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  1. What's up, bostwuk! I noticed that the combined file size of your avatar and signature is over 100 KB. Please read the Signature and Avatar Guidelines carefully and change your signature accordingly: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=2

  2. Thanks for the help, sorry about posting here, I was in a rush. forgot the q&a forum existed. really has been a while. bummed to see that the archive forum is gone, but oh well. close this up, carry on!
  3. yeah, I know the rules. this will get closed. I used to come here all the time waaaaay back and I'm feeling nostalgic so here I am. I remember a couple years ago when the forums shut down and they switched to this system, a new start, so all the old topics aren't here, but they're somewhere, right? Like wasn't there a forum archives or something, a link to the old forum with all the old stuff? anyway, what I'm looking for is the old "BBC Contest History" topic, with results of all the past contests, etc. And while we're at it, it's really too bad there isn't a new one, it'd be neat to see all the contests I missed the last few years
  4. angry nid is a beautiful manis this a FOX original seriesand that comic was good too
  5. wat it's your birthday

  6. bostwuk


    Still can't believe that Nid is gone. Without you, the world becomes a colder place everyday, sweetie. Anyway, that last comic was so dandy Nid would have enjoyed as much as he enjoyed flamboyant pants from his wealthy uncle. I thoroughly enjoyed the Feist reference. It was funny because she's from Canada.
  7. bostwuk


    Zonbaby that was a great comic, I have to sayand yeah I totally did the album cover sprite. don't hate me cause i'm beautiful.Drum? Potato? who's to say it's not a KANOKA DISK? (see what I did omgomg)also I dropped a super meta "2-deep4-u" pun in my last comic, I just love it so much
  8. bostwuk


    hey sweet peas and breezes, this is my comicI stepped outta line because it's been done a while and no one has heard from Caboose (WE STILL LUV U BBY)but hey, a baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do
  9. bostwuk


    If only we could kid about this...If I could give you any advice on any subject matter EVER, it would be to NEVER protest Nintendo, even if their minerals are slightly... conflicting...But anyways, HURRY UP CABOOSEi've got my comic (STAY TUNED) in tha bag and I can't go nowhere without you bby
  10. bostwuk


    loving these fillers. that comic about nid getting stabbed really cut deep.
  11. bostwuk


    KT that was a beautiful comic and I am no longer afraid to ___.those references, can only be summed up in one way:;
  12. bostwuk


    Oh just rock me like a hurricane, I just laughed so hard Caboose! i'm exasperated! dat punbut really I love the comic KT, Nid is indeed a beautiful man.
  13. bostwuk


    oh sweet breezes. this is so magical, the gang's all herethat second panel in the first comic was splendid, and I enjoyed the third panel of the second comic as well.
  14. ur hawt....

    1. Than the Moa

      Than the Moa

      BZPower is not a dating site.

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