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  1. Kayru

    Christmas is Cancelled

    Merry Christmas, SPI! Hope you find a way to be merry despite the circumstances.
  2. What is your price for the two misprint Kaukaus, and shipping to the US?
  3. Awesome! Ooh, developing full fingers would be really neat. As is, the blades give it a sort of Wolverine-y effect. I just started hosting a 'Cosplay' category at BricksCascade for wearable MOCs, so this is exciting for me to see! If you consider going to a Lego convention, you should bring it to the Portland one.
  4. Kayru

    A March Conundrum

    Hmmmm... what time of day? You might not be the only one who ducks out for a few hours to see it.
  5. Would you still be willing to part with a MEK or the TNGMs (and if so, how many)?
  6. Congrats to winning "Best Large Bionicle" at BricksCascade!

    1. Kayru


      Awh thank you! ^^

  7. Kayru

    Hello blog

    I regularly forget about mine. And then I can't think of what to post when I remember. So, can't blame ya... XD
  8. Kayru

    That moment

    You probably thought 'red-leather-suited hero' and mixed up Ant-Man with the first DareDevil. At least that's my best guess.
  9. Kayru

    D&D Characters

    Ahh. Lego is such a perfect subject for D&D character building. I took a picture of my last two campaign characters, I wonder if I still have them around... Haven't been in a campaign for at least a year, but the character elements and props are still organized into full bead cases just in case for the future. XD
  10. Kayru

    Best part about moving out

    Understandable, but I don't see much danger in it, since I know no one on BZP even lives in my quarter of the state. XD
  11. ...might be getting to name your own Wifi. Hostname: Lego Assassin Password: AwesomeIsPermitted (It's also nice to have one's Lego collection out for all to see. :b Still have to put up some shelving so I can move in my modular buildings.)
  12. I feel like he should be incorporated into some sort of Book Of Life -styled MOC. Looks fantastic :3
  13. Kayru

    I tip my hat to you, Lego.

    I find it funny how people expect Lego to put together things in exactly the way that would appease them when... gee, it almost seems like Lego was built to be able to mix and match whatever you want yourself...
  14. Kayru

    Heck! Heck!

    aw snap crackle poof ( congrats! ^^ )
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