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  1. mercenary vahki

    Oh god

    I'm alone in a old house in rural Minnesota. There's creatures living in this house, let's call them bats. Bats have been known to forcibly enter my living space, but they have not been a problem since late summer. I hear them. Above my skull and within my life. Creeping and scratching. Probing for weakness. I shall not let this end in my defeat. I down a potion of strength. The scraping grows louder. Nothing can kill me. I am eternal.
  2. mercenary vahki


    If you're feeling like I once was and now am, you'll know that things always come full circle. That time of year has come once again, and faithfully We rise to meet it. Oh, of what time do I speak?? It is the time of Endyears, where years are ended. Charge into the future, purging your existence in the primordial solitude. Emerge a creature, lean and cunning. Grasp onto the threads of time, and propel us onward. And all will rise indeed.
  3. What just happened yo, this website went hard. Also, lol @ entry below. Anyone still remember me? Also, anyone want to play some league of legends? hit me up, IGN's MercenaryXero. Aight, real, peace out dawgs EDIT DEC 24 I would like to clarify that this post was written in jest. I apologize for any inconvenience.

  5. went premier again because I was feeling nostalgic went lifetime premier because I was feeling rich I'm going to try and ruin your day as much as possible per day, aka I will make an effort to write in this thing
  6. I can see them possibly coming out with a Blu-Ray set eventually.


    I wonder if that will depend on the DVD sales.

  7. I'm the type that would import the blurays if they didn't cost hundreds of durlurs. Thank goodness for the internet!

  8. Considering that Right Stuf seems to be the only distributor, and they only have a DVD set, I'm going to say no. xP

  9. Have you seen the dvd specials? they're good. Also is there a bluray release? I dont even have a player but that show requires 1080p

  10. I'm gonna get the super epic Sora no Woto limited DVD box set when it comes out. :D

  11. Thus proving that the highest existence of free thought is trolling
  12. mercenary vahki


    /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
  13. mercenary vahki


    Second season is just trolling its fabulous and awesome don't listen to anyone that says otherwise, they don't have the humors
  14. mercenary vahki

    Uze Gais

    ey im here and like doin it real good who got dat skype who got dat skype that i want to talk to apply within or pm i dont care
  15. the former how do you even get the z In that they're both addicting, yeah but minecraft is freedom, whereas farmville is slavery
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