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  1. Kyn Ace (III)

    Elton John 2.0

    Personally my favorite is The Fame Monster, followed by Artpop then The Fame and finally Born This Way
  2. Kyn Ace (III)

    Yo Adrian

    Why would you avoid downtown on Saturday nights? I hear it's alright for fighting.
  3. It's not really hard, you just wrap consonants around vowels and voila!
  4. Kyn Ace (III)

    I'M OLD

    I have been out of high school six years now. I have started and ended at least four jobs that could have (or are for the present) been made into careers I have not accomplished what I thought I would have by this point in my life, but in the same vein I realize I've accomplished more than I should have. I have friends who are coming out of college now who aren't able to get jobs on par or better than I have held, yet I'm a highschool drop out I'm on track to, within the next five years I'd say, own my own house. It only gets weirder the older you get, people you thought would never get married do, people you thought would never break up do, and people you thought you'd know till you're old and grey die.
  5. Kyn Ace (III)


    Think of it as a freebie for buying Mass Effect and Mass Effect 3
  6. Kyn Ace (III)


    At least you didn't use WebMD, if you did you would be dying.
  7. Will have to try and find the time/money to get to this.
  8. So a couple months back I got some birthday money. Best Buy had Bioshock Infinite on sale for 30$. I bought it, still haven't played it. I've had Bioshock for four years now (or more, since it came out I think), haven't finished it because until recently I wasn't able to play it on a system that could handle it and I get burnt out on gaming fast recently for some reason.
  9. Kyn Ace (III)

    Oh hey look

    And in three more years you will still feel just the same as you ever have
  10. 24 hours a day 8 hours for Rest, 16 remaining. 8 hours for Work, 8 remaining 1-2 hours Before/Afterwork and Commute, 6-7 remaining Add in meals ala Lunch and Dinner, figure half an hour each: 5-6 remaining If you follow any TV shows or are watching through a series subtract an average of two episodes per series from each day as well (for sake of convenience, I'm watching through Lost and Cowboy Bebop right now, that's 45 45 22 22 or there abouts), 2 and 1/3 hours so...2.66-3.66 remaining If you do any gaming, specifically MMO gaming subtract an average of two hours from your night again, leaving us with .66-1.66 hours remaining of time in the day. And that still doesn't factor in things like if you're commuting to a buddy's to hang out or the possibility of needing a second job to live, any number of factors, such as girlfriends/boyfriends/etc could decrease this amount of time to no less than an hour average each day. Yet even though that looks like a lot, there's never enough time. If you choose to dedicate yourself to something entirely you will lose so much time to that and that alone. We need to increase the day to like fourty some hours a day *this is based off my average day as a 20 something "single" male in the Tacoma metro area, some others who have more rural routes to/from work or who don't watch TV/listen to music/etc may have more time to dedicate to other activities than I.
  11. Find a store that's selling Christmas items, buy santa hat. Go as the guy who forgot what holiday it was
  12. Kyn Ace (III)


    Lost more than I, I'm afraid
  13. Kyn Ace (III)

    New toys

    Logic is pretty amazing. It's so good, it makes me sometimes want a Mac.
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