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  1. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula The old wizard pursed his lips slightly before his reply, a brief moment of hesitation, but one nonetheless. He knew more than he was letting on. In fact, he may even know who had the other two. Interesting. He asked of the Far Shore, and Korruhn's attunement to it. He was right, the void-touched Toa had caught the familiar scent of wet death that seemed to permeate the whole of the shore and those who entered it. It hung onto him like rain after a storm. "If that's the case, then I'm your best shot at getting the other three," Korruhn surmised. He placed the stone in his pocket, and leaned toward Stannis, putting his weight on the staff he took from the dead Rahkshi. "It is a time out of time. Between the threads that hold the universe together. It ebbs and flows with the world, but it is not the world. Or is it?" Korruhn smirked. "Those I bring from the Far Shore do not originate there, although they exist there now. They crave life, life through consumption. Through balance. Who created it? Who knows. Maybe it's always been there; maybe not. If you want to know more of the Far Shore, you need to speak to Nuju the Perjurer. But have fun with that. He has his own ideas." "Who exactly is Tren Krom? If these stones summon him, that could work. I've been looking to have words with him." OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Eyru
  2. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula Korruhn rolled his eyes. Clearly Stannis was going to be, well... Stannis. “Alright. How many pieces are there? And who has the others?” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  3. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula "I would consider myself experienced with portals, whether I like them or not," Korruhn replied. "But what exactly is a Makoki stone?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  4. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula Korruhn again found himself with the stone in his hand, his eyes fixed on it as he slowly shifted it around between his thumb and fingers. He could certainly feel the grooves in it, but they were far too small, and mostly incomplete, and thus interpreting them was off the table. Yet still, he studied it as he did any other artifact, while his ears absorbed all the information Grime seemed suddenly so eager to spill. Korruhn was more than a bit miffed that, after all he'd done to help Grime, he chose to wait until others were around to drink from his fountain of knowledge. Whatever. If things went the way they normally did, Korruhn would be far away from these strangers soon enough. And if not, perhaps they had something he could make use of in his upcoming plans. The void-touched remained quiet for the most part, choosing to receive more than he revealed. Viltia seemed friendly enough; but the other Aspect rubbed Korruhn the wrong way. Perhaps it was because they hadn't yet spoke, but there was nothing Korruhn could do about that. He'd been away from civilization for a near-immeasurable amount of time; a conversation with a stranger felt like a foreign concept at this point. In Korruhn's observational state, one moment in particular from the last few moments stood out. When Stannis first arrived, he rightly noticed that Whisper and Vilta had been given keys. And yet, he gave pause when he saw Korruhn, momentarily surprised, and adjusted his number. Fascinating, as one would say. "And what do you know of this one, Stannis?" Korruhn interjected, holding the stone up in front of him. "You've seen this one before, haven't you?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Unreliable Narrator @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian
  5. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula The void-touched Toa smirked at the mention of it, and his cursed arm twitched excitedly. It had been a while since his last trip to the Shore. He almost... craved it. And he still hand't finished his conversation with Nuju. "Ah of course, the sand of the beyond yet clings to your visage!" Korruhn replied. He looked down at the golden handprint on his forearm, it's eye transfixed on Stannis. "I'm due for a trip there myself. But for now, please tell me of your journey." OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian
  6. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula "The Alp?! The old bird still flies, eh?" Korruhn chuckled. Metru Nui didn't exist anymore, and yet that stupid, gaudy ship was somehow still afloat. "You still can't beat Metru Nui craftsmanship. Nor the resolve of the alpinists of Ko-Metru!" "And what of yourself? What new things have you gleaned since my untimely absence, Wanderer?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  7. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula Korruhn manipulated the stone between the sharpened fingertip of his void-arm, as the eye in the center of the golden handprint burned into his arm peered at the various members of the firepit band. He mulled over Miserix's words in his head, noting the curious lack of Icarax in there. Indeed. The green one overshares, it will be her undoing. The jellyfish is suspicious, I sense an odd energy about that one. But, what of Icarax? What do you make of this plan of his, and these gifts? As if on cue, Viltia, the green one, turn her head to Korruhn, meeting the furrowed brow of his gaze of deep thought. “Hey, um, Korruhn, was it? Yeah, just so you know, you have an Aspect like, inside you. I don’t know if that’s very healthy.” Surely Korruhn must have assumed that one imbibed with the rite of desecration could sense that upon another. And yet, he found himself briefly taken aback. "Huh? Oh. Hah!" Korruhn chuckled slyly, a small grin forming on his golden face. "My acquaintances seem to have great trouble keeping up with my travels!" He paused, and looked to Stannis. "Were she not hitching a ride I fear I'd be two days ahead of her by now!" Korruhn turned his attention to Stannis, one of those very acquaintances. "He gave all three of you keys of a sort." He looked directly at the stone in Korruhn's hand. And then, he peered seemingly right into Korruhn's soul. It was as though he was looking at Miserix herself. "Fascinating." "Indeed," Korruhn replied flatly. "Something about he had a tool and he needed me to wield it. He called the Aspect the mind, and the green one the heart." Stannis gestured to the lightly crackling campfire they were somewhat gathered around and moved to sit on a rock. "Come, then. Let's talk further of where you all should go and what you should do. Fate can go a myriad of different ways from here for each of you, and without the knowledge you need you will stumble in riddles for two months and three weeks, and if I can give help, it will be yours." Korruhn set Grime down near a fallen stone column, and sat next to him, on the column's old plinth. He tucked the stone away, and leaned his Spear of Power Scream against his shoulder. Tugging at the rough leather straps, Korruhn made adjustments to the remains of the Rahkshi carapace and spine lashed to his left arm, and the helmet mounted to his shoulder. "Firstly, I'd like to know how my cold-brother Leklo is. Have you seen him?" OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @EmperorWhenua @Eyru @Unreliable Narrator
  8. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula And just like that, as quickly as the moment had appeared, it fell away again, and once more, Korruhn found himself standing at the fire he had erected earlier with Grime and Miserix. Flanking him were his two new "guests" (although he really hoped he wouldn't have to keep acquaintance long. Korruhn had grown quite used to his solitude, and any interruption from a stranger now felt more like an intruston). In his arms rested Grime, alive, but still weak from the process of rebirth, and in his hand now rested the glowing stone once held by Icarax, Aspect of Dominion. How it had got there was beyond Korruhn, for all thoughts about it were clouded by the sheer power emanating from it. What I need are the hands to wield it, the Aspect had uttered at him before his departure. It seemed Korruhn had found a new task now, a new service. A bearer of... something. He still didn't know what this stone was. Nor did he know much else. The vacuum left where Korruhn expected to be filled with answers was glaring, and had not gone unnoticed. Icarax played his cards as close to his chest as most anyone else... Miserix! Korruhn shouted into the depths of his own mind. You've been awful quiet. What do you make of your brother's plan? "Just don’t tell Sidra I taught you this. I don’t want to upset her. She hasn’t been quite the same since getting NUVA.” Most anyone else. Not this one, the "heart" called Viltia, apparently. Korruhn felt his normally-cold Ko-Metru blood boil in his vascular system at mention of that mere name, long before his brain even processed the part at the end. NUVA. He gritted his teeth, and his fist clenched around the stone. He hated that being. That bog-leech, clinging on to Korruhn and Leklo at the Suva... Leklo. What had Sidra done with him? Before Korruhn had a chance to do something he may regret later, a familiar visage stepped out from behind the lesser Aspect. That of a strange old wizard, one he hadn't seen since Fort Nektann, what seemed like a lifetime ago. "Stannis? Fashionably late, hah!" Korruhn said, chuffed as he could muster at his friend's arrival. In spite of the isolation and frustration of the last month, it was a welcome sight to see a friend again, as Korruhn had yet to reencounter any of his friends after they had departed company. "You and I have a lot to talk about." OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @Eyru @Unreliable Narrator @EmperorWhenua
  9. IC: Korruhn, The End of the World "The Mangaia." Korruhn's thought train stopped dead in it's tracks. The place mentioned in Stannis' tome, and more recently, by the mouth of Miserix. He still didn't really know what Mangaia was, or what it entailed; but it surely seemed important to the many Aspects he'd crossed paths with. Perhaps the map on Grime's body would lead Korruhn to it, whenever he was done in whatever this place was. He had no time to respond though, as right before his eyes, company appeared around the circle. Two more, an odd-looking green-and-violet Toa he didn't recognize, and another. Although he didn't know outright, he could feel the power, the darkness emanating from this one. Another Aspect, Korruhn presumed. They must have accessed two of the other gates in the Peninsula, but Korruhn wondered, had they had to fight Rahkshi too? No matter. The Toa of Ko-Metru set down his companion, and signaled to him that there would be time for talk later. Korruhn turned his attention back to Icarax. "And I am to presume that this path you speak of lies ahead of these two, as well?" He wanted to badly to ask the presumed Aspect what it was that his children lacks, what it was