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  1. IC: Korruhn, Piraka Fortress Korruhn flew backward through the air, propelled by the force of Ultan's blast striking Axonn's mutated, battered form. He hit a low chunk of wall jutting out like a finger from the bed of sand, and came to an immediate--and painful--halt. He grimaced, not entirely sure how to respond to the cacaphony of synaptic responses signalling to his brain the litany of wounds he'd attained in his assault on Axonn. The pain blinded, and yet, Korruhn pushed to his feet with all his might. Adrenaline coursed through Korruhn's system, a combination of war adrenaline and sheer astonishment at the amount of damage he managed to put into the Titan before being repelled. He had seen the armor crack, punch after punch, Axonn's insides or whatever they were writhing inside. Protodermis still splattered Korruhn's entire silhouette from the flurry, and his arms burned from the weight of the battering rams he'd had affixed to his arms, which had crumbled in the assault. He groaned, and looked around him. Leklo. The Toa knew his friend was wounded, and wished he could have attended him sooner, but the push to suppress Axonn would buy he and his friends a few more precious moments. He ran to the downed Toa, and grabbed him firmly under the shoulder, lifting him to his feet. "You're alright, get up." Korruhn said, trying to inject as much hope into his inflection as possible to get Leklo back in the fight. He was no medic, but he knew how to get the Alpinist going. "I've never seen a mountain knock you down that you didn't get back up and conquer." He grabbed the now-standing Toa, and began to walk him back to the battlefield, until he could stand again on his own feet. As he did, Ultan called out to him, rallying the two Toa back to battle. Korruhn turned to Leklo. "You can switch out your mask with the Suva until we fix this one. Think you can hold in there 'til we can topple this mountain?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua @The Captain @~Xemnas~ @Unreliable Narrator
  2. IC: Korruhn, ruined fortress The situation was dire. After journeying to the strange, nightmarish realm known as the Far Shore, and speaking to the battered corpse (?) of Nuju, Korruhn didn't think things could get much weirder... or worse. And yet, another day on Zakaz. Atamai and Axonn shouted between blows, yelling about the discs again. Korruhn's brain honed in, suddenly coming back to focus. The discs. The temple. NUVA. If Korruhn could get them out of here, if they could distract Axonn long enough to get to the speeders, they could get away from this titan, they could get the discs safe. And most importantly, they could finally start to unravel the mystery of this island. As Korruhn finally gathered himself, the titan grabbed Leklo by the face and flicked him aside like a miniscule lightbug. "Leklo!" He shouted his name in anguish, although he knew it would fall on deaf ears, especially if he couldn't take some of the heat off of his friend. He looked around, searching for something, anything in the crumbled ramparts to give him an advantage over this fearsome being. The blood of Mata Nui had greatly enhanced his range and raw power, so Korruhn would need a two-fold counter. Spotting a pile of large foundation stone to his left, Korruhn moved to it, and observed the pile. One massive stone seemed like a perfect artillery piece, and two below it still had thick chains embedded deep into their cores. He knew his plan. Summoning all of his gravitational strength and the powers of his Kanohi Calix, Korruhn lifted the first stone clean over his head. It was an awesome sight as the shadow Toa lifted the stone, larger than he was, and with unbecoming might, heaved it high into the air, hurtling toward Axonn with great force. Barely stopping to take a breath, Korruhn drunk of the shadow of the night, enticing its power into his being. The shadow flowed through him, and he felt imbued with power yet again. Korruhn reached down to the other two stones. They were rectangular, of rough concrete, and slightly larger than the cumulative mass of Korruhn's forearms and hands. He wasted no time in taking the chains and lashing them to his forearms. Channeling the forces of gravity again, Korruhn rose to his feet, and took off full speed toward the titan. His resolve was as strong as ever, his stance unwavering. It was a terrifying sight, a Toa imbued with the blood of the Great Spirit himself, melted and twisted, with two large stones strapped to his arms. And even further terrifying to think what could happen if his artillery, or stone fists make contact... OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Unreliable Narrator @The Captain @~Xemnas~
