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  1. This is my sort of annual visit to BZP to see how things are. This site was one of my main stomping grounds when I was in my teens. Man the time has flown by. I'm freaking 30 years old now! It's pretty cool to see that this place is still going. Well, until next time! -Serpent.
  2. I am currently cringing at the thought of whoever won that Sand Tarakava set not knowing the value of what they have, and dismantling it for parts. Also, not a prize par say, but I remember back in the way old days of BZP, one of the first threads I ever posted on was someone who received the last orange Vahi through Lego Support when (I think) theirs became damaged or something. That mask was made from a different mold when they made the gold plastic version a few years later (Still have mine somewhere.)
  3. Ten year old me would have killed for those throwbot sets. Those were some of the last sets in the line before they switched to Roboriders. If I remember right. The throwbots used the same kind of throwing disks that the early Matoran bionicle sets used. Like bionicle, they had waves of six sets in a plastic container that kinda resembled a shuttle. The smaller throwbots could fit inside, and the container had slots to stick it on your belt to carry it around. Thanks for the nostalgia trip!
  4. Vanilla beans are grown on a variety of Orchid flower.
  5. Haven't been on the website in years, remembered it this evening and though I'd stop by and say hello. Hello!
  6. Start keeping an eye out, My local Target had the Bionicle Protectors sets. Bought the protectors of Stone and Jungle.
  7. Didn't think this would happen so soon after Bionicle ended. Looking forward to seeing the new sets and whether or not the story is a continuation or a full fledged reboot.
  8. I picked up a Sega Game Gear in the local Goodwill last weekend, along with Sonic 2 and Pac Man at Value Village. Since I had a Gameboy that generation I have no idea what the good games are. Can anyone give me some recommendations?
  9. Bionicle.com used to have a section called "The Buzz" which had a Ling to BzP and another fan site. I first found BZP through that page.
  10. ....Aaaaaaaaand thats why I don't buy used bricks. Ew.But seriously, that is some clever use of Lego.
  11. The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo!
  12. That laughing gas they give you is trippy. Now I'm going to try not to drool on my computer while I wait for half my face to stop being numb. And I think the experience has made my tongue suicidal. It keeps trying to slip between my teeth whenever I open my mouth.
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