that drove him to assemble this rag-tag band. But he held his tongue. All would reveal itself in due course. OOC: @Eyru @Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC: Korruhn, ??? Korruhn stepped back, stammering as Grime rose from the dead right in his arms. The power of this being was both awesome and terrifying, and Korruhn couldn't decide whether he was afraid of it, or envious of it. His focus was broken when Grime began to speak. "You're alright, relax," he stifled the excitement in his voice, at least until he could be sure if Grime was in fact alright, or even Grime for that matter. It had to have been the power of a taboo, but he couldn't say he'd seen it before. "The Rahkshi is no longer. Meet our friend, it's him you have to thank for bringing you back." It was then Korruhn noticed the tattoos. They covered most of Grime's body, and were of a foreign design. And yet, it was somehow familiar? But where? "Those tattoos. Star charts. How did you end up with those?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  11. IC: Korruhn, ??? He couldn't tell if the being was omniscient, or simply a great chess player. Regardless, each sentence was a move. If Korruhn was going to get anything out of this, he was going to have to play the game. "The greatness I sought is out of reach now. True, I have walked a path that may not bring me the simple glory enjoyed by the Toa. But there is greatness to be found in the depths of shadows. And a vast wellspring of knowledge that my kind fail to tap." The being leaned closer to Korruhn. "This? Ha! No more a tool than a sword. To be used for a purpose, and discarded when it no longer serves me," he stared directly back at the eyeholes of the mask, presuming he was locking eyes with whatever spectre haunted it. He was not trying to threaten or intimidate, but the creature would know that Korruhn would not roll over easily. "This one, beside me. He has walked the path." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC: Korruhn, ??? Korruhn chuckled. He had never considered himself something as prestigious as a Chronicler before; that title was usually reserved for some hero-type. It was good to get some recognition, even if it was from... whatever this thing was. "My journey has been a lonely one, I will admit. My control of the Far Shore has been intermittent at best. Thus, I don't seem to keep company very long. This one was killed by your some before he could share his tale with me." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  13. IC: Korruhn, ??? "Despite many of the occupants of it, I believe we live in a truly amazing world. As a cartographer, I have had the great fortune of being able to see vast swaths of it, even portions that have yet to be cursed by the footsteps of intelligent life upon it. Even the Far Shore, in it's cacaphonous existence, is something to marvel at. I seek to understand our great world, and perhaps someday I may find a way improve upon it." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  14. IC: Korruhn, ??? Korruhn's eyes narrowed, attempting to discern what he was looking at. The murk of the pool rippled under the might of the voice beyond, obscuring his view every time he seemed to finally get focus. He leaned forward, and suddenly remembered the great, limp weight upon his shoulders. Leaning his left shoulder, Korruhn set the corpse of Grime down next to him. He took great care to gently place him in a seating position next to Korruhn, as though he were still there. He made it this far, Grime deserved to see the end of the journey, even if only in spirit. Or whatever happens to people when they die, because Korruhn really didn't know anymore. “You are not what I expected. Welcome to my domain, broken star. You walk with Death upon you. You have killed one of my sons. A minor setback, but one that wears thin on my hospitality. Why are you here?” As it closed it's last word, the silence of the void seemed to swallow his voice back into the nether. The pool drew dead still; and suddenly, Korruhn could see. He could see... it couldn't be. He couldn't believe his eyes. Sat at the shoulders of the pitting and rust of the seemingly-empty armor of some ancient, foreign design, sat a Kanohi Kraakhan. Korruhn had seen this mask in legends, in nightmares, but never would he thought to be staring directly at one. (Or was he?) "And what exactly did you expect, if not I?" Korruhn asked the being. "I have no quarter with your offspring. It was he, or I. I am in the pursuit of knowledge, and that chase has seemingly lead me to your door." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  15. IC: Korruhn, ??? The gentle, rhythmic clang of chimes, backed by the steady hum of wind instruments, and the lulling beat of drums felt like an assault on Korruhn's ears in such a space. The silence, the emptiness turned even the faintest of sounds to a clap of thunder. He could hear the resonance of each individual chime-pipe as though they surrounded his head. He rubbed his temples in irritation, although he was both happy to be able to hear again, and most curious about why this tune seemed to be ever-so-distinctly from Ga-Metru. He lowered himself to his knees, next to the blood-red pool. It sounded like the source of the music was somehow *inside* of the seemingly non-Newtonian fluid. But how? He gazed deep into the swirling depths, in hopes that he could see the source of the music. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
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