  3. IC: Korruhn, somewhere between nowhere and there The battle Korruhn had left behind while on his trip to the Far Shore resumed its ferocity the moment the bestial form of Axonn had reemerged from the shining pool of Mata Nui's tainted lifesblood. So ferocious, it was, that nobody noticed the sharp crack of thunder, and a jet black finger of lightning reach down from the sky, prodding the protodermis lake before returning from whence it came in the blink of an eye. So ferocious, it was, that nobody saw the single wave on an otherwise settled lake, cast off from the lightning's point of impact, moving hastily toward the base of the fortress. So ferocious, it was, that nobody saw as the black hands from below threw the Toa known as Korruhn back up onto the shore, and retreat back into the lake. Korruhn gasped, a combined reaction to not only the protodermis in his lungs and flesh, searing and burning every inch of his body inside and out, but to the sudden return to the world of the living, and the strange implications of his visit to Nuju and the... Far Shore. Korruhn had known Nuju rather well back in his days as Cartographer, sometimes even working directly with him to interpret runes, or guide his path. But the last time Korruhn had heard mention of Nuju was a far cry from that. The Cartographer had never forgotten that moment, deep in the heart of the Hideaway of Ko-Metru. He fired the reconstitute disc, with naivety and and without thought, and the Abomination rose from the crumpled carrion on the floor. And in that moment, as it gripped Korruhn's wrist, it spoke to him. Nuju, no! Those words were burned into Koruhn's head as deeply as the acid burned into his flesh and armor now. Korruhn cried out, the agonizing feeling of the vestiges of the toxic protodermis lingered on his flesh even now suddenly reaching the forefront of his conscious thought. His body burned, a deep flame cut through him like no other sensation. Tendrils of smoke rose from the writhing body of the Toa as the protodermis cooled on his flesh, leaving veins of dark gold throughout his form. He rolled desperately in the sand, writhing and screaming, until the sand had finally absorbed the heat and the liquid protodermis. Now that he could focus on something other than agony (although the pain was still intense, he could a least manage now), the Shadow Toa opened his eyes, hoping to see more familiar surroundings. And he did. The lake was devoid of ghostly silhouettes, the world had color to it. Despite all the pain, Korruhn could at least find momentary comfort in being back here... wherever here was. Was it really comforting? The more he thought of it, the more he reaized he knew about as much of their current location as he did of the Far Shore. The frame of the Shadow Toa slowly rose from a laying position on the beach. His arms and legs strained with effort; searing pain shot through them with each movement. But slowly, the Toa got to his knees. And that's when he heard the blood-curdling roar. Looking to his left, outside the walls of the fortress he reemerged in, he could finally see the aggressor they had encountered. He was massive; twice the size of a Toa, with hands the size of speeders, and a massive halberd that looked very familiar with the art of cleaving people in half. And in front of him, were Leklo, Ultan, and Atamai. They needed Korruhn's help. "GIVE. ME. THE. DISKS." The mutant's angry shouts startled Korruhn, not for their tone, but for the last word. Korruhn's eyes widened. Disks. The Suva. Ruins of Ice. Destiny. Since arriving in this accursed land, Korruhn had begun to question Destiny. Had he failed his? Was Destiny even a real concept, or was the world just unbridled chaos, and destiny a false beacon of hope for those with aspirations for more? But with all of the Karz they had been through in the last weeks, all of the aimless wndering, all of the hopelessness, Korruhn, for the first time, felt in tune with Destiny. He felt the veins of time and path flow through and beyond him, and they would carry him to victory. The pain seemed miniscule now, in comparison to the power of his newfound purpose. With a final heave, Korruhn rose from his knees to his full height. It may have been Destiny, it may have been Energized Protodermis; Karz, it could have been a combination of but, but, regardless, Korruhn appeared taller than before, and his musculature slightly expanded. His armor, although marked with the scars of battle before, was now cracked and acid burned, with patches of rust breaking up the remnants of color into small chunks. Veins of dark gold ran throughout his armor and biology, and his shadow arm looked as strong, and armor as angular as ever. The cloak he fell in with seemed to have survived, still covering his frame and obscuring his features, although the white runes had now turned gold as well. He removed the hood, so as not to obscure his vision for the fight. And his mask? It seemed the Energized Protodermis had not been as kind to his mask, which appeared to have buckled in the acid, and melted to form-fit his face. What once was the mask of a chivalrous knight of old, now appeared to be a funereal effigy. A golden death mask, for a man caught between the world of the living, and the dead. OOC: Back in the realm, boys. @EmperorWhenua @The Captain @~Xemnas~ @Unreliable Narrator
