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>Enter name.


>Try another name, you cool dude.


>Examine bio.

Your name is MADDISON. As it was not previously mentioned, you help run the blogs as a BLOG ASSISTANT. You almost didn't get this job, because you initially thought the message from Black Six was FAKE and a SCAM.

You have a number of INTERESTS. You really like all sorts of ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS, but you really like TRACK AND FIELD. Oh man. It's so COOL. You are gifted in the ARTS and specifically excel in ILLUSTRATION and PHOTOGRAPHY. You like all sorts of MUSIC and don't care WHO KNOWS. You like lots of SILLY MOVIES and TV SHOWS. Some might say you are kind of a NERD. You are also a NORTHWEST DAME who lives in the LAND OF TREES AND PORTS.

What will you do next?

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