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  1. IC: Korruhn - Dume's office His hands still firmly clasped onto Leklo's shoulder, Korruhn's concern began to grow to a swell watching his friend mentally crumble in fear before him, no knowledge of why, nor of how to fix it. It troubled Korruhn deeply that, now with his newfound powers associated with Tohood, he was still powerless to help his friend. "Waitwaitwait, please, slow down," Korruhn's voice carried an empathy unbecoming of it's beastly tone. His eyes carried concern. "I need you to take a breath and describe to me what you're seeing, so I can help." OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  2. IC: Korruhn - Dume's Office As if Dume's office didn't already have half of the living Toa in Metru Nui, another came in in a rather strange fashion for the day: calmly, collected, and through the front door. In a strange way, that entrance startled Korruhn far more than any of the others so far. The proud, wisened elder Toa walked into the room with the grace of a stoic warrior which you expect Toa to be. His aura was confidence, leadership, and inner calm. A man like that Korruhn would be proud to call an all, but fearful to call a foe. All the while Korruhn was in awe of this grizzled veteran, Zataka had turned her focus away from the panel as well, her attention also focused on the newcomer. Her posture and tone of voice changed subtly, but noticeably. It was almost as though this fearsome blue warrior was reduced to babbling from her loins. Korruhn caught the name on her lips, Stannis, filed it away in the mental databank, and turned back to Leklo, who had had a drastically different reaction to the entrance of Stannis. The former Alpinist's face was twisted into a look of pure horror; his eyes darted around the room, focusing on seemingly nothing, and yet terrified by the nothingness on which he focused. He looked to Stannis, then to Zataka. And then to Korruhn. "Can you see them too?" His voice was low and fearful, as though he was scared that whatever was haunting him might hear him speak. Korruhn gripped Leklo's shoulders tightly, holding him firmly in place with all of his strength. Korruhn shook him briefly, hoping to snap him out of the trance, at least temporarily. "See who?! Leklo, you need to take a breath, and tell me. Who do you see?"
  3. IC: Korruhn - Dume's Office If someone had told Korruhn what today was going to be like a year ago, a month ago, Karz, even a day ago at this point, he could never have fathomed the sheer amount of chaos he would experience in a single day. From nearly dying while chute-surfing in Le-Metru, riding a giant Turaga all the way to the Coliseum, getting ambushed by a would-be assassin, to all of his friends as well as others becoming Toa in front of his eyes, Korruhn had nearly tuned himself out of the room's cacaphony just to cope. Which wasn't the worst, either, as it allowed him to focus his efforts on using the infrastructure of Metru Nui to keep it's invaders at bay. From across the room, a brief glint of the red horizon struck some fresh Toa armor and reflected into Korruhn's eyes. He blinked, and looked to the source of the reflection. Where just recently his friend the Alpinist stood, now in his place was a brightly-colored, sleek Toa, his bronze Hua cascading red light around the room. The Toa moved across the room, aloof in posture and carrying a wicked grin. He reached Korruhn, and extended his hand. Korruhn reached back, and each Toa's hand found provenance on the other's elbow, and they shook a warrior's handshake, both grinning. "I am Leklo," the former Alpinist said, his stylized mask betraying his grin. "Leklo, I'm Korruhn," came Korruhn's reply, as a wave of emotion washed over him internally. He had never honestly believed that he or his companions would become Toa, even when he convinced the Alpinist to join his cause all that time ago. And yet, here they all were -- a testament to the will of the citizens of Metru Nui, and the heartlights within them. "It's still hard to believe, really. But, unfortunately, we have no time now for sentiment. Zataka and I could use your knowledge of the Metrus to help slow down the invasion, old friend. Do you think you could help us?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Vezok's Friend et. al. Korruhn is basically open for interaction with anyone in the office.