  4. IC: Korruhn, Nowhere Struggling was no use. Korruhn could never summon the might to escape whatever this was, not to mention he was in the worst physical condition he can ever recall, currently. Instead, he chose to try to figure out who this Matoran was, and what he was doing here. "What do you mean, mutual friend?" Korruhn strained to speak in his current position. "Who are you?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  5. IC: Korruhn, Protodermis lake Falling. It felt endless, the falling. The searing pain of acid breaching the chinks in his armor. The crawling of flesh as protodermis invaded through membranes, transmogrifying and defiling his physical being of its own volition. Korruhn could not bear, and all subsided as he lost consciousness. --- Waves crashed, undulating against the crumpled form of the Toa in the pitch-black sand of the beach. His body swayed gently with the lapping of the sea upon the shore. The rocking woke the being from his deep slumber, and the Toa exhaled, violently upturning lungfuls of toxic protodermis onto the sand below his face. The breeze that whipped in from the godhead toward the shore was cold and moist, thick water droplets, slicked with oil, clung to every surface around. With it, it carried a distinct miasma, not unlike the air left behind after a catastrophic event. The smell was nauseating, which both disgusted Korruhn and assisted in waking him. He stood slowly, his limbs aching from whatever had assailed him in the lake. As he opened his eyes, he began to take in his surroundings. The beach looked as it did moments before his fall, scarred and marred where combat and speeders had staked their claim. The fortress--or what remained of it-- dangled precariously over the lake now, heavily damaged from the battle. Wind whipped through it, producing a horrendous wailing sound, not unlike that of tortured souls. The sand was... black. The sky was grey. Aside from bits of green moss dotting the landscape of black hexagonal stone columns, and the very peculiar sight of a rainbow in the distance, lacking a blue vein the world through Korruhn's eyes had turned a dismal greyscale. It was then that he noticed the silence. Aside from the howling wind, Korruhn could hear not a sound. Where had his friends gone? Where was Axonn? And why had they left him here, on the shores of the lake of death? Korruhn began to step away from the shore, toward the shelter of the husk of the ancient fortress until he could come up with some sort of plan. The silence did nothing but serve to amplify the cross-chatter in his brain, and he needed to resolve that before he could get in the mindset to move forward. Korruhn had taken about a dozen steps forward when a single black handprint, large and seemingly made of the same tar he'd summoned before, appeared in the sand in front of him. A second appeared, closer to him than the last. And a third. The Toa stepped back, and began to reach for his blade. And that's when it all went to Karz. He turned to run as the handprints picked up their pace. He could hear a disembodied growling now, like a beast baying at it's prey. He ran with all his might, ducking to and fro to lose the handprints, but it seemed to know his every move. As he looked back, Korruhn's left foot collided with a stone, and he crashed into the ground. As he rolled onto his back, and looked upon the scene, Korruhn couldn't believe his eyes. Matoran, Toa Turaga. All silhouettes of black tar, all walking in the same, zombie-like state across the shore and into the lake. Before he could react, the creature bayed again and closed in. A dozen black tar silhouettes appeared to rise from the ground around him, and they grabbed at him, their clawed hands gripping him feverishly and pinning him on the ground. Korruhn thrashed and threw himself around violently, but the aggressors pulled him with unyielding power, dragging him to unknown... OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  6. IC: Korruhn, Piraka Fortress The ground trembled as the hulking red-and-silver frame of the aggressor fell into the sea from the collapsing fortress, sending a spray of protodermis lapping up the shores, which were now rapidly expanding due to the collapse of the fortress' outer rampart. The Shadow Toa was so focused and strained in controlling