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  1. If you don't remember me, clearly you've never been to one of my Maha barbeque parties.
  2. BZPower is like lightning in a bottle fused with Schrodinger's cat, a seemingly impossible, beautiful happenstance that stays alive only by those who remember to keep looking at it. I'm not going to pretend I know what BZP's fate will be, but as someone who was there at the very beginning, I can certainly see that its role has more or less run its course. BZP without a doubt was a pioneer in what most hobbyist/fandom groups were able to attain much later through the now common forms of social media. Back in 2001, the idea of having a safe place for like-minded fans to not only share dialogue with each other on such a scale, but directly communicate with actual creators and staff of the things they admired as well was almost unheard of outside of realms like Star Wars/Trek and Anime. Even then, the symbiotic relationship BZP had with LEGO and the Bionicle franchise was special, not to mention most other web-communities comprised of mostly middle-aged men. The internet wasn't as hard-wired into culture then, and was synonymous with stranger danger to boot. It still is now of course, except now there are many other avenues such as the social media giants (Facebook, Instagram, etc) that give everybody and their pet goldfish a bubble for them to play in. I'm not saying that message board culture as a whole is dead of course, just that BZP was exactly what was needed at the time for its audience. Content creators and their consumers have hundreds, thousands of different platforms to communicate with each other now, so BZP itself, being a LEGO focused board, is certainly not the niche it used to be. BZPower worked because it was exactly the website that was needed at the time, and it flourished because it was comprised mostly of kids and teens, who therefore grew up with the community and kept it alive. Times have changed, and while I know I'm being a tad cliche, BZPower is a monument to simpler times. I'm visiting here again to revisit those times, and it's nice to see new faces, and some old familiar ones. I'd like to think maybe there are more like me that'll keep finding something to come back to. For the record, I was 11 when I joined, I'm 26 now. I'm still letting that sink in.
  3. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! May the year ahead be filled with pleasant surprises!
  4. What am I thinking about? The fact I was eleven years old when I joined this website.
  5. Happy birthday and rip

  6. if your number 2, then who is no.1?

    1. Zacian


      Maybe it's him.

  7. Not to sound like i'm begging but aren't you going to finish bqott?

  8. Member No. 2!!!! *Bows down*

  9. you're one of the first members ever!

  10. Literally LOL'd at you personal statement XD

  11. Wow.

    You must be an awesome Member.


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