  4. IC: Korruhn - Dume's Office Korruhn expressed his frustration with a grunt, both dissatisfied at the response he got, and disarmed knowing that, regardless what the Toa of Shadow thought, Dume was right. And he had moved on in the room before Korruhn even had the chance to give him attitude. Smart move. Across the room, Sans now started toward the door, but not without making one of his signature quips first. Korruhn chuckled, and briefly looked over to the Toa of Ice Sans spoke of, smiling at his old friend. Turning his attention now back to the task at hand, Korruhn moved to the array of panels and inputs that marked the city controls. Zataka was hard at work, clacking keys and visibly turning her head-gears at a furious pace. Instead of immediate interjection, the Toa focused on the city display, full of blaring klaxons and flashing lights. Although he studied the map, Korruhn knew it better than perhaps most others on the island. As his eyes fixed on a cluster of red dots in Ko-Metru, he closed his eyes, able to picture the entire scene clearly in his head. He knew the alleys, the traffic, and every facet of the buildings in the area. Dume was right; Korruhn could do more here than a lone Toa could ever hope to out in the fields. "Here," Korruhn said, his armored finger pushing into the screen, distorting the image and colors. "Two things. This unit here, they're in a bad spot. Great for hitting targets directly ahead, but their left flank is entirely exposed. If we send a squad of Vahki there, and close access to those two Towers, that will keep them pinned and exposed for a bit." Korruhn paused briefly, his eyes fixated on a group currently in motion, at an alarming pace, well away from the main fighting. He knew there was only one way they could be heading. "There. We have to keep an eye on this group. If they're on the path I think they are, we could be in trouble. They'd need Nuju or one of his translators, though." He hadn't yet formally asked to assist Zataka, nor had he even properly acknowledged her. He extended his hand to her. "Oh, I'm Korruhn. What can I do to help?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  5. IC: Korruhn - Dume's Office The panic and calamity currently occurring in Dume's office had grown to a swell, entirely unbecoming of such a lavish office. Or, what was once a lavish office. Now, the ornate trim, decorations, and delicate carpets were shredded, battered, or worse. The few moments that had gone by again seemed like an eternity, and with each passing second the moments grew more and more crowded, with people, voices, and ideas all competing against each other in the office. Korruhn had had nearly enough -- he didn't leave his home, quit his job, and put his life and the lives of others in constant peril just to be stuck in an office trying to make a decision. He had come here to ensure that Metru Nui, and especially Ko-Metru, remained safe. The displays on the screen flickering to life made him less and less reassured about the safety of his Metru. He turned now to Dume, anger rising in his eyes, his shadow arm now billowing smoke so thick it could barely be seen through. "I came here to do my part to save Ko-Metru, and the island as a whole. I fail to understand how standing around in your office bickering some more is going to accomplish that." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  6. IC: Korruhn - Dume's Office Korruhn had turned his attention to Zataka's calculated movements on the control panel. It betrayed a certain intimate knowledge of the instruments, but Korruhn could not figure out the connection between Zataka and Dume. No matter, not the most pressing issue right now. The Toa's hulking form stood near Zataka and the desk, in a stance of pride and readiness. The others in the room had begun to settle down, and it seemed that they may finally reach a moment where the group could coordinate on the task at hand: namely that red horizon that Korruhn had nearly forgotten about, although it spilled it's sickly sanguine light across every surface of Dume's office that Shadow could not reach. The Toa of Gravity and Shadow had fully immersed himself on observing Zataka at the displays; she, if anyone, seemed most likely to have some sort of a tangible plan at this point, so Korruhn made a mental note to stay near to her, while still keeping an eye on his friends and compatriots gathered in the blood red light of Dume's office. Without warning, the massive, yet elegant form of a native of Stelt burst through one of the windows, sending glass careening into every nook and cranny the office had. The creature hit the ground with a solid force, landing in a defensive position; it's heavy body shaking the floor of the room as it landed. The Steltians were known across the Universe for their treachery, and nefariousness, and even though this one's eyes betrayed a look of sheer desperation, Korruhn could not help but remain guarded. At the same moment the Steltian landed in the room, Korruhn took a few steps forward, placing himself between his companions and the Steltian, nearby to the Av-Toa that had examined his arm with Zataka earlier. His hood was slung over his helmet, elemental shadow hiding all features, save for the viewslits for his eyes, which emitted a cold, blue smoke that grew with intensity as Korruhn grew more hostile. He drew his ornate khopesh from it's scabbard, the slick finish of the blade carved with delicate, yet harsh runes of an unknown origin; the blade cascaded and reflected the red horizon across the room in a brilliant display. He slammed the blade into his shoulder twice to show his intent, then got into a defensive posture. The Vahki piped up first, their cold mechanical voices issuing a compliance from which they would not waver, and would enforce to the bitter end. The Steltian rambled and stammered, betraying exasperation in his voice. Suddenly, Zataka stepped forward from the defensive line, toward the creature. "Explain." "Down in the prison levels! There's a Toa there with no head! There's something down there! It wants to kill your God! Also something called 'Korruhn', but mostly your God!" Korruhn's brain began to race. Only mere moments ago had he even heard his name uttered; now, someone is bursting through the window talking about headless Toa, and wanting to kill him? Korruhn tensed, and consciously attempted to control the flow of tendrils of Shadow smoke from venting through the armor of his right arm. His fingers tightened around the khopesh, and he could begin to feel the energies of elemental Gravity and Shadow coursing through his veins. He stood at the ready, although he stood down just enough to focus on what Sans was now saying to the Steltian from behind him. Korruhn listened, and readied himself for what came next. OOC: @Toru Nui @~Xemnas~ @Vezok's Friend et. al.