the beast he had created, that he failed to notice the precipice that he stood on was quickly becoming a diminutive island. The act of summoning the monstrosity tethered to his arms, and channeling the elemental energy necessary to produce and maintain it, was incredibly taxing on Korruhn's body and mind. With every tug at the long, jet-black sinews of tar running from his wrists to the Shadow Being, he could feel his servos and connecting muscular structure strain and grind, piston fuel beginning to boil in his veins, and muscles began filling with lactic acid to inform him that his muscles were quickly running out of oxygen. His head pounded, and if he were able to sweat, he'd have been sweating profusely. With one final pull to the right, a bead of energized protodermis licked up the side of his small island, finding provenance on his foot. The sudden sensation was enough to break the Toa's mighty concentration. With a crack not unlike a whip, the shadow tendrils snapped free from his wrists, rapidly recoiling into the body of the Shadow Being. Without guidance, and the influx of power, the Being began to teeter, it's body being shoved violently to and fro in the tumultuous current of the disturbed see that was now up to it's knees. A great, vestigial wave from the fall of Axonn crashed into the Being's left side, already cambered, hitting it square in the waist. It fell to the right, but as it began to collapse into the sea, the Being began to disintegrate, it's particles seemingly defying gravity and dissipating into the shadow of night. As the carcass of the Being hit the sea, it was no more than a grain of sand. On the precipice, Korruhn's consciousness was rapidly fading; the attack had sapped every last joule of energy he had, and then some. His eyelids grew to the weight of portcullis', his muscles and servos became non-responsive, and the world around him began to spin in his optical receptors. The Toa tried desperately to fight through it, but he had no strength left to muster. The last thing his compatriots saw was the limp body of Korruhn drop to it's knees, and then fall forward, off the island and into the Protodermis Sea... OOC: @EmperorWhenua @The Captain @~Xemnas~ @Unreliable Narrator
  7. IC: Korruhn, Leklo, Ultan Abandoned Fortress, Northern edge of the protodermis lake Korruhn's optical receptors barely had a moment to register the scene laid before them amongst the ruinous ramparts of the fortress. He had leapt from the speeder immediately, arcing high in the air and bringing his feet over his head into a graceful backflip, with the assistance of his Calix, landing on the ground near the fortress. His ears took over perception duty as Ultan's ball of light was cast forth, and his eyes were flooded with pain from the intense light. Though disoriented by the sudden onslaught of his foil element, Korruhn was enough of a tactician to know that he could take advantage of this hindrance. Standing back at his full height, Korruhn closed his failing eyes and reached out with his power, letting shadow become his eyes. As the brilliant light reached it's place in the sky in front of Korruhn, he could feel his shadow begin to grow and stretch to impossible proportions, reaching seemingly infinitely away from the light. The Shadow Toa focused all of his might and elemental energy in a two-part maneuver: first, he drew on all of the ambient shadow in the area, amassing as much elemental shadow as his form could possibly contain, and second, he channeled all of that energy into the ever-growing shadow behind him. With a mental push, he could begin to feel the ground behind him begin to rumble. The smoky shadow that normally emanated from his accursed arm turned into long, black, tarry tendrils that reached back into the hands of his shadow behind him. With a mighty tug and a war cry from the Toa, the other combatants could begin to observe the massive shadow behind Korruhn peel away from the ground to which shadows were normally bound, and take form as it did. From the blackness of shadow, the tethers of tar pulled a monstrosity, seemingly from the very bowels of Karzahni. The Shadow Being rose to full height, and loomed over the crumbled tower before them. It's form was both awesome and horrifying: entirely like Korruhn in shape, the summoned beast lacked any distinct features, in their place a constantly moving mass of thick tar. More than unsettling was the shape that appeared where the creature's head should have been: a pair of razor-sharp hands, seemingly joined at the wrist, reached out from the stump of the neck, like the hands of Karzahni himself reaching out into the tangible world, crying for freedom and power. As the Shadow Being approached the tower, the hands spread apart, emanating an utterly otherworldly, horrifying growl, embodying both pain and rage to the nth degree. Korruhn could feel the power of this... monster. He could feel it's energy pulsing through the tethers, right into his core. The Toa took a deep breath, as though to drink of the intoxicating liquor of shadow. He grinned, and swung his right arm forward, clenched wrist seemingly striking nothing. But as he did, the Abomination tethered to him swung as well, and it's massive fist tore a portion of of the fortified wall before him clean from it's buttresses. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @The Captain @Unreliable Narrator @~Xemnas~
