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  1. I'll take a medium. Thanks!
  2. Well I know what I'll try to bring next time we meet! Thanks for the birthday wishes, y'all. I appreciate it!
  3. Emzee

    Happy Anniversary

    Yes, I did log in just to see what spinny I had now. That's what I've become. Real talk though: happy anniversary to BZPower and to myself. I can't believe it's been 14 years since I signed up on my old dial-up internet. Times were so simple back then. Anyway, I don't really have much to update. I'm still working on my video game. I've mostly just been trying to survive this heat. There's not much incentive to me trying to go out and meet people when everyone's all sweaty and gross. I went to Brick Fiesta earlier this year (as is tradition) and had a lot of fun. Will not be a BrickFair this year, but I'll try to go next year and make this into a 4-year cycle ('09, '13, '17). How have you been? Yes, you. I thought I just wanted to see the spinny but now I'm interested.
  4. It's great to be back! Just giving you guys a head's up from Dallas. It's nice to be back in what almost feels like home (the 2nd longest time I've lived in any city was in Dallas). Still - doesn't compare to Houston or Austin. If any of you ask are in the Dallas area, come out either today or tomorrow. It's been a great experience so far.
  5. Hi all. If you use Windows, you can download MNOG3D at my Dropbox for now. Sorry I don't have the other versions -- I don't use the other OSes, haha. Maybe others can come help with that. Enjoy the game!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY6FUtelkys I've started working on this game again. This is my progress so far -- hopefully the programmer art isn't too distracting. What do you all think?
  7. We did! I still need to post pictures of them, they look really cool (almost too cool to use!) Knowing now who all's going, I decided to or register. Sounds like it's going to be a fun time!
  8. Sounds like I missed a good one this year! I'm so glad everyone had a great time and I'm sorry I missed it. I think much of this is just part of growing up. This type of cohesion isn't something I think happens without introspection and experience. Can't wait to meet up again next year (hopefully in Vancouver?)
  9. Emzee

    RTX Time!

    Nice! I'm attending as well. I won't lie - RTX is a bit if a roller coaster - especially if it's your first time. However, RTX really is a lot if fun and most of all, everyone here is really nice. The Guardians are polite and helpful, and I think that trickles down to the community and attendees. If you ever get lost, just find a Guardian and they should be able to help (without making you feel too dumb). Maybe we'll run into each at some point. It's always fun to meet more Rooster Teeth fans.
  10. Emzee


    Hey all, just made it here to RTX! I'm currently staying inside the main convention center where it is safely cool. (In Texas during August -- who thought of that? It's a good thing I'm from Houston ). So who else is going? If so, what panels do you plan on seeing? I'm cooling off here before I head to the RWBY panel across the street.
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