  7. IC: Korruhn - Dume's Office The new Toa looked around the expanse of Dume's lavish office again, looking to all the new faces of his old friends, now empowered by Destiny and... something else. Korruhn couldn't quite place what it was, and yet he felt a certain unease at the whole situation. He'd spent his entire life as a Matoran questing for great treasures, studying the past; and never could he recall hearing of a time quite like this -- four Matoran, including himself, were now Toa thanks to a flick of Dume's wrist. It felt as though they'd been hunting discs for years; even meeting their new companion, Waif, felt like a distant memory. And now, before his very eyes, the destitute Matoran that he'd almost not noticed in Le-Metru turned into a brilliant, white-and-bronze Av-Toa before his very eyes. As the power of Light augmented her, a corona of energy began to warmly glow around Waif's silhouette. As it did so, Korruhn couldn't help but notice the burning sensation creeping up his right arm. Korruhn grimaced, briefly clutching at his forearm, where the affliction had begun. The shadowy smoke that had been emanating from his arm since the transformation turned now into a cloud, obscuring for the most part any discernible features of his right arm. A problem, yes, but one that would have to wait until the more pressing business was handled. His line of thought was interrupted by an airship's captain requesting landing permission. Korruhn turned now to his companions; Zataka, Sans, Waif, the Alpinist, Dume, and the others whom he didn't; although, at this point, he presumed all those gathered here were generally here with similar convictions. "I hate to cut this party short," Korruhn's newfound voices boomed through the cacaphony of excitement in the room, slicing through the energy as he imagined his new blades might cut through flesh. "But between radio calls, the ground shaking, and everything else that's currently going on here, we need to find a way to put these new powers to use. Anyone here have a plan?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Vezok's Friend @EmperorWhenua @Onaku @Azibo @Eyru and I'm sure I'm missing some of you.
  8. IC: Fa'amatai, the Untethered Although the former Fa'amatai lacked a head, his shoulders were constantly moving, as though his missing head was scanning his environment intensely. Though he lacked physical eyes, the burning, intense gaze could still be felt around the room. Fa'amatai's heartlight glowed with a sickly, radioactive green hue that pulsated to a sickening rhythm. As he stepped through the remains of the cell wall, he turned to his two compatriots. "He is here." A disturbing voice, disembodied and seemingly coming from all directions at once, attacked the ears of his brethren. Fa'amatai's voice was quiet, and yet booming, calm, but somehow imbibed with a pain and anger no mortal could begin to comprehend. "We His emissary, commit our bodies to His service." OOC: @Azibo @Nato the Traveler let's Kaita. Feel free to bunny Fa if needed!
  9. IC: Korruhn - Dume's Office The combination of Sans' utter ridiculousness and Zataka and Kohara's reassurances proved a potent formula for Korruhn's ailing mind. He felt the unease step it's way into a back room in his mind, to be addressed in less pressing times. Now finding the strength to do so, Korruhn found his strength, and pushed himself up off the floor. His hands found provenance on the sides of his hood, and he pulled it away, revealing the unique mask he now bore, giving him the appearance of a knight born from the very Void that shook him to his core. The new Toa examined himself again, flexing limbs and digits to get a feel for the resistance and strength, gazing upon his new, malicious-looking blade weapons, and quickly trying to decipher the odd runes that lined the edges of his half-cloak. "It's an adjustment, coming to terms with such a destiny," Korruhn stated to nobody in particular, still in awe of his change. "But, that is no matter at this time. Ever since I first decided to undertake the task of collecting the discs, I dreamed of this day -- of having the power to change the fate of Metru Nui for the betterment of it's people. But, I failed to plan beyond this event. So I guess what I'm asking is: what the karz do we do now?"