  8. IC: Korruhn, Outskirts of the Great Lake, north Korruhn had agreed with Leklo's sentiment about traveling into Metru Nui where the lake was thinnest; although he had faith in the resilience of his elemental Gravity, he was not sure how much of it he actually had left in his pursuit of Shadow, and he wasn't about to test that theory in any field but one of combat. As the speeders tore across the edge of the lake, the horizon began to give way to a crumbling effigy: a ruined fortress of seemingly local design, from what Korruhn could make out. It appeared as though it was quite grandiose in terms of local architecture, but it had seemingly given way in the wake of the Great Spirit crashing just south of it. Who knew what it had held before, or whether there was anything left. But the thought of checking it out, seeing if it at least had some weapons, was very tempting to Korruhn. Just then, Ultan began to speak, of the head, of the city, and the implications that came with it. Korruhn had too thought about these things, although he had tried to repress it recently, as he was trying to focus on the more immediate problems at hand. But, Ultan was right. The 'neck' of the head was not free; it had been severed. This much could be clearly deduced when looking at it. Where the rest was though, was a mystery. "It's hard to say, not only whether there are other bands of survivors still, but also where the rest of Mata Nui has gone," Korruhn paused briefly, the red satellite Ultan pointed out caught his eye. "I'm certain our trip to the city will come with more questions, but also many answers." Korruhn pondered this a moment. What answers was he really ready for at this point? "We should make a stop at this fortress. I doubt any of the locals are left, and there's a chance we might find more tools and weapons to aid in our trip to Metru Nui."
  9. That's reasonable. But if you take all these parts and put them into one frame, it still doesn't look great, at least from where I'm standing.
  10. Most of my points have already been mentioned, so I'll keep this short: From an outside perspective, the optics of this post just look way too convenient to be anything good. 2 months left in the game, panic sets in. Giant Rahi start coming into play in other areas of the map, Nuva devices come to play throughout the map (although very few people know of them IC), and Okuo (by no fault other than your own) has been in the Archives for a good chunk of the game. The time crunch leads to frustration, all of a sudden you have some mythical Rahi not only tamed, but as your mount, and then to top it off it conveniently drops Okuo right near where Sidra and co. have begun forging discs, and have access to a nearby temple. It may not be what you intended, but from here, it looks like you were upset about having been in the Archives for months, and wanted to make up for that as well as compensate for your character's complete lack of knowledge of the Nuva devices by conveniently getting into a fight with a 3-headed Gukko (also, why?) directly over where others are working on making discs to activate Nuva devices. Now, my biggest issue with this is that myself, EW, Nato, and others have spent a significant amount of this game on puzzles and solving them, one prize of which was finding these Nuva devices. So firstly, I understand a bit of your frustration for having a character trapped in an area for a large amount of time, and now having a time crunch. BUT, now you essentially undermine the hard work all the puzzle crews have been doing by injecting Okuo right into the middle of it, presumably out of your own frustration of trapping your character in the Archives for so long. Pulling a stunt like this makes me wonder "why did I go through the effort of solving this puzzle and uncovering the secrets, when I could just have spawned a Rahi from my posterior and teleported to someone capable of making disks and not gone through the trouble of the puzzle in the first place?" This just isn't storytelling anymore, it's like playing chess. But the thing about roleplaying is, the player and characters don't know the same thing. So I'm just really confused and frustrated by this entire scenario.
