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  1. What is your price for the two misprint Kaukaus, and shipping to the US?
  2. Awesome! Ooh, developing full fingers would be really neat. As is, the blades give it a sort of Wolverine-y effect. I just started hosting a 'Cosplay' category at BricksCascade for wearable MOCs, so this is exciting for me to see! If you consider going to a Lego convention, you should bring it to the Portland one.
  3. Kayru

    A March Conundrum

    Hmmmm... what time of day? You might not be the only one who ducks out for a few hours to see it.
  4. Would you still be willing to part with a MEK or the TNGMs (and if so, how many)?
  5. Kayru

    Hello blog

    I regularly forget about mine. And then I can't think of what to post when I remember. So, can't blame ya... XD
  6. Kayru

    That moment

    You probably thought 'red-leather-suited hero' and mixed up Ant-Man with the first DareDevil. At least that's my best guess.
  7. Kayru

    D&D Characters

    Ahh. Lego is such a perfect subject for D&D character building. I took a picture of my last two campaign characters, I wonder if I still have them around... Haven't been in a campaign for at least a year, but the character elements and props are still organized into full bead cases just in case for the future. XD
  8. Understandable, but I don't see much danger in it, since I know no one on BZP even lives in my quarter of the state. XD
  9. ...might be getting to name your own Wifi. Hostname: Lego Assassin Password: AwesomeIsPermitted (It's also nice to have one's Lego collection out for all to see. :b Still have to put up some shelving so I can move in my modular buildings.)
  10. I feel like he should be incorporated into some sort of Book Of Life -styled MOC. Looks fantastic :3
  11. Kayru

    I tip my hat to you, Lego.

    I find it funny how people expect Lego to put together things in exactly the way that would appease them when... gee, it almost seems like Lego was built to be able to mix and match whatever you want yourself...
  12. Kayru

    Heck! Heck!

    aw snap crackle poof ( congrats! ^^ )
  13. Kayru

    Filler Words

    I had a college professor who said "the following" a ridiculous number of times on a daily basis. I used to take a tally in the margin of my notes... I think his record was 47 in a day. Trust me, there are worse things to overuse than "um" or "you know". :b Actually, I think I stopped paying attention to "you know" after working in phone tech support, it seemed about half the Canadian customers I talked to ended almost every sentence (almost never an actual question) with "ya know?" or "yah?".
  14. Kayru

    orange juice survey

    I'd drink it either way, but I think I prefer partial/medium pulp. I usually make it out of the 100% frozen concentrate though because it's cheapest :v
  15. Thank you for occasionally reminding me how much I love mathematics/physics and greatly miss taking classes on it. :c
  16. I have yet to find a single one of these instructions in the usual venues, hence asking here. But thank you.
  17. Worst line in G1 BIONICLE?"Brothers, we thought we lost you." The voice acting on this line was so horrendous it nearly ruined the entire movie for me. It definitely ruined Gali for me for a long time. Worst character(s)?Sidorak was obnoxious... but Tuma was worse. Worst year?2008. I literally had 0... 'cares' about what happened that year... the story was superfluous and the sets were horrid. Worst set?Bitil. Ugggghhhh Worst wave of sets?2008 Toa. Firstly because they came separately as apparently two different things? I don't know the difference and I don't want to know. Secondly because they had such an awesome chance to bring back the originals in a great and respectful way (like they did in many ways for G2) and they just puked silvery unrelated carelessness all over it. And gave a stupid reason for the new look, on top of it. "did we forget to mention five years ago that they can shapeshift? what, that doesn't make sense? oh well, now it's a thing." Worst serial?I didn't read them. :v Well, I read the one that was single-image illustrations with text, but I liked it. Worst idea?Mata Nui isn't a great spirit, but a big robot. Worst thing-of-your-choosing?How about second-worst idea after my answer to #7: Makuta is a species - the one you know's name is Teridax and most of the others are just sort of 'meh' enemies.
  18. Kayru

    BZPower Company

    I looked for a BZP guild once I realized that Assassin's Creed: Unity has guilds. I was quite disappointed. There isn't even a decent Lego/AFOL guild.
  19. yo dawg I heard u like hands
  20. Kayru

    Nice Job, Riku

    KH2 Riku, too. Ooooo.
  21. To fully complete my collection of official Bionicle sets, I need the following polybags: 6126 - Good Guy 2008 6127 - Bad Guy 2008 6128 - Function 2008 6936 - Piraka & Catapult (2007) 6937 - Give Away (2006) They can be opened/used, but the important part is that they must include the instruction sheet.
  22. BricksCascade is in the Portland Convention Center - Portland, OR. So it's a bit more of a drive, but hotels and such are cheap enough if you coordinate with other people (which a lot of us do in the Convention section of these forums in the weeks leading up to them).
  23. Somehow I escaped having my soul stolen by photography. MUAHAHAHA! But seriously it's a bummer we didn't see more of you guys! I will admit that I avoided the hall pretty fervently this year, and in general this con was kind of a mood gutter for me this time around. Hopefully we will get a better chance to meet properly if you come to a full convention in the future. ^^ You should try BricksCascade if you can! Very similar talent level in MOCs, many of the same people and more, more space/less public clutter, and a fantastic return on investment with free Lego. Also, no one seemed to have plans for the 'sign-in sheet' so I still have it and am not sure what to do with it.
  24. Kayru

    My Thought Process

    It's important to find the right matcha for you- if you wanted, I could've sencha some of my personal favorites. Just be sure to buy good qualitea.
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