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  1. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula The heat from the door grew more intense with each waiting moment, as did Korruhn's anticipation. He had found many great things within temples in his life, but, then again, he had never been in a temple of the Makuta. Regardless, he was prepared to meet whatever fate may greet him beyond the mysterious door to nowhere. Goodbye Mighty warrior Cleaver of skies Meek gardner Tender of lies Hello The incantation left his mouth with such ease and cadence, that one would presume he had spoken it a thousand times before. Korruhn's palm began to quiver. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  2. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula The gaseous form of Miserix slipped briefly, almost so that it wasn't visible to the naked eye, from the body of Grime and back again. In the following instant, the landscape turned on it's head, the massive valley of temples giving way to a vast nothingness, rendered claustrophobic by means of a ring of pillars around the court. The Toa wasn't familiar with the structure; they hadn't encountered anything of the sort in their passage through the peninsula. Perhaps it was a construct born of Miserix's green gas, perhaps it was an illusory world belched forth from the Far Shore. At this point, in matters of discerning reality from falsehood, Korruhn was far from the most qualified. Regardless, the warm sensation that crept up his arm from his palm, affixed to the gravestone-like door, was entirely too tangible to be falsehood. He felt it's power ebb and flow through vein and servo alike, and he welcomed the feeling of power with an open spirit. To his side, Grime approached, inquiring about the taboo. "The Rite of Gluttonous Desecration. I hadn't found much use for it, considering I've yet to learn how to desecrate. Seems these Taboos are more than just a power, though." "When we walked past that mound a week back, you mentioned that you died there," Korruhn said to Grime. "Care to elaborate? Were you desecrated?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  3. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula The guest arose and walked away as quickly as he arrived, drawn to whatever being lurked in the shadows at the temple up the road. Hopefully it was an Aspect, and Korruhn could return to his task-at-hand. The fire still flickered and crackled, casting it's orange light out into the night, and Grime still sat silent in his spot, his head down, doing Mata Nui-knows what with Miserix in that crowded mind of his. Korruhn turned his attention back to the Matoran. "Our world has a peculiar humor when it comes to timing," Korruhn stated. "You know, the day I became a Toa, a Dark Hunter infiltrated Dume's Office. He was under the directive of a fellow Aspect; sent to assassinate me. Last I had heard of him, he was escorted down to the prisons of Metru Nui." The Toa took pause a moment, reflecting on a moment that felt like an eternity ago, but hadn't been more than a month and a half. The Korruhn of old, the Korruhn who existed for a time before Dume's Office, was a different one altogether. Inspired by his people, happy. Hopeful. That man was no more. Perhaps the Dark Hunter Waveahk had succeeded; perhaps the Korruhn that caught the ire of the Aspects was truly dead. But did they yet know the consequences of their actions? "The irony is not lost on me that he strode to our small campfire tonight; sitting down beside us, assessing whether I'm a threat. Hunting Aspects in the name of Metru Nui. The poor creature, twist by whatever miasmic horror he encountered, didn't even recall me. Even through the slime and gurgle of spit, I will recall his voice until the day I die. God is dead, but the construct of the universe trudges forward." His eyes turned briefly to the door beside him, the one that pulsed with power when he placed his hand upon it. It was tantalizing, the slithering cloud of darkness that surrounded it, the shadow hand that grasped his mind and tugged him toward. "Shall we return to the task at hand?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  4. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula "Fair," he replied. "But, I think you have a part of that wrong. Folks die together as often as they die alone, ask your new friends." From the shadows, another presence approached. Korruhn groaned. Can a guy really not have five minutes of peace on this island? You'd think for all the open space here, I'd be able to find somewhere to think, to work, without all these Karzing tag-alongs showing up. The Toa scowled, although his melted mask showed no expression. With any luck, their new friend would be an Aspect, and Korruhn could pit these two barnacles, these PARASITES, against each other, so that he may return to his work while they scrape each other free from his leg. OOC: @Toru Nui @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147