  11. Working on my second playthrough of Death Stranding; going for 100% completion this time around. I can't believe how many stories, items, and functions I missed out on my first time around! First playthrough was about 67 hours, currently about 1/3 of the way through the main story this time and 50 hours in. This is gonna be a long haul!
  12. Make sure you check the subforum for relevant topics before posting your own. This belongs in the Official RPG Planning Topic.
  13. IC: Korruhn, Metru Koro outskirts It was a sinking feeling, a torrent of loss, confusion, and betrayal that swirled around the Toa's cloaked head as he watched the scene unfolding in the distant village: ships lowering in the vacuum of silence left by the end of the fight, ramparts and huts alike crumbled and smoldering; it seemed even the defense force had begun to lay down arms. The village had never been much, nor was it Korruhn's home for more than a few days, but the people within it were all that was left of his home, and now they capitulated to the League, as if they believed their maelstorm of violence, conquest and terror would suddenly cease in hopes for peace. In Korruhn's experience, the League had brought nothing but war and abject horror everywhere they went, and he couldn't even begin to fathom a scenario in which they remotely understood the concept of peace. He knew deep down, that if the League couldn't convince the citizens of Metru Koro to follow their thin line, they would force it upon them. It was their nature, and ever since they showed up in the Silver Sea, they had proved that. He was utterly sickened. In his mind, the Matoran were beings of honor and strength, not a pack of shuddering invertebrates willing to strike a deal with the first person to make their posture waver. Perhaps then, he was the different one, and not them. Korruhn's conscious mind slipped back out of the whirlpool of thoughts to catch Leklo and Ultan speaking of home. Home. Korruhn thought he knew what home was; he thought that his home was among the Matoran people, no matter where they should go. He had left his peaceful life in isolation, and took a stand, believing that his Destiny lied in defending his people from any threat to them, and by extension, a threat to his home. But now, he had no known Destiny, he had no peace. And his home; his people, had given up. Maybe then, his home was really never among the Matoran populace, but back on Metru Nui, with the only two people he could trust and believe in. His mind's eye began to draw elaborate images before him, as he had once done with his maps. He closed his eyes, and he could feel the encapsulating feeling of the icy Ko-Metru wind enveloping his torso, surrounding him in the comfortability and anonimity of blowing snows and blinding rays of light cascading off of the icy sheen that coated nearly ever surface in his homeland. From the glistening white surface rose great gleaming towers, standing as an effigy and testament to the will of the Matoran people, and their thirst for knowledge, their successes, and their unwavering strength in the face of the harshest conditions. Long, shiny tendrils tied these towers together, like the shared Destiny of the Matoran race, seemingly now long forgotten. And the ancient ruins. Although not well known to most of Metru Nui's citizenry, these silent sentinels spoke to the great history and advancement of the people, who had gone from creating elaborate and ornate geometric structures, carved with the stories and histories of Metru Nui's people, built by the bare, blistered hands of their forefathers, to the technological marvels of chute systems, networking systems, and the creature comforts most knew. He found nothing but great shame in the fact that most did not seek out the history of their people, nor did he have the time to teach it far and wide. If only he had inspired more to learn from the past, perhaps they would realize the grave mistake they were making now. "Let's finish this war once and for all. I'm in with or without you, but I sure as The Pit hope you both are with me." The words resonated through Korruhn's skull like a gong. Even if the Matoran people would not have the bravery to do what must be done, he had found the last two people left who would. A miniscule smile crossed his mask. Even if he could no longer save the Matoran people, he and his companions could ensure that Metru Nui would not be forgotten, and that the League would burn at the stake for their crimes. "Metru Nui will not be forgotten. If we have to go all the way to Karzahni to have the heads of the League on a platter, I'll gladly take my seat at Karzahni's table." With nothing but a nod of agreement between the three, they fired up their speeders, and set off toward the godhead, and Destiny. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @The Captain
  14. Thanks for almost 2 decades of great memories, camaraderie, and creativity! Cheers to the future of this wonderful site!
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