ain't no harm in putting any old thing in it. It's not like it's going to really be relevant to you out here alone with your pooch.
  14. [Hannah]::::[Hannah]: Try Again Alright, you get one last shot. You very carefully remember NOT to be so reckless with beloved family pets. You promise to never suggest they be put in microwaves, even if they've been sent back in time in a block of ice. Don't push your luck! [Hannah]: Investigate slightly oversized stapler You can't remember exactly who you mooched this neat office supply from. You mean found. It sure does come in handy though!Hannah]: Give stapler to dog. Run.[Hannah]:::: Go long, fella![Hannah]::::[Hannah]: Staple all the things. Eh....maybe later. You're gonna let Pommes keep the stapler for now.[Hannah]: Examine fridge drawings. Portraits, not drawings. Your artwork has graduated from fridge status - it's been a hard fight, but it managed to soar from the rank of MOMMY'S PRIDE to I'M IN LOUVRE in these last few years. You've hung some of it proudly over your art table over there to remind yourself of what you can achieve when you stop vegetating and actually do it - and sometimes it even works! You firmly believe in the importance of drawing from life. Lucky you, to be graced with such perfect subject matter! [Hannah]: See what's in the fridge. You do declare you're feeling a might bit peckish. Let's see what's in the ol' icebox...[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]:::: Yeah... probably a good idea to get away from that fridge. You guess you shouldn't leave food in there when you don't have electricity.[Hannah]: Investigate the stack of... something on the kitchen counter.Ah, your FRIED POTATO CUTTINGS RACK. Any Starchophillic expert would be a fool not to have one - it allows you to store your most exquisite vintages all together. Ooh... a classic bag of Pepsicolay's fresh, salty Pomme De Terre. Looks like this bag is from '97... a good year![Hannah]:::: Mmm. You must delicately waft the aroma. Drink it in. Oh...that's intoxicating. A crisp, well-balanced nose, enhanced by saline notes and an earthy texture. Playful ridges add just the right amount of complexity to an otherwise classic body. Your refined palate even detects that overwhelmingly subtle hint of sodium, no doubt the key behind that spectacular aging. You feel a stirring. A deep need in your soul to express the beauty of this finely crafted snackfood in some kind of physical form. [Hannah]: Clean the dishes. ...Not that physical form. Woof. You're not 100% sure those dishes aren't going anywhere on their own, but you can worry about that later. Or never. Instead you mosey on over to your table.[Hannah]: Use the Force to correct table posture. Come on, you are no Jedi knight - what do you look like, a Tortail?? Besides, this is clearly the correct posture for an PLANE OF ARTISTIC UTILIZATION anyway. But hey, you'll give anything a try once.[Hannah]:::: You picked this little trick up from a good friend. One who really knows all about this Star Force business.[Hannah]::::[Hannah]:::: Aack! You do not have the FORCETUDE to alter this table's arrangement.
  15. [Hannah]:::: PETTHEPUPPY. A domesticated DOG appears![Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]:::: The DOG used CHARGE![Hannah]::::[Hannah]::::[Hannah]:::: OH[Hannah]:::: OH MY[Hannah]:::: OH MY GOODNESS[Hannah]:::: Pet your dog, French FriesYour darling POMMES-FRITES bounds around the kitchen like red-pajamered rodeo clown in an attempt to corral your attention.It's super-effective![Hannah]::::His cute little BATTLE ENGAGEMENT FAKEOUT his way of trying to say that he's plumb famished. Time for a snackaroo![Hannah]:::: inspect dog food for any assassination attempts.You sniff around, meticulously inspecting each kibble and every bit. Just to be safe, you pop in a handful.[Hannah]:::: Pour that dog food.Only the best![Hannah]:::: Inspect Moochifier What Moochifier?[Hannah]:::: Inspect Moochifier looking device T'aint no Moochifier! This here's yer run-of-the-mill regular-style MICROWAVE. Not much good for mooching, only good for superheating the reaped spoils to a gummy, starchy stick. [Hannah]:::: Microwave your beloved dog. No.[Hannah]::::GAME OVER
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