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  1. Fourteen years. My goodness, who would have thought?!
  2. I would like to comment on some of the issues here because both the blog owner’s statements in the initial posts and the following exchange have brought up meaningful points that are worth addressing, It is true, I think, that staff are role models. Whether this elevation of status is justified or not is up for debate, but I think few would disagree with the assertion. When picking staff we try to find individuals who would be worthy of being held as role models. It’s one of the major criteria we look for. I think every staff member in one way or another is worthy of the admiration of the membership body for the benefits they bring both to the site and to the staff team. To address a matter of concern in the comments, I want to talk about the maj galleries of members and our forum linking rule. I think this is a very valid point. The justification for a forum rule (among other things) is chiefly the need for parents to know that when their children visit BZP, they aren’t going to wander to another site that doesn’t have the same family-friendly rules we try to enforce. I feel the same should be applied to maj galleries, and from here out it will be but with a caveat. Unlike the forum rule where linking to any forum is forbidden, all maj galleries are presumed to be okay. If BZP admins receive a complaint about the content of a maj gallery, the claim will be investigated and if the admin agrees it is repugnant, then the owner of the gallery will be asked to remove the offending content. He is free to refuse, but at that point his gallery will be added to the word filter and any attempt to get around the filter will be met with normal penalties for attempting to bypass the filter. This rule applied to all staff and members, of course. I don’t view this as a new policy, but rather I see it as an extension of our existing policies that are evolving because the technology that supports BZP is changing. This serves as a great example of how our blogs have helped improve the quality of the site. The extra level of discourse they allow provides for meaningful discussion that simply don't fit within the context of the forum. Thanks again for bringing this up. BR
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    Poor Tufi... We were testing blog mdoeration abilities and her blog got to be the guniea pig.
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