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  1. It's definitely my favourite film. The thing I always remember most is the music. It's beautiful and mysterious and really atmospheric in a way that lends a huge amount to a film that's already doing a great job at bringing a truly unique and interesting world to life. My biggest complaint is definitely that the Toa don't use their elemental powers. I know this was justified in the books and such, but it still irked me that the thing Toa are most well known for is the thing they didn't use at all. It also bugs me that they still refused to show anyone unmasked so had Vakama put the Vahi over his mask. That's not how Kanohi work! Honestly though, I love that film. I did a rewatch of all the Bionicle films recently and I enjoyed Legends of Metru Nui so much! And I know I've already mentioned it, but the music really is incredible.
  2. 2000 (yes, I do mean 2000): I got Tahu, Kopaka and Lewa for Christmas. Lewa was my favourite because he had a cool axe. 2001: Gali, I think? Or possibly the Nui Rama. They were definitely the first Rahi I owned, I took a while to get all 6 Toa and I didn't get the Turaga until later, so I'm not too sure! 2002: I think Lehvak was my first Bohrok, but I really have no idea. It was all a long time ago! 2003: Er...one or more of the Bohrok Kal? Possibly all 6 at once. I know, I'm being unhelpfully vague on all these early years, but since I can barely remember what happened yesterday I think I'm doing quite well! 2004: Now this one I do remember. Nuju and Whenua, because Argos were selling them in a double pack. They were the first place to have the Toa Metru in stock, and I was annoyed that the one near me still only had Nuju and Whenua when I tried to buy the rest a week later! 2005: All 6 Rahaga. They were the first sets to become available, and I actually loved those little guys. The rhotuka are a lot of fun to launch...until they get lost behind a bookcase 2006: I stopped being so interested in the sets at this point (I thought the Piraka looked ridiculous), but I began to change my mind and definitely ended up with Zaktan, who I assume I bought before the summer sets hit. But I might be wrong. Otherwise it was Hewkii Inika 2007: We're getting into difficult waters again with this year. Possibly Ehlek 2008: Lewa Phantoka was at least among the first, as I may have bought multiple sets at once, so I'm going with him 2009: I believe it was the Agori. I'm actually quite fond of the Avtoran design, and I was very excited to see bright colours returning to sets 2010: Gresh. The only Stars set I had until a few years ago when I decided to acquire some more to display on top of my bookcase 2015: Lewa Master of Jungle + Protector of Jungle. Of course I was going to buy my favourite Toa from the earliest days first 2016: Lewa Uniter of Jungle + Creature of Jungle. Lewa was the only Uniter set I really liked at the time, and is still the only one I think has a consistent colour scheme
  3. I think I downloaded everything from there some time ago, so I'll have to check that out. Thank you!
  4. Until very recently, I thought I owned all the Gen 1 Bionicle books. I discovered that this is not the case a little while ago, as it turns out there are 3 'Super Chapter Books' that were released in 2009/2010. I haven't managed to find out much about them except they tell stories on Bara Magna. Can anyone tell me more about them? Do they tell the main story, or are they more side stories? Are they similar to the Chronicles/Adventures/Legends books? Thanks!
  5. It's pretty much dead, yes. I had planned to go onto 2016, but that never really got off the ground. I occasionally go back and poke at the odd thing if I feel it needs a bit of improvement (mostly the older kits), but that's about it these days.
  6. FIrst of all, Welcome to BZPower! I hope you enjoy your stay, and have been for the past...almost a month? So I may be a little late, but never mind! It's always nice to see people still enjoying this! You're certainly welcome to use it as much as you'd like. I do have a few banners here, though as I just meddled with the folder a little it may take a while to become viewable again (my bad!)
  7. I checked out my local toy store the other day to see if they had any interesting new LEGO sets. I was surprised to find that over half the Bionicle sets on display were from last year, both winter and summer waves, and that they were at the bottom of the shelf with little prominence. Assuming this is at all indicative of things elsewhere, I can't say this news comes as too much of a surprise. I've not enjoyed Gen 2 nearly as much as Gen 1 mostly due to what was, in my opinion, a thin and disappointing story. I was also less than impressed with this years sets. Saying that, I really enjoyed the Journey to One episodes, and wish there had been more story to go with them (four episodes in a year with nothing in between or after leaves a lot of dry spells). I also really liked last year's sets, and had very much hoped for at least a third year for the line. While I may not have liked this gen so much, I shall still be sad that Bionicle is one again gone from store shelves. Perhaps they'll try again in another five years.
  8. I'm not a fan of 3D at the best of times, even less so for animated films. It adds nothing of any real value to a film, and is often more distracting than anything else.
  9. I'd like to think my avatar is fairly recognisable! It's the golden sleepy one himself. As to it's purpose? I must confess to using it as advertising for my kit. I'd honestly forgotten I had Ekimu as my avatar when I came into this topic. I thought it was a penguin.
  10. Having been a fan of Slizers and Roboriders, I got very excited when I first saw Bionicle in the LEGO magazine. They were more human looking, had awesome weapons and cool masks/elemental powers/personalities. As soon as story details started coming out (again in the LEGO Magazine and in the first comic) I thought it was amazing! It was one of those stories that absolutely felt epic. Plus there were collectable masks, and that's too much temptation right there. I'm sure I'd have so much more money if not for Bionicle, but you know what? I regret nothing!
  11. Now that's a very good question, and one I doubt I'll be able to answer anytime so- Now where did that come from? Well, this is a most strange and fortuitous occurrence. And I suppose the buildable sprite may well have turned up in the kit, too. Wouldn't that be a crazy random happenstance?
  12. Behold, the slicers of skulls, with limbs and claws and all sorts of things designed entirely to make my life difficult! And with that, may I present a Brand New Kit! LoSS and Skull Scorpio are still to go, but I figured I've been hanging onto that long enough. It is at last released into the wild!
  13. I hope so! I'm working on Skull Slicer and all his annoying flailing limbs right now, then I may attempt Skull Scorpio and LoSS. After that, I want to try and put together a Toa Edition type thing for CCBS. It'll likely be missing a lot of HF stuff (particularly weapons and helmets), but it should make it possible to put together most basic figures, at least! Progress is rather slow, but the plan is there. All hail the plan!
  14. BECAUSE THEY HAVE GRAY AND THE MASKS AREN'T THE SAME !!!!1!!1111 To be fair, two of the Mistika Toa had backwards Piraka torsos, and That's Terrible. But yeah considering that the original Nuva were garbage, the fact that the 2008 Toa don't look anything like them seems to me to be their strongest point. But eh. Opinions. WHAT?? Sir, how dare you! Personally, I really liked the Avtoran/Agori/Stars. Absurdly simple builds, yes, but easy and fun to play with. Though the sets with the right-angled limbs were a bit annoying. I also loved the Glatorian (the Legends, not quite so much). Yes, it was the fourth year in a row of Inika builds, but I think the Glatorian did a great job with them. Just look at Strakk! Even the more traditional ones, Gresh and Tarix, were things of beauty. I think a lot of it may be down to them finally injecting some colour into the sets, but I like the whole bunch.
  15. Matatu. I've always wanted telekinesis! I could be so lazy it would be amazing!
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