  5. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula "My people? Ha! If they were my people, would it not be peculiar for me to be here, instead of there? Those "people" don't know who they are; they lost that the minute they set foot here. No firm leadership, no progress. Karz, they even capitulated to the very barbarians who decollated their God and married their home with wrack and ruin. I am the only one of my people, as far as I'm concerned." Very curious, Korruhn thought, to hear mention of his friend Stannis once again. Killing Pridak, no less? Shame Korruhn didn't get to do that himself. No matter. The irony that this hapless creature had spent time standing next to one of the very beings he now seeks was not lost on Korruhn. "How did you come to be entangled with the merry band, anyhow? They're as much your people as they are mine." OOC: @Toru Nui @Unreliable Narrator
  6. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula "Astute observation," Korruhn replied. Grime, and Miserix, still sat silent beside Korruhn, fiddling with the strings of their instrument. The gentle plucks could not be heard over the howling wind that blew the fire aggressively toward the gap between temple structures. "You seem keen enough to understand that it does me no good to show my hand to the one who sits across the table." Korruhn paused a moment, reflecting on Metru-Koro. From the first posts going into the ground, to the same posts burning back to that very ground, League ships above. Peace talks. Capitulation. Sans, Ultan, Leklo, all of those who made Metru-Koro his home, gone. All that was left there among the ruins were coward and fools. No friends of his. "Metru-Koro?" Korruhn's laughter boomed, although muffled to a low roar with the wind. He was aloof, and his posture showed it. "You don't look like their type; must be a recent recruit. Gotta fill the boots of all those dead men, I guess. Last I heard, they were having a scuffle with the League. Interesting that you've seemingly turned your attention elsewhere." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Toru Nui
  7. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula The being before Korruhn bore the stubbornness of a pack mule, and a poor attitude, to boot. He was flustered, on edge. Perhaps in a hurry? Perhaps frustrated? No matter. Korruhn was enjoying himself. He chuckled a deep, hearty laugh from his diaphragm as the creature retorted angrily. "I mean, it seems like this is true," Korruhn replied, agreeing with the beasts' statement about Korruhn being more knowledgeable. "If you did possess as much knowledge as me on the subject, you wouldn't be asking me where the Aspects are. I can name the locations of at least two on Zakaz, right now. What have you got?" Korruhn smirked. "It doesn't matter to you why I'm here," Korruhn said. "I'm not an Aspect, nor do I come here seeking audience with one. Now. Why do you come seeking the Aspects in the first place?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Toru Nui
  8. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Islets A stranger approached, his foreign amphibian shape breaking through the darkness at the light of the fire. In the blink of an eye, Miserix disappeared, hiding within the form of Grime. Were Korruhn not positioned where he was, he wouldn't have even seen it; clever, really. Though he was still mad at himself for not having factored in her presence back at Fort Nektann, and he had hardly a conversation with her since, he had grown to appreciate her resourcefulness, and cunning. The creature entered the fold, refusing the offer to sit. Instead, he stood stark-still before the fire, Korruhn and Grime (and unbeknownst to him, Miserix), defiant and strong, an effigy to hostility and stubbornness. He was no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point. And the fact that he came all the way here, after all the things that had occurred on Zakaz proper, indicated that he may, in fact-be a bit too on the nose. Korruhn chuckled heartily, and looked toward the poor creature. "And of all the places to come on this island, you come to the most obvious?" Korruhn shifted, and rested his elbows on his thighs, smirking at the intruder. "Clearly you don't know much of the Aspects of Makuta!" Grime relaxed his grip on his instrument, confident that he wouldn't be playing a song in the next moment. Korruhn dug his toe into a crack in the hexagonal pattern of blackened stone on the ground, kicking loose a chunk. He looked back to the intruder again. "The Aspects wander the island since the dead god fell in the west. Who knows what they seek, but I've seen them there a few times myself. Not so much as a soul to speak of here, though. They abandoned this place eons ago." OOC: @Toru Nui @Unreliable Narrator
  9. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula Korruhn took a moment to consider all that Miserix had just laid upon him. His home, his god. An ark? If his world was merely an atom of a larger whole, then what really was he? Did it even matter? His world was shattered, his friends dead. The last being that he knew before a month ago vanished from his life. At least for now, all he had were Grime and Miserix. "My visit with Stannis...Caedast was brief; we didn't have much time to discuss matters, let alone of my origin. I had been with him but three days when we left the garage," Korruhn replied. "But I'm sure we'll have time to get to that." "And what do you intend, now that you have me, as you say?" He didn't resent the expression, but he was certainly curious to know what it meant. "I hope it should not involve playing hand of the tin emperor in the boonies." Sickness. Korruhn looked down at his arm, it's jet-black, jagged form not unlike that of the architecture of the Peninsula. "I was sick before I journeyed. I encountered a being, presumably from the Far Shore, in Ko-Metru. When Dume made us Toa..." He lifted his arm to show Miserix, "This." "Two weeks later, I fell into the lake of Mata Nui's blood. It took me there. I've navigated it a few times. I encountered a Matoran there, from Ko-Metru. I intended to go back, explore more, but it requires a sacrifice." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula "Ha, now you speak!" Korruhn exclaimed, sarcastically. The Makuta of legendary reputation had hardly said a word the entirety of the time since they left Fort Nektann. And of all times, to speak up now? "Ark? What the karz are you on about?" Korruhn retorted, slightly angered. It was not often he found himself in a situation where he didn't know of a place, being a cartographer and all. Not only that, this was distracting from the task before him. "What is this about? You must remember, some of us haven't been alive to wander this world for the eons you have." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  11. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula His eyes narrowed at the word. It was certainly a peculiar thing to bring up, even here in the valley of darkness itself. If it was what he was implying, his image of the place had been all wrong. "From my understanding, it was a karz of a place. Armory, laboratories, you name it. Why do you ask?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula The wind that swept across the Kumu peninsula was as violent and torrential as the nature of the area itself. Like the gaseous natural state of the Makuta that called it home, the miasmic gales of the land forced their way through the valley carved out by the temples lining the dimly-lit path, finding the smallest gaps in stone and armor alike. With it, it carried a near-constant howling that, combined with a looming perpetual darkness, would render all but the most fortuitous men mad. Korruhn's half-cloak, worn and tattered, billowed perpetually as he stood from the light of the fire he and his companions had gathered at, his form disappearing into the shadow. The rough, black stone that littered the ground crunched softly beneath his feet as it gave way to his determined step. The satisfaction his curiosity had demanded since his arrival in this place, put off by his rigorous studies, was finally within reach as he stepped toward the entrance of the darkened temple before him. The Toa had never seen anything alike it in his life. Although seemingly of familiar construction methods, the structure itself was entirely alien in design. Flying buttresses, monolithic in size, reached from the ground of hexagonal obsidian stone towards the massive front facade of the building like the fingers of Teridax himself. Massive columns, angular and unwelcoming, were held up by hideous statues of giant monsters and tortured beings, seemingly in agony under the weight of the gargantuan structure above. Flat surfaces were carved with intricate foreign runes, and some further with violent, horrific bas reliefs. And at the base of this seeming monument to suffering, stood a lone black door, with the symbol of a Taboo carved upon it's face, faintly glowing a sanguine shade. He turned back toward the direction of the fire, where his companions still sat, enveloped in shadow. "You never did tell me why you brought me here. You could have left me anywhere--karz--you could have left me in the hangar. I've been in your presence going on a month, and yet I still can't figure out why." Without awaiting a reply, Korruhn turned to face the door again. He was here, surely. But he still had to figure out how to get in. Doesn't hurt to try, Korruhn chuckled to himself, before placing his right hand upon the symbol on the door. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  13. Name: Korruhn Breed: Ba-Toa Breed Quirk: Ability to see in the dark (shadow imbued) Faction: Brief Description: Since his ascent to Toahood, Korruhn has retained little of his former appearance as a Ko-Matoran. Well-built on a sleek, solid frame, Korruhn bears armor of a deep, smoky grey imbued with brilliant white and ice blue highlights throughout, although any lustre and sheen has been pitted and marred by the many battles since. The armor has an appearance of master craftsmanship, offering both protection from heavy combat and the maneuverability of a stealth suit. His Kanohi is shaped not unlike that of a knight, sharp and angular with only a pair of holes for his icy blue eyes to burn from beneath, and Korruhn will sometimes cover this with the hood on his black half-cloak with white stitching and strange small runes, that he's never seen without. Through a horrible encounter with an unknown creature in Ko-Metru, Korruhn's right arm has been imbued with the power of shadow. As a result, his right arm appears much darker, the armor slightly more angular, and the arm seems to constantly give off a sort of shadowy smoke, although faint. After his encounter with a Taboo at the Ruins of Ice, his armor has been overtaken by black tendrils spread throughout his armor, and his mask now also expels black smoke. A later incident with the toxic protodermis