  10. IC: Korruhn - Dume's Office Concern spread like a sickness across the Cartographer's face as Kohara and Zataka handled and manipulated his shadowed arm, as though it were a foreign treasure of a lab experiment. Their focus was so intently on his arm, that they failed to realize the impact their concern would have on the Toa whose body the arm was attached to. He gulped, taking in Zataka's words. He knew when he first encountered the Abomination, he knew when he felt the tendrils in the Void, and he really knew now, as the shadowy smoke billowed from exhausted from gaps between the armor plates on his infected right arm. He grimaced, but realized that, given the situation, this was the best outcome. The Toa looked across the cacaphonous room at his friends: Sans with his usual humor (bless his heartlight), and his two Matoran friends currently transitioning as he did. He knew in his heart that, any day of the week, he would do the same thing in the circumstances, for he could not bear to see his friends suffer such a fate. They were all fighters, model citizens, and good people; the kind of people that the Cartographer initially left his home and undertook this great quest to protect. So, on one hand, this cross he now bears is almost a badge of honor, proof that even the smallest of beings have the power to change the world. Korruhn let slip a brief smile, before turning back to the two examining his arm. "In Ko-Metru, where our journey began --" Korruhn was startled by the new sound of his own voice, deep and gravelly; nearly unrecognizable from his voice a mere five minutes ago. Just another thing he'd have to get used to. "we found something. Or rather, I think I summoned it; a great beast of no consistent shape or form, a being of the black. It grabbed me, my arm, right before it disappeared." Korruhn paused briefly, thinking to himself how ridiculous this entire story sounded. "I felt it later. Photosensitivity. I thought nothing of it," his voice trailed off, as a clear image of the next part of his tale began to fill his head with horror. He had not fully recovered from the events before he began to verbally dive back in, for the sake of those now examining him. His voice was hoarse, and betrayed a fear unbecoming of the Toa. "I saw it again, just now. When Dume imbued me. The Void -- it took me there. It found me. It-- knew me. It called me 'Korruhn'. I don't know how I escaped." OOC: @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~@Onaku @EmperorWhenua @Azibo
  11. IC: Korruhn -Dume's Office The Toa hadn't even had a chance to take things in, or confer with his companions, before their new guest had approached him, inquiring as to his arm. He winced as he moved it toward her, still visibly in pain from his encounter with that thing in the Void. Although not totally sure who to trust anymore, he felt as though Zataka was one of the few he and his friends could count on in this chaos. He extended his Shadow arm to her. "Wha- what's happening to me?!" OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  12. IC: The Cartographer - Dume's Office Immediately may have been too perfect a word to describe how quickly the events Dume put into motion would actually happen. Before the Cartographer even had a chance to breathe, Dume placed a hand on his chest, and his heartlight began to sear with the fire of a thousand suns. A split second later, the Cartographer was hurtling toward the wall. The room had suddenly shifted in the brief moment the Cartographer closed his eyes. He was no longer in Dume's office, and he couldn't even be sure he was in the same realm as his companions anymore. Looking around, the matoran tried to discern any sort of landmark, and was more than puzzled when he saw none. In fact, there was not a single discernible feature in this place whatsoever; an endless expanse of colorless, formless nothing -- a Void. Panicked, the Cartographer's heartlight began to pulse rapidly. He instinctively began to run, although it was impossible to tell what direction in this myriad of nothingness, running certainly felt better than standing still. He ran with all his might, and even then it seemed his feet would never carry him fast enough to escape this formless nightmare. Suddenly, the ground (if one could even call it that) began to shake with an infernal rumble, coming from both everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The shaking threw the Cartographer out of his run and onto the ground, his body now frozen in horror. Beyond the seemingly endless horizon, a million tendrils, blacker than any black one could describe, began to wind their oily shapes across the Void, toward the Cartographer. With great speed they approached, quickly betraying their form to the eyes of the Matoran. On recognizance, his eyes widened fearfully: this was the same formless Abomination that had haunted him in Ko-Metru. Before that thought could progress, the hands of darkness had begun to reach at his arm, now burning horrifically at the site of his scar. He wailed in agony, the sound of his screams lost in the nothingness. "KORRUHN," a thousand disembodied voices cried as the black tendrils began to drag him down into the pool of black tar that was rapidly forming at his feet. The voices repeated the name, again and again, both a whisper and a deafening roar. A tendril began to reach for the Cartographer's face, and he closed his eyes... "...are you alright?" Waif's voice seemed to suddenly fill the entirety of the Cartographer's head, and he realized he was no longer in his formless nightmare. Nor was he a Matoran. The Toa looked down, as shocked by his new appearance as anyone else in the room. Gone was his slight, white-and-ice blue Matoran body, and in it's place, a powerful, armored body of deep grey with highlights of his former livery. He felt an unyeilding energy and strength course through his body, and he was soon aware of his new mask as well. As he brought his hands to his face to feel his new mask, the Toa suddenly saw his right arm. His eyes widened again. Gone was the horrible scar from his encounter in the Ko-Metru Hideaway, and in it's place was an arm that seemed to be made of the Shadow itself. Angular, cold, with a foreign look to the armor design, the arm emitted a sickly shadow smoke. The Cartographer grimaced, and looked back to his concerned companions. "I -- I don't know." The Cartographer was lost for words. He knew that becoming a Toa was the ultimate destiny, that it was the key to saving himself, his homeland, and more importantly, his friends. But, had the Cartographer really become a Toa, or something else? OOC: Last post with the Cartographer as his name!
