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  1. Want: Red Matatu WMKK, VMKK, GPKK, SSKK Brown Komau, white Huna, yellow Ruru TOK MEK Protodermic Hau Nuva and Kakama Nuva Sealed copper set Scavenger hunt Mata Nui map and foil Lewa card deck from the TNGM scavenger hunt at LEGOLAND in 2001 Most of my BIONICLE stuff is at my parents' house so I can't offer much for trade right now, just money, but I will have many/most 2004-2008 sets (as well as various other BIONICLE items) available for trade soon, as I am mostly just interested in keeping/expanding my 2001-2003 collection. I also have an extra brown Matatu and brown Ruru. I live in the US. You send first unless I have reason to trust you. My trading references can be viewed here.
  2. It's not really a matter of the computer, but a matter of the operating system and, if playing in browser, the browser. You can put old software (including an old operating system) on a new computer.
  3. Thanks Torsti, very cool! where did you get those prototypes? I want some Do you know how to read? He very clearly told us exactly where he got them.
  4. TNGMs were originally available at Legoland California in a scavenger hunt. Back then they were worth about $20 each, and I presume that anyone who still has the original scavenger hunt sheet with it could be more than the current value. However, Lego had produced way too many so they sold them at Legoland California in bulk. People could fill up a bag of about 200 masks and it cost $25, or $20 for Legoland pass holders. BZP former staff member mfuss903 had 5 bags (1,000 TNGMs), and I assume that is also why some BL sellers have so many. They currently go for $2 each.
  5. I'll hold the CD for you. The posters are already pending, I have a few duplicates but they're not in very good condition. I'll include the duplicates free if you want them despite the bad condition.
  6. After shipping and packaging that would be less than $3 total, so no thank you.
  7. I believe the comics are Danish, that's what an online translater says and I got them from someone in Denmark. Here is a scan of the inside cover of the first comic. Shipping will most likely be $6.55 to the UK, so how about $15 shipped for all 8 comics (BrickMaster and Danish), or $12 shipped for just the BrickMaster comics?
  8. I don't know what language they are in, I just know that they are European. Danish maybe? This is the four I still have. I also still have English 24-27 with BrickMaster covers.
  9. It's hard to see the difference without having it next to a standard gold Vahi. It's not a different official Lego color, I think the batch just didn't have enough dye or something like that. It is noticably lighter next to a standard gold Vahi though. Pic Second pic Third pic
  10. If in the US, would you be willing to pay $10 including shipping? $15 if outside the US? (more expensive to ship internationally) Also, the Toa Mata posters are not in that good of condition, some have some rips in them. I live in Italy, but have access to an American address. So $10 sounds pretty good. PM sent.
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