lake on Zakaz further mutated Korruhn's appearance. Energized Protodermis has enhanced his biological features, resulting in his muscles growing beneath his armor plating. The toxicity of the lake has eaten and oxidized much of the surface of his armor, which is now broken up by patches of rust and delamination, and the armor appears fractured under his newly-expanded frame, pock marked with acid burns, although it seems strong as ever. His mask suffered the worst fate in the acid, melting to form the shape of a sickly skull over his face, with a dark, stained gold color to it. As a result of the Energized Protodermis, Korruhn's cloak stitching has turned a dark gold, as well as veins of gold appearing now in his armor and flesh. Background/Occupation: A former Cartographer of Ko-Metru, Korruhn excelled in this role as a mapmaker and explorer, until Destiny created grander plans for him. His tribulations took him across his homeland, pitted him against countless perils, and netted him a well-knit band of comrades. These experiences have shaped Korruhn into a finely-tuned combatant and tactician, Flaws: Suffers from a mild, but increasing case of Void sickness, resulting in clouded thoughts, distraction, inability to discern reality, and worse symptoms to come Void Sickness (Physical Flaw): You may use, discover, and research taboo rites. Your sense of morality begins to shift. Choose and add one new Psychological Flaw to your profile that goes against your current sense of morality. For example, if you “believe everyone has good in them,” your new Psychological Flaw might be “I am distrustful of everyone’s intentions until proven wrong.” Each time you enter the Far Shore, notify the GMs by tagging them in your post. GMs will roll a percentage die. On a result of 10 or lower, you are trapped in the Far Shore. If rescued, you return from the Far Shore as an Aspect of Makuta beginning your Grand Wish. Powers/Equipment: As a Toa, Korruhn is a master over elemental Gravity, using it to his advantage in both combat and non-combat situations. As well as elemental gravity, Korruhn has been imbued with the power of Shadow, granting him abilities from beyond the Void (including the ability to turn ambient shadow to energy, peer through another person's shadow if they permit, and plunge an area in utter darkness). Korruhn's Kanohi bears the power of a Calix, which, when combined with his elemental Gravity, allows him to perform near-impossible physical feats with ease. For weapons, Korruhn carries a pair of hook swords, capable of hooking opponents' weapons and tearing them to shreds. He also carries a khopesh for more personal, up close encounters. TABOOS: Through arcane rites and long-forgotten knowledge, Korruhn has gained the ability to sense, and (should he choose) mimic a psychological flaw of an opponent, and project it into their mind, or cast illusions, breaking resolve and tainting even the strongest of minds. Each use of this power separates him further and further from his sense of self and his control, creating a less predictable and more primal combatant with each use. Infectious Kraata (Upside Down Triangle): Goodbye Mortal Soil Decrepit and raw Shadow born cosmos Where I see all Hello Taboo Ability: Kraata creation, as per Character Creation header post. Gluttonous Desecration (four circles with a diamond draw between their center points): Goodbye Mighty warrior Cleaver of skies Meek gardner Tender of lies Hello Taboo Ability: If you are able and know the rite, you may perform the Rite of Desecration an additional two times on one willing creature (Maximum four times). Infectious Kraata Corruption (equilateral triangle with a clockwise spiral inside): Goodbye My Fickle Friend You breathe and laugh and love You glowing star You shed your light far above Hello Taboo Ability: When you physically touch a desecrated creature you may choose to remove one kraata from their body. A desecrated creature is no longer considered desecrated if all their kraata are removed using this taboo. The removed kraata remains alive and retains its current stage and variation. You are considered its creator. See the taboo rite of Infectious Kraata for all additional information on kraata. Korruhn’s Mutation: Six black handprints now appear on Korruhn's arm, although not visible against the obisidian of his arm. The hands change to a sickly gold with each kill, an eye in the center of the hand print opens as well. When each handprint’s eyes are open, Korruhn may either cast aside his mortal form, flaying his soul from reality and passing into a spectral realm of abominations, or he may summon an abomination into the world of the living to do his bidding while tethered by a leash of shadow. Once all six handprints have opened their eyes, Korruhn dies in an explosion that damages the current hex and leaves a shadow blight. Shadow Blight: all characters in an area affected by shadow blight are unable to summon their elements. Korruhn appears the next day, at dusk, two hexes away from where he died. The eyes on his arm are once more closed, and the cycle begins again. Korruhn may share this power with those in his immediate vicinity. Abomination Summoning Addendum: Abominations ripped from the Far Shore and pulled into the plane of the Time Between Time arrive unwilling to return from where they