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  1. The Darth Vader they put out last year didn't have the LEGO logo. It looks like they will be making this a series from year-to-year and wanted DV to be in-line with everything else coming after. The Stomtrooper is new. Yes, these are both on my birthday (24 Nov) list.
  2. This will be added to my collection for sure. My family will be taking (US) Thanksgiving weekend/my birthday weekend to set up my Winter Village display. It's quiet the community at this point.
  3. I, penguin_poet, do hereby pledge to attend MakutaFest 2012, and enter for a chance to win both prizes.
  4. I asked while checking out with my qualifying purchase. The employee went behind the service desk to get the minifig magnet.
  5. Got my package this evening! Winter Village Post Office (waiting for Thanksgiving weekend to join the rest of the Village), City Advent Calendar (to be opened in December as part of my annual Advent photo comic), and the free gift (all I need now is a 2-liter of Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist and I'm ready for the holidays.)
  6. I got Heroica: Draida Bay, Creationary ($25 on sale), a Mando figure pack (free!), and my third magnet! With my TRU rewards, I walked out less than $25 poorer. BTW: I don't mind the figures being glued. I'll be using them as (wait for it . . .) magnets!
  7. I see many dirty looks in my future. Why can't a thirty-four year old man feel up baggies in the toy aisle without seeming like a perv?
  8. I've got $20 in TRU rewards. Another $20 out of pocket gets me lots of cool stuff this week. I may have to pull the trigger.
  9. I'd love for them to sell a HF Tub-o-Parts. It could work as a store exclusive like the '04 and '05 tubs. They could call it "Hero Factory Run Off" . . . or not.
  10. Furno 2.0 Red has been the focal hero's color since 2001. It's also my favorite color. It's now a personal tradition that my first set in any line is the red hero.
  11. I'm in. Batman's been my personal hero for thirty years.Joker gets in to penguin_poet's party as B-man's plus-one. Green Lantern with be great to add onto to make his ring Constructs. Iron Man was made for the 2.0 system. Hulk is adorable. I imagine there will be many comical misadventures in his future at penguin_poet's house.
  12. I had no interest in Hero Factory . . . then I saw the new 2.0 system. I love it. I have all of 2.0 and I intend to get all of 3.0. What I've seen of 4.0 (or whatever it's going to be called) has impressed me. I want to go back and get 1.0, but without the compatibility . . . .
  13. LOVED Exo-Force. Would love to get the sets I missed the first time around. (Still working on that money from trees thing.)
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