  13. Name: Korruhn, Voidknight Species: Toa Faction: Metru Nui Brief Description: Since his ascent to Toahood, Korruhn has retained little of his former appearance as a Ko-Matoran. Well-built on a sleek, solid frame, Korruhn bears armor of a deep, smoky grey imbued with brilliant white and ice blue highlights throughout. The armor has an appearance of master craftsmanship, offering both protection from heavy combat and the maneuverability of a stealth suit. His Kanohi is shaped not unlike that of a knight, sharp and angular with only a pair of holes for his icy blue eyes to burn from beneath, and Korruhn will sometimes cover this with the hood on his black half-cloak with white stitching and strange small runes, that he's never seen without. Through a horrible encounter with an unknown creature in Ko-Metru, Korruhn's right arm has been imbued with the power of shadow. As a result, his right arm appears much darker, the armor slightly more angular, and the arm seems to constantly give off a sort of shadowy smoke, although faint. Equipment: Korruhn carries several weapons for use in a variety of situations, including a small dagger worn on his right calf, an ornate, otherworldly-looking black khopesh with ice blue highlights, as well as his Kanoka launcher. Background/Occupation: Enhanced by Turaga Dume and the Toa Stone, the Cartographer has become a fearsome Toa. Going by the name of Korruhn, he now turns his attention from hunting Great Discs to destroying threats to his island. Flaws: Suffers from a mild, but increasing case of Void sickness, resulting in clouded thoughts, distraction, inability to discern reality, and worse symptoms to come Powers: As a Toa, Korruhn is a master over elemental Gravity, using it to his advantage in both combat and non-combat situations. As well as elemental gravity, Korruhn has been imbued with the power of Shadow, granting him abilities from beyond the Void (placeholder until UN and I solidify what powers exactly). Korruhn's Kanohi bears the power of a Calix, which, when combined with his elemental Gravity, allows him to perform near-impossible physical feats with ease.
  14. IC: The Cartographer - Dume's Office The Cartographer replied to Dume by reaching into his pack to withdraw the disc from within it. As he gripped the familiar shape of the Great Disc in his battered hand again, he couldn't help but feel a compulsion to retain it - to withhold it from the Turaga before him. He and his friends had fought tooth-and-nail, and made many a sacrifice to bring these discs to Dume. But, a means to an end, as the Cartographer knew that the Turaga could do far more with these discs than a mere Matoran mapmaker from Ko-Metru. He smiled, and extended his hand with the disc cordially to Dume, slightly bowing as a sign of respect. "Forgive us for the tardiness; it's been a long journey, elder." The Cartographer's voice was as cool and smooth as the winds of Ko-Metru itself. "We answered the call, my friends and I. We fought hard, and have sacrificed more than I ever thought 3 Matoran and a Turaga could." He hesitated, again his mind drawn to the trials these discs represented, of the bond between this odd group that the disc forged. "So, here are your discs. What can we do to help?" Fa'amatai - Coliseum The guttural shriek reverberated off of the cold, filthy, muck-soaked rough stone walls of the lower Coliseum, ringing and deflecting from every surface until met with a shriek of the same pitch. The two cacaphonous signals united, simultaneously canceling each other and boosting each other to an incredible pitch that began to peel the very layers of grime from the stone walls. Fa'amatai the Untethered lumbered precariously down the hallway, moving like a being that hadn't yet learned to work its' legs; and yet, somehow appearing more menacing than any creature more composed. He could sense the closeness of the brood brother now, he could feel his breath in his chest, and he could see through his eyes as though they were his own. Fa'amatai the Untethered was both one and all, beginning and end, everything and nothing. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator GIB STONE @Nato the Traveler consider Fa'amatai with you now, feel free to bunny him if need be!
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