came. They fight desperately to stay in physical form, even though their fight is doomed to eventually fail. A summoned abomination has the following traits, quirks, weaknesses, etc.: Breed: Far Shore Abomination Faction: Far Shore Brief Description: abominations are dual planar entities and they exist in both the Far Shore and the Time Between Time so long as they are summoned and tethered via one of Korruhn's shadow leashes. They are made of multiple beings, ranging in stature and breed, although all suffer from being only partially physical. The more an abomination feeds on the living (excluding undead) of the Time Between Time, the more physical they become. Most abominations are no larger than the average matoran. Some, however, are terrifying monstrosities in stature and power. Please consider fair play and narrative balance when deciding the size of the abomination being summoned. If unsure, ask the other players involved in the scene for their perspective. Background/Occupation: abominations come from the Far Shore, a mysterious place with no known point of entry. Flaws: if the tethers that bind them are destroyed, the abominations vanish. Abominations cannot communicate in sentences, and at most understand the most basic of commands. They speak in strange tongues and use many words out of order. The summoner may choose to banish an abomination with as simple thought back to the Far Shore at any time. Powers/Equipment: Mask Attuned: Each summoned abomination arrives with the ability to use a mask of the summoner's choice at a noble level. The abomination automatically has the mask somewhere on their form. Abominations cannot change masks. Masks that require specific verbal or psychic inputs may be inaccessible in practicality due to abominations being unable to communicate coherently or hold on to more than the most simple thought. Shadow Born: an abomination may hide in shadow, becoming immaterial and invulnerable to attacks until the shadows are dispersed to reveal the abominations physical form. Far Shore Hunger: all abominations have a desire to feed on the nearest living being besides their summoner. The more they consume, the more physical they become. However, they will never be able to become fully physical and leave the Far Shore behind. KORRUHN HAS ACCESS TO THE ICE SUVA. (Too far for connection)
  14. IC: Korruhn, Fort Nektann Garage The tension in the room was thick, so thick Korruhn could cut it with his blade if he wanted to. He felt the tension as he took a few, brief, measured steps backwards, ensuring he was well within reach of Grime. He looked to the Matoran, and spoke softly, so the others may not hear. "Don't try anything crazy, not yet. Just trust me." His attention returned to that of the angry crowd gathering at the other end of the room, their rage seething. Korruhn sighed a disappointed sigh. "You know, I came here with the intent of having a conversation with Grime, in peace," Korruhn began, directing his speech toward Barius. "And yet, I had a suspicion in my mind, a doubt that your curiosity wouldn't get the better of you; especially your dear friend Parnassus. Anyways. The petrol? I can't say I'm wrong in that your floors do need a degreasing, but that's aside the point: the petrol is simply an insurance policy." Korruhn's right hand held a small torch he'd found in a toolbox, but he had no need to flash or threaten it at this point. Barius was a reasonable man. And despite Korruhn's boredom with the man's rabid dogs that now stood before Korruhn, he had no need to make another enemy today if he didn't have to. "Look, Barius. There's no need for any sort of bloodshed or collateral damage tonight, as interesting as that could be," Korruhn looked at Parnassus, smiling. He'd be nervous about taking any one of these experienced combatants in a fight right now, but he wouldn't let them know that. He would focus on Barius. He simply needed to strike a deal. "I need a conversation with the bard here, without the rabid hounds breathing over his neck. I'm sure we can reach some sort of agreement." OOC: @Burnmad @Conway @Sparticus147 @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua
  15. IC: Korruhn, Fort Nektann Hangar As Korruhn tipped the final barrel, near the back of the hangar, Grime, who stood between the Toa and the bay door to the ship, began to speak. He was destitute, disregarded. Forlorn. He wanted nothing more than to go to the Matoran, tell him who he really is, and that he would save him from his fate amongst the bloodthirsty fiends of Fort Nektann. But alas, he couldn't ease the burdens of the Matoran; at least not until they got out. Just then, a bay door was forced up loudly behind them, betraying the form of Barius amongst it. Conveniently, Parnassus and the Mimic had decided to poke their noses in as well. Barius, furious at the sight of the fuel, demanded Korruhn clean up. Turning slowly, Korruhn met eyes with Barius. He was ready to fight them should he have to, but he much preferred getting Grime, getting the ship, and then worrying about Stannis and escaping. He had to improvise. "Last I checked, petrol is a solvent," Korruhn sneered. "And in case you hadn't noticed, this place is a grease fire waiting to happen. You should be thanking me for cleaning up for you."
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