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  1. IC: Korruhn, ??? From the next chamber over, Korruhn could hear the faint chattering of Sidra an the Administrator, violating his thoughts as he pondered all that the Administrator had provided him. His resolve seem strengthened in this moment of loneliness, and his hands found provenance on the lantern in the center of the room. He picked it up, turning it to and fro, examining it for clues. It was the only removable piece in the chamber, so he thought best to start there. As his eyes pored over the piece for clues, his mind returned to his conversation with the Administrator. "Interesting. And those who came here seeking Kroms teachings for their own motives--what did they leave behind here?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  2. IC: Korruhn He had hoped that the Dark Hunter would glance over that. Those 4 letters carved on the wall, stoic and mysterious in their unassuming silence, held what was possibly the greatest secret they had discovered. If Korruhn and Leklo could get a disc made, who knows what the two could do. But he was concerned; what would happen were Sidra to get back here with a disc first? Korruhn didn't trust her one bit, regardless of whether he respected her or not. "Well, this would be a lot less complicated if Dume were here now," Korruhn said, barely attempting to veil the slight against the Hunter. Without waiting for a response, Korruhn turned on his heels, exiting the room through the hieroglyph-laden hallway that led back into the previous chamber. "Administrator," Korruhn called out into the empty room. His mind had been half-occupied since the first chamber with the dark sigil that had painfully affixed itself to his hand, and he couldn't shake the feeling that someone--or something, put that sigil here for a purpose. And more still, Korruhn could feel it's pull; his elemental shadow felt emboldened by something in here, but without thorough investigation and a proper line of questioning, it would remain a mystery. "Who all has been in this place prior to us? Surely I'm not the first apostasized one to make it down here." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
  3. IC: Korruhn, ??? This phase of the puzzle concluded without the slightest snag, a thought which concerned Korruhn, which he subtly expressed with narrowed eyes slowly scanning the room like a Vahki on the prowl. His concentration was suddenly derailed by the subtle tang of... exuberance? in the Hunter's voice. From beneath his mask came a stifled, mocking chuckle. To think, if this newfound intrepid explorer had discovered her passion before she killed Dume and brought death to the Great Spirit, we wouldn't be here! If only I'd have taken the poor thing temple-hunting! The laughter continued, although only in his mind. Korruhn would let himself enjoy this brief slice of a moment, but he would not let the others know of any such enjoyment. Not now. As Leklo began a line of questioning with the Administrator, the Shadow Toa stepped forward through the newly-formed door, and raised his sigil-scarred right hand to the hieroglyphs to further examine them, in an attempt to understand just where they were... OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
  4. IC: Korruhn, ??? Korruhn pondered the Hunter's question a moment, his eyes glazed over; transfixed on the symbols and the problem before them. "Each charm has a different number of lines; there's only two different numbers of circles," Korruhn noted. "I say we try number of lines, first. What do you two think?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
  5. IC: Korruhn, ??? Korruhn rubbed his accursed right arm, still slightly numb from the pain of traveling through the portal. The pain would soon subside, back to the normal level Korruhn was used to anytime he ventured into the light. As his mind emptied of pain, he found himself taking in the sparse new frozen chamber, and began surmising how to get through this room. "Sidra," Korruhn spoke into the silence, uttering the hunter's name for the first time. "Try taking the lantern to the ice caps. Maybe each face of the lantern interacts with one specific tube." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
  6. IC: Korruhn, ??? The beings' reply both baffled and startled Korruhn. He knew full well that they were in a foreign world, but never in eons did he ever expect to find a place that knew not of Metru Nui, or the Great Spirit. It spoke of Tren Krom, oddly enough. The pieces didn't fit. Leklo's response about summed up the general mood of the adventuring party, and he stepped forward into the purple and gold maelstrom and disappeared. Korruhn hesitated a moment, stopped by a momentary guilt at the thought of entering a place far from accessible to the refugee camp, and all those who he had a duty to protect. He had no fear of the portal and what may lie beyond; previous encounters with portals had quickly shaken that fear loose. As he stepped forward, he became suddenly aware of the still-throbbing sigil burned onto his hand. His eyes met it again, and his brow furrowed in frustration at something that bothered him from the moment the disembodied voice spoke. If the beings that operate, and presumably constructed this elevator-and-portal complex are so opposed to the way of shadow, why then did their entrance device contain this dark sigil, and why did it seem to guide him the same way the Administrator was? OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
