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  1. Fourteen years. My goodness, who would have thought?!
  2. Hey there, so almost a year ago, I tried contacting you. Well, I decided I would give it another try! I'm opening up a bionicle Museum, I am down to the final 13 pieces I need to have the world's only 100 percent complete Bionicle collection! I all 8 grey plastic krana kal, 1 sterling silver krana kal, and 4 prototype masks. That is it! I was told by Black6 that you were the one who received all of the GPKK, andI was just wondering if you still had them and if they were av...

  3. Hello, i was told by Black6 that you were the one who received all of the GPKK in the past? i was just wondering what other rare krana and items you might have? and also if you would be willing to trade or sell them? I'm really interested in the GPKK and SSKK because they are the only krana i am missing. So please let me know, it would mean a lot. MC

  4. Happy Birthday even though it's not really your birthday because it's your join date.


    Ah well. It's the thought that counts.

  5. What, you all didn't hear? A 7 year old used to run BZPower. Then he had to quit because he had school...

    XD jk. I don't know how old he is actually.


  7. Dang. 7 years old already. *Sniff* Oh, how time flies.

  8. You CAN'T be 7 years old. If you are, you must be like Near, or something.

  9. I figure the odds of you seeing this are slim, but I got to try. I'm a returning member, left for several years, and in the intervening years my email account is no longer valid. How do I change it to be correct?

  10. Well, seing you go reminds me I wasn't here for ages. I would like to thank you for everything being patient with me reslovnig the things I've done wrong. Thanks again and good luck wherever you go and whatever you do. Thank you.

  11. How can i delete my account? please answer my question

  12. @Your group: Emphasis on "outstanding".

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