  7. IC: Korruhn, ??? The Administrator spoke few words, and yet each word seemed to unfurl into a deep, intangible mystery of its' own. Speak of Builders, Kaita; jargon Korruhn would associate with the archaic, not something he'd expect in a conversation here and now. Then again, he had no idea where here was, or even when at this point. "I abandoned nothing," Korruhn stated firmly. "I was cursed with whatever this is trying to fulfill my destiny; to save Metru Nui from it's own destruction!" His right hand clenched into a fist at the thought; he couldn't even save his home, and he had the scars to prove it. "How then, 'Administrator', can we prove our destiny, when we don't know what it is anymore?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
  8. IC: Korruhn, ??? The Ruin of Ice, issulive and mysterious in it's unrecognizable state of decay, was actually some sort of... elevator? The revelation was baffling; in all of his travels, Korruhn had never come across anything of the sort. False walls, trapdoors, Karz--even portals to other dimensions. But an elevator spiraling Mata Nui-knows how far down beneath the surface of the island? That's new. As the disembodied voice greeted them, Korruhn was still so enthralled in thought that hadn't the chance to ponder the disembodied voice, or why it called him an apostate. "I am Korruhn, these are Leklo and Sidra. Where are we?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
  9. IC: Korruhn, Ruin of Ice The Toa's eyes widened as his input was finally received. He was so close now, and there were only so many charms left to try. He scoured his mind, mulling over the charms, and which would be the most likely fit. After humming and hawing a moment, his right index finger prodded back into the snow, and drew the symbol for willpower. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
  10. IC: Korruhn, Ruin of Ice Korruhn stared intently at the writing on the wall for at least the tenth time today, but this time, his face carried a new resolve, a conundrum of deep thought and brewing excitement. He coudln't believe that he hand't seen it--hadn't made the connection before. The phrases were charms, they had to be. And the snow in the bowl? A writing material. Korruhn turned back to his companions, and the podium. "Le-Metru," he said to Leklo as he walked by, a grin on his face. "Charms. The bowl." Korruhn couldn't muster a full sentence at this point, as his full attention was on the snow in the podium's bowl, now standing before him. With his finger, he traced three symbols into the snow, in a very particular order: Destiny, Peace, Duty. He wasn't totally sure if he had the charms right, but the Toa was certain this was the method to activate the door, and find out what lay behind it. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
  11. IC: Korruhn, Ruin of Ice Korruhn's fist hit the podium, and an ancient, forgotten curse word he had found scrawled onto a temple wall back in Metru Nui left his mouth with great anger, filling the room. It had become harder and harder for Korruhn to control his rage as of late, and the revelation that they were trapped in this temple, with no lead on a way out, while the citizens of Metru Koro were probably in danger from one of the hundreds of only-Mata Nui-knows-what species that roam this accursed scar in the ocean they call an island. He was stumped, and he was afraid. By this point, Korruhn was about ready to try anything. He concentrated on the darkness in the room, pulling it toward his right fist, beginning to swirl around him in a tangible storm of the blackest of blacks. Manipulating the curling black shadow, he cast it into the bowl of the podium, hoping to activate something--anything. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC: Korruhn, Ruin of Ice Korruhn had no qualms, and his mind was clear as the sharp back peak of his khopesh slid through the thick black flesh of his right wrist. His eyes met those of Leklo and Sidra, and he looked back down as the podium began to fill with the blood of the three. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  13. IC: Korruhn, Ruin of Ice "Hm. It very well could be." Korruhn was already drawing his khopesh--at this point Korruhn had no reservations about what he may need to do to get beyond this room. The thought of a sort of blood ritual left Korruhn slightly perplexed, but unfazed. He had seem many a strange ruin back on Metru Nui, with myriad depictions of unspoken rites and mysterious rituals. Whoever built these temples understood a far different reality than we. Should Korruhn come to understand this ancient worldview, perhaps he could use it against all those in opposition of his people. Korruhn raised his right arm, wrist to the ceiling, and the khopesh in his other hand, blade hovering an inch over his right wrist. Shadow plumed from his arm at an alarming rate since he had contacted the sigil, and the bowl of the podium awaited the blood like a hungry maw below him. "If we are all in agreeance, then," Korruhn trailed off briefly, his cold blue eyes meeting those of his companions. "Let's begin this blood ritual." OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
  14. IC: Korruhn "That leaves only one problem left to solve: how do we activate the podium?" Korruhn asked. "Do the written clues give any sort of direction?"
  15. IC: Korruhn, Ruin of Ice Korruhn's left arm instinctively clutched the right hand at the site of the supernatural... burn? Whatever it was, it karzing hurt, and as Korruhn looked back to the pedestal to see the symbol was gone, somehow transferred directly from the podium to his flesh. Although he felt searing pain pulsing rhythmically down his neuron pathways, he also felt the tantalization of an immense power of unknown origin. In pain, and puzzled, Korruhn turned his attention back to the task at hand. "Then the only way out is through that door, then," Korruhn hummed and hawed, glancing back and forth between the podium and the carved door. The placement was too perfect--too deliberate to not be connected. He turned back to Sidra. What did you see with the mask, hunter?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler
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